Like a phoenix reborn, the return of the 90โ€™s choker in 2016 signified the revival of grunge rock, mood rings, chain wallets, and ripped jeans. An era defined by fashion rebellion.

In 2017, the choker trend continues to dominate, evolving its traditional design to include elaborate hardware, grand bows, clean long lines and thick corset fastenings.

The minimalist jewellery choker collection: a breathtaking range.

The lace up choker is a must-have piece that is available in black, nude or white suede leather. Can lace at front or back of neck for different outfit stylings.

The lariat necktie is available in black and white with gold, rose gold and silver hardware. Must-have celebrity and blogger favourite that can also be worn around the wrist.

Single black leather necktie with gold and rose gold metal alloy hardware. Add style to any outfit with this wardrobe essential. Can also be worn on the wrist.

Source: Minimalist Jewellery