Combining youthful modernity with an elegantly cool oeuvre, ALINKA opens the doors to her flagship Sydney boutique in June 2018.

Ahead of the brands third birthday in July 2018, the luxury jewellery label often seen on celebrities and socialites alike has taken a major step in opening a standalone boutique. Located in the heart of Double Bay, the store will be a privileged destination for lovers of the brand to immerse themselves in the world of ALINKA.

A truly contemporary bijou star within the fine jewellery market, ALINKA has operated as the top performer at Australian luxury go-to Parlour X and takes a prime position among only 10 other designers in Harvey Nichols ground floor fine jewellery space. Uniting the finest craftsmanship with a contemporary, fashion forward edge, ALINKA creates unique, beautiful and wearable pieces that tell stories of designer Alina Barlow’s native Russia. For her retail debut, Alina has worked with good friend and incredible interior architect Blainey North to truly create the perfect setting for her designs and create a world outside the ordinary.

“I have known Blainey for over ten years now and have been impressed by her work since the day we met. Blainey North has a unique way of translating her strong sense of style into her creations which I see is similar to what I do. I also love the level of layers of all the interiors that she creates. Hence, when I made the decision open our first ALINKA Fine Jewellery flagship store in Sydney, I wished to work with no-one but Blainey.“ – Alina Barlow

With an opportunity to work with a similarly young inspiring businesswoman, Blainey was enthusiastic to design a retail environment which was both an intellectual and sensory experience. “As ALINKA redefines the way in which one wears fine jewellery, we wanted to take the classic monotone qualities of their black and white diamonds and embody them in an interior, with unexpected results.

Using the story of light of passing through overlapping diamonds as a basis for the design scheme, an aesthetic of urban opulence became a recurring theme, whereby a curated selection of metals and circular forms became stacking volumes within the bespoke jewellery displays, referencing the classic KATIA crossover Rings by Alinka.” – Blainey North

Situated within a heritage building within Double Bay, the architectural envelope was reinvented whilst referencing its setting, using the arched windows as an integral element of the design scheme.

Inspired by the colour-graph synaesthesia of another Russian, author Vladimir Nabokov, the design conceptually explored unique ways of seeing. Like refracted light passing through a diamond, the interior of ALINKA has been comprised of angled layers of different coloured metals within the display cases offering a unique innovative way of viewing fine jewellery.

Aligning with the monochromatic circular display, an abstract impression of the ALINKA logo has been integrated into the intersecting triangular metal pieces within the store windows, creating a bold and sculptural statement to those passing by. “The dynamism and unexpected character of the natural light hitting the luminous surfaces reflects the beauty of layering precious jewels on the modern-day woman.” – Blainey North

The designer held an exclusive store launch on June 22 for press and friends of the brand. In an intimate gathering, VIP’s including Blainey North enjoyed champagne, coffee and caviar as they were introduced to the world of ALINKA, treated to the surroundings & a private viewing of the current ALINKA collection.

Photos by Chris Grundy

Source: Alinka