Downton Abbey: The Exhibition - Official Announcement

NBC Universal International Studios and Imagine Exhibitions today announced the launch of Downton Abbey: The Exhibition, the first-ever fully immersive experience inside the world of Carnival Films’ multi award-winning and global television phenomenon, Downton Abbey.

The multi-year international tour will connect visitors with their favourite characters, costumes and locations as well as showcase never-before-seen footage and historic moments.

Downton Abbey: The Exhibition will begin on June 17, 2017 in Singapore at the renowned Marina Bay Sands and then travel throughout the US in 2018 and beyond.

“Seen in over 250 territories, Downton Abbey is a global phenomenon and viewers all around the world continue to ask for more,” said Michael Edelstein, President of NBCUniversal International Studios.

“Downton Abbey: The Exhibition allows this incredible legacy to live on by offering a multi-million dollar museum quality experience that will delight fans, ultimately extending the connection they have with Downton’s compelling characters and storylines.

We are excited to expand the brand in a manner that few TV series could ever dream of doing.” Taking visitors on an extraordinary journey through the grand home of Downton Abbey, the exhibition will peer into the world of the Crawleys and those that served them below stairs.

The experience will also provide a fascinating look at all aspects of the post-Edwardian period in which the popular TV series is set.

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Australia’s pre-eminent luxury fashion destination Parlour X, today announces the relaunch of its newly revamped e-commerce website.

The Australian owned business located in Paddington was founded by Australian buyer, Eva Galambos in 2001.

“It’s a whole new day for Parlour X,” says Eva Galambos, about the changes in bricks and mortar and e-commerce. “It’s really rare to service luxury bricks-and-mortar and e-commerce at exactly the same time.

We wanted to think carefully about what each of them do well, and how each of them serve our clientele.”

The new has been restructured to provide the ultimate user-friendly, seamless luxury shopping experience with improved navigation and functionality throughout, allowing customers to explore detailed product information which is styled, edited and produced in-house, and convert to purchase with a three-step check out and next-day shipping Australia wide.

Whilst many Australian traditional boutiques have neglected online, leaving overseas e-commerce retailers as the online go-to choice for Australians, Eva has shaped and executed a strategy that integrates an unrivalled in-store environment with an engaging online experience to deepen her connection with her clientele. is the only Australian owned multi-brand, luxury e-commerce fashion platform for brands including Valentino, Chloe, Balenciaga, Comme des Garçons, Stella McCartney, Vetements, Fendi, JW Anderson, Sacai and the latest arrival, Loewe.

As the retail team in-store and online grows, with staff dedicated to creating and producing original content online – upward of 30 pieces of original content per week – offers a non-automated customer care approach through a tailored luxury service for each customer.

Over the last six months, Parlour X has been building 150 square-metres of warehousing space located within the premises and underneath ‘The Church’, which will resident the operations, logistics and facilitation of all online orders. Eva Galambos shares “For me, what’s important is to really leverage the wonderful expertise we have for our clients.

I think our clientele expects experiences within Parlour X, both boutique and online, to be equally sophisticated in their offering.”

The new e-commerce site has a deluxe, clean design, with enhanced rich content including ‘the journal’ which provides immersive storytelling and buyer insights through original designer interviews from Massimo Giorgetti (MSGM) to Kym Ellery, alongside city guides from captains of industry and showroom diaries direct from Paris and Milan.

“In my mind it’s all about making Parlour X as inspiring as possible.

The new reflects our commitment to continually striving to deliver the best and most innovative retail experience nationwide,” says Parlour X Director, Eva Galambos.

Parlour X was the recipient of the Australian Fashion Laureate Award in 2016 for Best Australian Retailer and the Prix De Marie Claire Award for Best Fashion Boutique for 2015/16.

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Do We Really Need Clear Plastic Jeans?

OK, each to their fashion own. But totally clear, plastic jeans?

I mean, are fashion design teams so desperate for a ‘new’ idea they’ve taken to using one of the most uncomfy, ridiculous and ridiculed ‘fabrics’ as the basis of a pair of jeans?

At a time when plastic consumption is, well, supposed to be one of our chief conservation and biodegradable concerns, suddenly we’re supposed to be wearing the stuff?!

Perhaps Topshop is going all Aldi on us and meaning for us to double out new plastic fantastic jeans as a reusable shopping bag as well.

It was just moments ago we here at were lamenting the arrival of plastic knee, cut-out jeans (say what?).

In retrospect, the clear plastic panels at the knees of these little beauties are serious haute couture in comparison to what has just landed on the Topshop website.

So let’s just workshop this fashion moment for a minute.

Plastic is hot. Plastic sweats. Plastic jeans will need something else worn underneath them to avoid us going all Kardashian and having us show off every bit of our butt-butts.

For a cool 100 bucks, plastic jeans will not leave you cool at all. In fact, they may even cause a little body weight slippage. Or an unfortunate thrush-type situation that won’t be pretty.

