Max Mara Celebrates Wool Week in Sydney

Max Mara celebrated the launch of the Max Mara Woolmark capsule collection, which was unveiled for the first time in Australia during Wool Week.

Held at the Max Mara Boutique in the heart of the Westfield CBD precinct, notable guests that attended the cocktail reception included Kate Waterhouse, Elyse Taylor, Kaitlyn Ham and Tash Sefton.

Celebrating the inherent, natural benefits and innovative properties of Australian Merino wool, Max Mara has cleverly incorporated Wool Denim into its wool-rich AW17 range, offering consumers a luxury alternative to traditional denim apparel.

Max Mara has utilised innovative 100% Wool Denim fabrics that replicate the look and style of traditional denim, but have added benefits thanks to the natural qualities of Merino wool, including increased softness and warmth, along with its ability to resist wrinkles.

Max Mara has always chosen Merino wool as the fibre of excellence for its collections and this season has pushed the boundaries on the traditional uses of wool – such as fine tailoring, heavy coats and knitwear – to showcase a different approach for the fibre and celebrate its innate versatility.

“We are very pleased to have Max Mara showcasing Merino wool at its finest,” explains The Woolmark Company Managing Director Stuart McCullough.

“Merino wool is a luxurious, innovative, natural fibre and Max Mara’s latest Autumn/Winter collection highlights wool’s modernity and global relevance in high-end fashion”.

Source: Max Mara & Woolmark

E.P & L.P - The LA Hotspot - Takeover The Dolphin

To celebrate the Queen’s Birthday Long Weekend LA hotspot E.P & L.P hosted an epic party at The Dolphin Hotel which saw a host of Sydney party goers dance the night away.

With a complete venue takeover, Grant Smillie, Aussie Co-Owner of E.P & L.P and better known as one half of Aussie DJ group TV Rock made the trip over from LA to join the likes of Actor Alex Dimitriades, Leah Simmons and Rachel May on the decks.

Also in town was E.P & L.P’s Head Chef Louis Tikaram who joined the team at The Dolphin, cooking up a bespoke menu of E.P & L.P’s famous Southeast Asian inspired dishes.

With two custom menus for the occasion,  dishes consisted of Blue swimmer crab congee, Wagyu crackers, Hollywood Abalone and Kakoda Fijian style ceviche.

E.P. & L.P. opened in 2015 and has dominated the L.A. bar and restaurant scene ever since, hosting the likes of Justin Bieber, Usher, Harry Styles and Taylor Swift.

This weekend saw the guys from E.P & L.P bringing those LA vibes to Sydney’s VIPs, joining The Dolphin’s Executive Chef Monty Koludrovic and Restauranteur Maurice, celebrating the long weekend in style.

Source: The Dolphin Hotel

Vivid Sydney Breaks Global Record

Vivid Sydney, the world’s largest festival of light, music and ideas, has once again cemented itself as a record-breaking international event.

Guinness World Records, the global authority on record breaking, has awarded Vivid Sydney installation Dreamscape with the title for the ‘Largest interactive lighting display’.

Made of 124,128 lights, Dreamscape, created by Vivid Sydney veteran 32Hundred Lighting, links the entire Circular Quay precinct from the iconic Sydney Opera House to the Sydney Harbour Bridge into one cohesive canvas of light.

It allows participants to decide the colour, texture and pattern of the lighting across the cityscape via 3D interactive modelling in a control room in Circular Quay.

With the simple touch of a button, Vivid Sydney guests of any age have the power to create their own masterpiece, using the harbour city as their muse.

In achieving the Guinness World Records title, Dreamscape trumped its own Vivid Sydney 2016 predecessor, Dress Circle, which was also a 32Hundred Lighting creation that illuminated Circular Quay.

This year, the addition of the Cahill Expressway to the installation adds an additional one kilometre of lights to the record.

Sandra Chipchase, CEO of Destination NSW and Executive Producer of Vivid Sydney said, “Each year when we produce Vivid Sydney we want interstate and international visitors to be awed by what they see and we want locals to be proud of what our city brings to the world.

Breaking a Guinness World Records title shows the global calibre of our festival and breaking our own title shows that we will never rest on our laurels.”

Iain Reed, Managing Director of 32Hundred Lighting said, “We are beyond thrilled to break our own Guinness World Records title and be internationally recognised for our work.

Our team is so passionate about what we do and it’s a pleasure to be part of Vivid Sydney once again, illuminating this great city!”

Those wanting the opportunity to experience and interact with the record-breaking installation have until 17 June to head down to Vivid Sydney and join in the action.

Source: Vivid Sydney

Sensis X Vivid 2017 Exclusive CEO Club Event

If there is a brilliant way to see Vivid, it is certainly by taking a boat around the harbour.

I couldn’t believe the amount of people waiting for boats and special chartered Vivid cruises as we jumped onto one at King Street wharf in Sydney.

The whole thing certainly is a great investment into Sydney – especially in the winter when the city does tend to quiten down for a couple of months.

Leading marketing company Sensis really made its mark with its first major Sydney event partnership with the CEO Club Event as part of the Vivid Sydney 2017 Festival.

Over 200 guests, including myself and a few fellow media types,  were taken on a cruise of the harbour to take in the lighting activations.

That was before a cocktail event at the MCA, hosted by John Allan, Sensis CEO and James Ciuffetelli, Executive General Manager Sensis which featured a sensational performance from Guy Sebastian, marking his last performance before his new album is released.

