Seafolly Announces Toni Garrn as the face of High Summer

Yes, mid January already which means we are just around the corner from Seafolly launching their High Summer collection and announcing German beauty, Toni Garrn as the new face of Seafolly.

Better known as the heart of the Australian seaside summer,  Seafolly continues to share the spirit of the Australian summer with women all over the world.

Golden Girl takes us on a journey through the undiscovered beauty of the golden outback of Esperance, Australia. Rocky gold-seamed outcrops and dunes that plunge into crystalline waters perfectly compliment the explosions of colour, sleek lines and flamboyant prints featured in the High Summer range.

With an unforgettable line-up of international models facing Seafolly’s summer campaigns against a backdrop of iconic and pristine coastlines served to inspire natural beauty and a playful spirit, it was only natural for Seafolly to announce International Super Model, Toni Garrn as the face of the next campaign.

Working with some of the industry’s biggest names including Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, Dior, Givenchy, Versace and Tommy Hilfiger, walking the Victoria’s Secret catwalk at the age of 20 and fronting 19 Vogue covers globally, there’s no denying Garrn has become one of the most iconic cover girls of her generation since being discovered in her home town in Germany at the age of 12.

Garrn will join the Seafolly family of former faces which have included Gigi Hadid, Miranda Kerr, Jess Hart and Shanina Shaik.

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Barefoot Luxury Yoga Retreats at Nihi-Sumba Island

Located on an untouched Indonesian enclave, Nihi-Sumba Island establishes a new benchmark for year-round wellbeing escapes with its Barefoot Luxury Yoga Retreat package. Completely off-grid, Nihi reaches beyond the treatment table with a mind-body cocktail of holistic experiences and the opportunity to incorporate a personal wellness retreat program into any Nihi-Sumba Island stay.

Nihi’s year-round Barefoot Luxury Yoga Retreats are ideal for those seeking a personalised wellness experience within their stay, something tailored to their needs and schedule, and more than group yoga. Led by Nihiwatu’s Yoga & Wellness Director, Mary Tilson, Barefoot Luxury Retreat guests will receive the very best in specialist yoga (with hatha, vinyasa, restorative, yin, aerial and alignment based styles on offer) and individualised attention for all levels. Pranayama (breathing technique) and meditation can also be added to the offer. Mary brings with her over 1,000 hours of teacher training with top yoga and wellness around the world and a passion for sharing the experience of yoga. Her training includes Hatha, Power Vinyasa, Restorative, Spine Disfunction and Anatomy and Yoga Therapy.

Access to an array of wellness activities is the perfect complement to the Barefoot Luxury Yoga Retreats. A highlight is the ‘Nihioka Spa Safari’, taking guests on a journey across Sumba island’s dramatic west coast to experience a day of locally-inspired spa treatments, healthy cuisine and yoga sessions. In a private bale (which includes personal spa therapists), any number of pre-selected treatments can be enjoyed amidst uninterrupted views of the sea and cascading rice paddy fields. These include Indonesian treatments such as the Mimpi Indah facial (with locally sourced coconut oil, red rice scrub and Rosella tea mask), as well as the Lulur – a wrap full of detoxifying herbs and spices from the rice farms of Bali which is considered traditional medicine, relieving aching joints and soothing sore muscles.

The wellness experience continues with the opportunity for guests to trek tropical jungles, learn from an ancient tribal culture and visit incredibly remote, pristine beaches. Key seasonal highlights include guided visits to the Blue Waterfall, offering a trek through the pristine Indonesia National Park forest to the blue lagoon at the base of the waterfall followed by a picnic. Guests will also have a chance to trek Nihioka Valley, through cascading rice paddy fields and offering panoramic views of the Indian Ocean.

In addition, Nutritionist/Holistic Food Chef Nathalie Larsen tailors healthy lunch and breakfast menus at NihiOka Spa Safari, with such highlights as Coconut Yogurt, Mango, Tumeris cna Coconut Chia pots, Nihi’s homemade Cacoa Nutella and more. Gluten-free and Vegan options are available on all menus troughout the resort, ensuring options for making any Nihi holidays a healthy retreat.

Included in the Barefoot Luxury Yoga Retreat package is:

– NihiOka Spa Safari, including a trek to a nearby local village, clifftop breakfast and lunch, and a choice of unlimited spa treatments from massages and reflexology, to salt scrubs and mud wraps.
– A trek to Rice Island, overlooking the farmer’s harvest, with lunch and a private spa experience
– Two private experiences, tailored to the individual needs of the guests
– Yoga instruction at either NihiOka Spa Safari, Rice Island, the hilltop yoga pavilion of in guests’ own villa

Tariff: $980.00 per package (includes up to 16 hours of personalised retreat activities/experiences)

For reservations contact Nihi -Sumba Island on T +62 361 757149 or E:

For more information visit

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What it's really like to fly on the new Qantas Dreamliner

Yes, I have experienced the delivery flight journey on the plane that will help flyers stave off the dreaded effects of jet lag. With the first Qantas Dreamliner up and running, nationally and internationally, I thought I would give you the real low-down on what it is like to take flight in one.

I was one of the lucky people on the first Qantas flight into Australia from the US – the 787-9 Dreamliner – the plane that hopes to make your flying experience the most comfortable, fuel-efficient and smoothest yet, with nowhere near as many internal, plane-type noises no matter what end of the plane you’re flying in.

Seriously, I was incredibly impressed by the whole experience. I’m not saying all this because I joined a gaggle of fellow travel and business media types on the ‘delivery’ to Australia. I say it as someone who flies a lot at all ends of the aircraft.

