For Melbourne-based siblings turned entrepreneurs, Chris, Alex and Jessica Reece, spoon-licking is no foreign concept. It is an impulse hatched from warm-hearted childhood memories of culinary delights, delicious kitchen creations, and endless days of mixing, baking and devouring mouth-watering cookies.

Inviting Australians to reminisce and relive their own childhood cravings, the entrepreneurial trio launched Cookie Doh Co. in 2017 to provide over 6000 postcodes nationwide with the spoon-licking joy of edible cookie dough.

Inspired by the American FMCG cookie dough phenomenon, Cookie Doh Co. sports 3 delicious flavours, Chocolate Chip, Apple and Cinnamon and Triple Chocolate, and is made from local shelved ingredients and Belgian Callebaut chocolate chips.

Cookie Doh Co. can sit unrefrigerated in ambient temperatures for up to 2 weeks and if refrigerated up to 3 months. Fun to eat on it’s own or as part of a cheeky kitchen creation Cookie Doh Co. can be squished, smashed, slurped or sprinkled in many indulgent treats including decadent sundaes, dreamy cookie sandwiches and delicious milkshake beverages.

Free from eggs and pasteurised substitutes, Cookie Doh Co. is safe to eat raw, anytime, anywhere. For more info and to order visit

Source: Cookie Doh Co.