The star studded guest list included: 

  •  Margaret Zhang – International model and stylist
  •  Adam Goodes and Natalie Croker – 2014 Australian of the Year and Sydney Swans legend
  •  Samuel Johnson – 2017 Gold Logie winner
  •  Kieran Jack and Charlotte Goodlet – Former Sydney Swans captain and his fiancé.
  •  Erin Holland – Former Miss World Australia 2013
  •  Michael Brown – Beauty expert and writer
  •  Lauren Vickers – International model

Source: Sensis

Eye Spy: Beauty Secrets Your Optometrist Needs to Tell You

5 Beauty secrets only your optometrist can tell you

No matter what you’re packing in your makeup kit, bloodshot and puffy eyes are never beautiful. Eyes are particularly vulnerable to infection and some beauty procedures even put your vision at risk.

Healthy eyes are beautiful eyes. While there are literally thousands of YouTube tutorials dedicated to nailing perfect winged eyeliner, when it comes to your eyes, the best beauty advice is dispensed by an optometrist.

Optometry Australia’s resident optometrist, Luke Arundel, has seen first-hand the damage caused by common cosmetic mistakes.

Here are his top beauty tips, backed by science:

Watch where you put that eyeliner

Optometrists call the fragile skin around the eyes ‘periocular skin’ and they have a strong opinion about where on that skin you should apply your eyeliner.

There has even been a small study to set the record straight about the dangers of what beauticians refer to as ‘waterlining’ or ‘tightlining’– applying eyeliner inside your lower lash line – a make-up technique said to give the impression of dramatic, smoky eyes.

The study quantified the migration of a conventional cosmetic eye pencil in two different locations: behind the lash line and inside the lash line (the waterline).

The results showed the glitter particles of the pencil eyeliner migrated more readily and contaminated the tear film when applied inside the waterline.

This has implications for contact lens wearers and patients with dry eye syndrome or sensitive eyes. Is that smoky eye look really worth it if they end up red and itchy?

Chuck it out

How many people actually abide by the expiry dates for cosmetics?
A study published in the International Journal of Cosmetic Science found 97.9 % (43/44) of participants reported using or previously using make-up after the expiration date, with mascara being the most frequently mentioned product.

Yet, the microbiological analysis of 40 mascara samples revealed the presence of bacteria and fungi which can cause nasty bacterial eye infections.

By law, cosmetic manufacturers don’t have to put a use-by date on their products. However, you can check a product’s official expiry date by running the batch code through or apps like Check Your Cosmetics.

Generally, the use-by date for liquid or gel eyeliner and mascara is 3 months. Pencil eyeliner lasts about 2 years.
Need a reminder? Of course, there is an app for that, too.

Eyelash extensions

Eyelash extensions – just one of the cosmetic procedures propelled back into fashion by the Kardashians – come with a risk to your eyes. Namely, infections of the cornea and eyelid, the permanent or temporary loss of eyelashes, eyelid swelling and allergic reactions.

Optometry Australia first raised this issue to its members back in 2010 and since then there has been a steady increase in the number of cases associated with allergic reactions to the glue used to adhere extensions to existing lashes, the loss of natural eyelashes, conjunctivitis and even corneal damage due to tweezer injury.

Repeated use of eyelash extensions can cause tractional alopecia, where the natural lash falls out due to excessive tension and weight placed on the hair shaft.

This can damage the hair follicle, which can slow down or cease any further production of natural lashes.

If people must take the risk, they need to ensure that their beauty therapist has been trained in this procedure, that the equipment used has been sterilised and that the environment where the procedure will take place is clean.

They should ask their therapist what glue they will use and avoid places that only use formaldehyde-based adhesives as these are often linked to allergic reactions.

If there is any discomfort after the procedure, any noticeable inflammation of the eyelid, grittiness, blurred vision or loss of the natural eyelashes, you should see your optometrist immediately.

Novelty contact lenses

Halloween can be a scary time for optometrists, for all the wrong reasons.

Buying novelty lenses online or over the counter can lead to eye infections, damage, and even permanent blindness.

The surface of the eye is extremely delicate and wearing non-prescribed novelty contact lenses, particularly those from a dubious source, could cause eye damage ranging from mild infections to sight-threatening conditions such as corneal scarring and even blindness.

Contact lenses are not ‘one size fits all’.

If people want to enhance their Halloween look with fancy dress lenses, or perhaps change the colour of their eyes for a big event, it is important to make sure the lenses are prescribed by an optometrist who will measure each eye to properly fit the lenses and evaluate how the eye responds to contact lens wear using a microscope.

The optometrist will then instruct them on appropriate insertion and removal techniques and correct contact lens care to minimise the risk of irreversible eye damage.

This advice is backed by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission and Optometry Australia.

Get your eyes tested

Itchy and sore eyes aren’t pretty. If they persist for more than a few days, see an optometrist.

You may think your vision is fine or that your eyes are healthy, but visiting an optometrist for a comprehensive eye examination is the only way to really be sure.

Not only may it lead to improved everyday vision – and quality of life – it could detect that something more serious is going on, and prevent loss of vision.

If you can squeeze in the time to see a beautician, you can manage an appointment with an optometrist.
Find an optometrist in your local area here.

Source: Optometry Australia