It’s all about the windows. They are big. The lower cabin pressure makes you feel clearer in the head once you arrive home too. The plane is sleek, understated and beautifully designed with the most extraordinary finishes by designer David Caon. Of course, Qantas’ industrial designer, Marc Newson, has had a big hand in this new incarnation, but David Caon bought it into fruition.

Dreamliners already exist on a fleet of other airlines – Air New Zealand, United, Qatar, Etihad, Nippon, and Air India to name a few –  but the idea is for Qantas to ultimately phase out their jumbos, by bringing the Dreamliners into Australia. Sure, we all like to complain about flights and their pros and cons but on my Dreamliner flight, the consensus was incredibly positive.

In fact, the delivery of the brand new aircraft is like nothing I have ever experienced, it’s understated and chic. It’s as simple as that. On a 10 hour flight home, I slept like a baby and it was a seriously good sleep. I’m putting that down to all the research conducted by the Charles Perkins Centre, who worked for a number of years on the correlation between circadian rhythms, sleep patterns and eating the appropriate mile-high food. They really got it right.

Dreamliners are pressurised at 6000 feet as opposed to 8000 feet, which is a height a bit like the altitude of Colorado’s Rocky Mountains. Here are just some of the advantages of flying the new Dreamliner.

Windows on the 787 are 65 per cent larger than comparable aircrafts and customers can adjust the amount of light that comes through with electronic control. Which is unreal – you can actually see a much bigger picture view of your departure and arrival destination.

Responsive cabin lighting is another positive, meaning the lighting in the Dreamliner will be adjustable to the time of day and activity of service and includes a simulated sunrise to gently wake flyers on morning lights. That was a lifesaver on the 10 hour flight home from Honolulu.

The Dreamliner is an efficient airplane using up to 20 per cent less fuel than other aircraft of its size and has lower CO2 and NOx emissions. Carbon dioxide is produced as a result of fuel consumption and the reduced fuel consumption means fewer CO2 emissions. The state of the art engines in the Qantas Dreamliner also reduce nitrogen oxide emissions by up to 20 per cent.

Smoother ride technology ensures the Dreamliners are equipped with a system that senses turbulence and commands wing control surfaces to counter it, smoothing out the ride so customers can enjoy a more comfortable flight. There is also quite a holistic approach to cabin noise quality, with multiple solutions throughout the aircraft addressing the cause of annoying noise and vibrations.

It seems so compact as opposed to the enormity of a plane like the A380, but the cabin ceilings are higher, there is a better air filtration system, the seats are bigger – economy seats have been given an extra 1 inch – and the windows are larger, giving you a nearly panoramic view from the seat you are sitting in.

There is also no need to worry if you miss out on a window seat, there is enough window depth for you to be able to see what’s going on up in the clouds from the middle.

While the 787 is not the mega A380, I found it ridiculously comfortable, simply because of its compact size. I still love the A380, but this just seems like a more intimate flying experience. And the best news, we’ll be seeing more of them as the years go on. While we’ve all flown a number of airlines, this new plane in QF fleet is one I would highly recommend.

Melissa Hoyer was a guest on the inaugural Dreamliner trip to Australia.

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Hoyts announces Hoyts Lux Celebrity Chef partner Manu Feildel

HOYTS have today announced that Manu Feildel, one of the most popular personalities on Australian television, is set to come on board as a HOYTS LUX ambassador for 2018. Manu joins the family to design an all new menu for HOYTS LUX, the premium cinema offering for HOYTS which features great in-cinema service at the touch of a button, combined with gourmet food and drinks. It’s everything you could want from a cinema experience plus much more.

Damian Keogh, CEO of the HOYTS Group said, “HOYTS LUX is a premium cinema experience for the discerning cinema goer and we’re excited to work with Manu to take in-cinema dining to a level well above anything seen in Australia to date. MORE IS MORE at HOYTS LUX and guests will experience the very best in our cinemas each and every time they visit, with a professionally prepared and curated menu.

Of the partnership with HOYTS LUX, Manu Feildel commented, “My current passion is to bring restaurant quality food to a casual dining experience and what better way to do this than as part of the HOYTS LUX cinema experience. Increasing the enjoyment by providing guests with top quality foods to create the ultimate dine in cinema experience.”

Manu is busy creating the perfect menu for HOYTS LUX guests with some revamped cinema favorites and some new exciting items with a touch of his Parisian heritage. We look forward to tasting Manu’s menu from March 2018. You may not want to see a movie any other way, ever again. Book your HOYTS LUX tickets now at 

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Emporio Armani Menswear Fall Winter 2018-19 Fashion Show

Emporio Armani is a hub of individuality that encourages everyone to be themselves; an identity which is characterised by the projection of one’s own personality, finding character, strength and uniqueness in the differences in each of us.

The collection has a decisive, urban spirit, with an emphasis on the idea of new elegance: precious but not frivolous. The city wardrobe has a dynamic tone, combining the innovation of the lines with that of the materials. The slender and sharp silhouette is evidenced in small-shouldered, double-breasted suit jackets, worn with flowing trousers, a wool trench coat with technical buckles, and a seamless kimono-style bomber. The outerwear pays homage to the world of mountain hiking and outdoor activities, with curly-haired sheepskin coats and pony-effect goatskin jackets.

Surfaces are treated and processed to produce tactile effects: chenille sweaters with fade-out patterns, and jacquards with stylised trees and clouds creating a poetic camouflage-effect on sportswear; butterfly wings flutter like flowers on new tuxedos.

The palette is a dense amalgam of greys, blacks and deep blues, energised by the pure white of shirts, the cool tones of greens and blues and the metal accents of gold and bronze. Accessories are functional, but come in refined materials: shoes with sharp lines, and capacious handbags featuring embossed patterns.

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