If architecture is for creating impactful solutions that arrange spaces with symmetry, ‘My job,’ says Giorgio Armani, ‘is to bring them to life using my aesthetic awareness.’

From the fascinating and complex story of Armani’s fashion comes, in an uninterrupted flow, a fusion which balances those idioms of the contemporary age, art and design, filtered by tastes and passions which create a unique and always recognisable style. A style governed by visual and material lightness seen in the minimal thicknesses and lightweight structures which accentuate the idea of floating.

This dimension, played out between urban and natural, is interpreted this season in the new Armani/Casa collection by the sophisticated combination of varied materials, the reference to mysterious gardens, and the use of colours with daring coordination in blocks, whose essential shades are red, indigo, green and an astonishing petrol green.

One totally new idea is to combine wood and plexiglass to embrace both warmth and cool transparency, where the visual lightness of the plexiglass contrasts with the solidity of the furniture. This is seen in the Net coffee table, a small support surface inspired by the chequer pattern.

The inlay alternates plexiglass and natural American walnut to produce a homage to the materials and to artisanal craft, thus resulting in actual one-offs. This sophisticated manufacturing technique is also used on Novello, the two-tier trolley, the low and square coffee table Nilo and the Nadia lamp, all of which have a simultaneously lightweight and compact appearance.

Source: Armani