LEVI'S ALTERED - new jeans, same classic vibe

Levi’s® Altered epitomizes their approach to remastering classic designs in a range of essential, authentic finishes.
This season, they’ve deconstructed and altered their most coveted styles to create one-of-a-kind pieces.

For decades, Levi’s® fans have customized their jeans as a form of individual expression. Inspired by this creative spirit, they have taken a timeless style — the essential straight-leg jean in non-stretch denim — and remastered it for a progressive, flattering fit.

To create an elongated silhouette and streamlined effect, we added full vertical seams to the back legs. We also shifted the outer seams forward to make this jean extra flattering from the front.

Because they believe that design is in the details, they haven’t overlooked the classic sundries. The Two Horse patch, normally at the back waistband, has been removed for a shadowed effect. As a result of the jean’s alteration, this “shadow patch” then became staggered for a unique, uneven effect.

Levi’s have also removed the “arcuate” pointed design, traditionally stitched on our back pockets, to create a “shadow stitch.”

Source: Levi’s

Australian Government Opens Up the Iconic Great Barrier Reef to Superyachts

Superyacht Australia (SA) has for some time been seeking to reform the Whitsundays Plan of Management in order to facilitate greater access for vessels over 35 metres in length.

Marine Tourism is a significant part of the Australian economy and a growing contributor to Australia’s tourism offering. Superyacht Australia has been lobbying for the past 9 years to allow superyachts greater than 35 metres to be able to cruise and anchor in key spots within the Great Barrier Reef. (GBR)

Tourism Australia markets the GBR as Australia’s iconic tourism destination to the global market yet superyachts over 35 metres have been unable to enjoy this iconic destination forcing our own Australia superyacht owners to take their vessels to Fiji and other Pacific countries rather than spend their tourism dollars in their own backyard.

MaryAnne Edwards CEO Superyacht Australia commented, “The Turnbull government has read the Superyacht industry economic impact study and understands the value of the jobs and economic benefits of this sector to Australia and regional Australia in particular.

This small move in regulations will have a big impact on regional economies who can now finally look to see greater utilisation of marina and refit facilities and the enormous spend with local businesses that comes with this.”

With Tourism identified as one of five ‘super sectors’ to drive Australia’s prosperity into the future, the ability to cruise in the GBR will not only attract more vessels to Australia but they will stay longer and Superyacht Australia is already developing the marketing collateral to make this happen.

An exciting new cruising itinerary calling in at all the major superyacht marinas from Cairns to Tasmania is currently being developed and will be promoted at the Monaco Yacht show.

Australia has some of the most spectacular cruising destinations and attractions in the world, and about 70 per cent of all international visitors report enjoying coastal experiences as part of their trip.

There is no doubt the superyacht industry provides economic benefits to the Australian economy across an array of industries, including, tourism, transport and marine maintenance. In fact, a recent study commissioned by Superyacht Australia found the industry contributed a total of $1.97 billion to gross domestic product (GDP) in the 2016 financial year.

Superyacht Australia CEO M Edwards further stated, “Superyachts are built to the highest environmental standards and lead the world in all aspects of maritime best practices, pose no additional risk to the environmental, social or cultural values of the Whitsunday region.

We believe that owners and guests of superyachts should have the same rights to access and enjoy the Whitsundays as any other visitor to the region and the changes to the plan of management will finally allow this.”

The new amendments will create 21 superyacht anchorages for superyachts less than 70m throughout the Whitsunday Planning Area.

It is great to see the Minister for the Environment and Energy, the Hon. Josh Frydenberg MP, welcome superyachts to the Whitsunday region and acknowledge their environmental credentials and significant benefit to the region’s economy.

The Turnbull government has listened to Industry and Australia will reap the benefits of this decision through an increase in superyacht visitation leading to a greater need for skilled workers, increased job opportunities and this will also open up opportunities for apprentices in a number of trade areas. This increased visitation also leads to more private investment in infrastructure and more jobs in the refit and repair industries.

The superyacht industry will make significant inroads into achieving the government’s 2020 strategy. Improving access for superyachts aligns with the State and Federal government tourism industry potential for increasing overnight visitor expenditure.

Source: Superyacht Australia

Mum Scores Success Thanks to Our Lust for Insta Fame

Andy Warhol most famously quoted, “In the future everybody will be world famous for fifteen minutes.”