Can you imagine the pen stains that just may make their way into them if you wear them to the office? Let alone your colleagues and train-travellers’ stares and whispers.

OK, so on the flip side. Yes, there actually IS one.

At least they are a wipe-down proposition. One spilt drink and baam! Grab a baby wipe or a bit of Spray n Wipe and you’re set to go with no pesky, lingering stains.

On a production note, the 100 per cent polyurethane jeans — that’s techno speak for plastic — are given a kind of style cred on the Topshop website as they invite potential buyers to ‘think outside the box’.

The straight-leg style is called the ‘Moto Clear Plastic jean’ and is ‘ideal as a statement piece for a festival or costume party’. Hello Burning Man! What a pity Coachella has been and gone.

As well, the jeans have ‘classic pockets detailing and are cropped at the ankle bone’. Phew! Thank god the ankle has been saved from the perils of plastic adornment.

Look, of course there are going to be some cool-skoolers who rock a thong, denim shorts or granny undies underneath or some coloured tights or, hey, maybe, nothing at all.

But I can’t help think that by Topshop occasionally ‘dropping’ pieces like these into their stores, they win. I mean, we’re all talking about them.

And *that* is the name of the ridiculously competitive fashion game.

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A Salute to France at Kauri Cliffs With Dom Perignon + Chef Philippe Mouchel

Northland, NZ – The Lodge at Kauri Cliffs promises a beautiful setting for a truly French weekend, August 4-6, with the ultimate prestige champagne house Dom Perignon and a much-loved French chef, Philippe Mouchel.

“Salute to France” guests will immerse themselves in the very best of French cooking, champagne and style over two days of sublime eating, drinking, learning and absorbing from some of France’s best exports at Kauri Cliffs.

Like many in France, Normandy-born Philippe Mouchel grew up in a family of cooks where a large garden provided much of what was cooked and the food was always very good.

He went on to train under one of the greatest of French masters, Paul Bocuse, the only chef in France to have been awarded three Michelin stars consecutively for over forty years.

Mouchel was trusted to work at the first Paul Bocuse Restaurant in Japan, and later moved to Melbourne to open the Paul Bocuse restaurant there.

Today, Philippe runs his own French restaurant/brasserie in Melbourne, simply know as Philippe.

It is destination dining for those who know of the background and experience that this master brings to each and every dish. His food is simply sublime . . . and he is also one of the nicest chefs around!

The champagnes of Dom Perignon need little introduction.

Created from the finest grapes grown in one single year, Dom Perignon reinvents itself each vintage by interpreting the unique character of the seasons.

With elegant dishes, designed to perfectly match the champagne, the partnership of Mouchel and Dom Perignon will delight the senses.

As the French do, Friday night is for guests to enjoy fine food and fine wine at leisure, yet not before indulging in the art of the French aperitif.

A relaxed affair, guests will enjoy an a la carte dinner followed by a traditional digestif.

On Saturday morning, Philippe will share his belief on how to best master the basics of French cuisine – it’s all in the sauces and jus!

This enlightening French cooking demonstration will see guests elevating their favourite dishes to new heights with some Gallic secrets from a well-trained master.

That evening, Dom Perignon’s charming and knowledgeable ambassador will host a very memorable dinner featuring four exquisite courses prepared by Philippe Mouchel, each matched to a special vintage of “Dom”, including the P2 1998 Dom Perignon and more.

This perfect pairing weekend is unashamedly decadent and set to leave guests dreaming of a visit to the wine regions of France.

Source: The Lodge at Kauri Cliffs

Zara Larsson Collaborates With H&M

H&M is thrilled to reveal its fashion collaboration with platinum-selling recording artist Zara Larsson.

The capsule collection – inspired by the Swedish pop sensation’s style – features strong graphics and edgy street wear pieces, and will be available globally in selected stores, from 18 May.

Known for her playful and empowering songs, the Zara Larsson H&M capsule collection not only reflects the same messages of fierce and feminine women, but also the pop star’s personal style.

Pieces such as an oversized hoodie and t-shirt dress, both emblazoned with hot pink graphics and strong feminist messages, are balanced by more body-con shorts and tops.

The colour palette is dominated by a range of pinks, with silver and black as complements, while velour, denim, mesh fabrics and cotton jersey are the main materials.

“I am really excited to finally share my collection with H&M.

I have had so much fun working with them to design pieces and create a campaign that reflects my personality. I can’t wait to see how girls everywhere wear the pieces to add to their own personal style,” says Zara Larsson.

Zara was part of the design process every step of the way, having a say in everything from the prints and colours to cut and fit. For instance, pink was chosen not only because it’s one of her favourite colours, but also because “it’s feminine, powerful and everyone looks good in it,” according to her.

“Zara is such an inspiration to fashion and music lovers all around the world. Her energy is so positive and sincere, which together with her was easy to translate into the designs.

We also looked a lot at what Zara wears on and off the stage, making sure to incorporate her show- meets-street style,” says Pernilla Wohlfahrt, Head of Design and Creative Director at H&M.

Source: H&M