Alexander Skarsgard, Lara Stone & Calvin Klein: a perfume campaign with unresolved sexual tension. But where’s Brad Pitt?

“a story of unresolved tension and desire. a man who knows what he wants, and remains in control. the mystery unfolds with infinite possibilities. ENCOUNTER Calvin Klein: masculine. intriguing. seductive.” (NB: the lower case situ is a CK media release thing . . . )

Since Brad Pitt appeared in that recent Chanel No. 5 ad campaign, where he reels off a series of words, phrases and various states of mind (that, let’s face it, don’t make a whole lot of sense, but who cares?) any perfume media release that arrives has made me laugh that little bit louder.

Enter Alexander Skarsgård and Lara Stone, whose campaign for Calvin Klein’s latest is a modern take on classic film noir – ‘the dark and mysterious creative unfolds through a complex game in which the man ultimately remains in control of his desires, leaving the story open to infinite possibilities.

“Encounter Calvin Klein is an addictive blend of crisp spice, warm cognac and sensual woods. a contrast of freshness and warmth makes the men’s fragrance a new, distinctive expression of unapologetic masculinity.’

“Notes’ (that’s scent-speak for the smells of the perfume) of Encounter include mandarin, cardamom, rum, pepper, egyptian jasmine, patchouli, cognac, agarwood, atlas cedarwood and sexy musk.

Look, I haven’t even smelt the stuff yet, but judging by the success of most Klein scents (Obsession, cK anyone?) this will probably do the same biz.

ENCOUNTER Calvin Klein: available from 28th October at Myer & David Jones& from November  25, at selected pharmacies. Stockists, call  1800 812 663.