The Byron at Byron Resort & Spa has undergone a six week renovation transforming the Resort restaurant, bar and central facilities into a key destination for 2018.

Joining forces to transform the reimagined destination, The Byron at Byron appointed leading interior designers Luchetti Krelle and one of Australia’s most recognised chefs, Executive Chef Matthew Kemp to take the Resort to new heights.

Lyn Parche, General Manager, The Byron at Byron comments;

“The concept of the refurbishment was to personify the well-travelled Australian and to bring a more residential quality to the resort’s hub. This stunning refurbishment and refined kitchen direction, teamed with our uniquely intuitive service will ensure The Byron at Byron remains at the forefront of Resort accommodation in Australia.”

Newly appointed Executive Chef, Matthew Kemp will serve up a crafted menu that will be continuously evolving at The Restaurant. The thoughtful menu will reflect the region, seasons and the climate of Byron Bay. Kemp fuses European Cuisine and Asian flavours in his own individual way.

Matthew Kemp, Executive Chef, The Byron at Byron says;

“We will be concentrating on flavours that are beautiful, light, healthy and fragrant to create a cuisine unique to the Resort and Byron Bay. Using the finest local produce we will create an elegant and sophisticated experience focusing on inspiring flavour combinations.”

Highlight features of the restaurant and central facilities include a new statement copper island bar gracing the restaurant whilst servicing the verandah and conference guests, a monumental sandstone reception desk that will greet guests upon entry and a stunningly appointed flagstone breezeway, perfect to while the afternoon away.

True luxury defies definition. It doesn’t shout – it whispers. As discerning travellers know, ultimate luxury bathes the soul and engages all the senses, releasing you from the busy real world to an oasis of absolute ease. It’s both refined and grounded; the perfect blend of intuitive service, meticulous detail and extraordinary natural surroundings. This is the luxury you will discover at The Byron at Byron.

The 18-hectare rainforest setting is so pristine and serene, it’s hard to believe its home to an all-suite resort. But dotted amid the ferns and palms, you’ll find 91 sumptuous, entirely self-contained private sanctuaries, a multi-award winning day spa and a world-class restaurant. And at the heart of it all, a sparkling infinity pool, made for contemplating nature’s wonders while sinking back on a daybed, with an expertly crafted cocktail in hand.

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