As things have turned out, the rise of celebrity culture and reality television in the Western world since then has shown Warhol to be quite prophetic. And thanks to social media, the prediction has once again been taken one step further with the creation of ‘Influencers’.

But when most marketers think about influencers, they think about brand advocates or celebrities. Yet it’s ‘micro influencers’, or Instagram and YouTube stars, that hold a great deal of social media power and are the best for garnering high-quality, word-of-mouth results.

Micro influencers are not traditional celebrities, but rather your average, every day individuals who work in their category or are truly knowledgeable, passionate and authentic and are seen as a trusted source when it comes to recommendations for what to buy.

Cashing in on this phenomenon is Juliet Potter, head of leading Sydney PR agency Girl PR who has launched micro influencer meets brands business, Prize Hunter.

With a few influencer agencies on the block, Potter’s model is unique in that it was created and designed with the PR agent in mind, who, unlike their advertising counterparts, are not provided with budgets in order to guarantee coverage.

Prize Hunter is free for PRs or brands to post products, services or invites to events.

Micro influencers, who are vetted members, in turn aren’t paid. They’re only provided with the introduction and product with all subsequent coverage genuine. And it is this which Ms Potter believes to be the entire premise and strength of social media, which, at its core promises real, true, and authentic content. It’s in the very nature of this unpaid PR coverage that lies its power – consumers are more likely to believe a recommendation from another when not paid to do so.

“Prize Hunter is very similar to a dating agency, think a Tinder for brand and micro influencers, in that we’re simply the conduit in introducing the two,” says Girl PR’s Juliet Potter.

“The influencers can choose the brands they are attracted to, resulting in a date, and ultimately creating genuine coverage for our clients. This means they may attend an event, receive a sample or product to trial or giveaway and cover it as they want to.”

The micro influencers want introduction to the hottest brands and latest products delivered to them, with Prize Hunter they don’t have to search for it– this site allows PRs to not only save time and money in reversing the PR process with interested influencers contacting them after just one post on the website, but most importantly, above all else, no money changes hands.

“It’s bringing PR back to home base and keeping it real. I strongly believe as we are increasingly swamped with obvious and paid advertising endorsements on all mediums – with social media particularly – the ‘recommendations’ will eventually wear thin, eventually becoming yet another advertisement we zone out of.”

“The digital industry is always shape-shifting and will continue to grow,” she adds. “It’s a particularly exciting time. But at the end of the day, consumers need to trust a recommendation and, unlike other influencer agencies, Prize Hunter allows for coverage that is obtained purely based on the introduction and love of the product and makes the PR’s job easier.”

Source: Prize Hunter

Own a Private Villa on Fiji's Wavi Island, for Just $25

If you have ever dreamed about owning a piece of Fijian private paradise, then dream no more. In a world’s first, you could now have your own private villa on Fiji’s untouched Wavi island for just USD $19 (appx AUD$25).

Five amazing villa packages, each valued at USD$5 million, will be won in this extraordinary raffle with a limited number of tickets being sold at just US$19 a ticket.

On one of Fiji’s most stunning private island locations, Wavi island is nestled off the shore of Vanua Levu and accessible via private bridge. Only a one hour flight from Fiji’s international airport, Nadi, the island is just a short 20-minute drive from Savusavu’s airport and the world-famous resorts, Jean-Michel Cousteau and Anthony’s Robbin’s own personal tropical hideaway, Namale.

Spanning 27 acres of lush tropical landscaping and surrounded by pristine beaches that are lined with coconut palms, Wavi island can be your home, forever.

Each of the five winners will receive:

  • An amazing custom 3-bedroom villa, compete with your own pool, on Fiji’s private Wavi island
  • Complete fitout package
  • 2, five night fully paid trips – watch your custom villa being built along with a hand over briefing from Island management
  • Access to your own boat mooring on the island
  • Usage of the resort facilities
  • No Management fees / No owner costs ever, until rental income is produced
  • Rental income for life

With access to private chefs and service staff, once you’ve arrived at Wavi, you’ll never want to leave.

For your chance to WIN a villa in one of the world’s most beautiful and tranquil locations visit www.winafijivilla.com

Source: Fiji’s Wavi Island

Land Rover Announced as Host Venue Partner for Hamburg Act of 2017 Extreme Sailing Series

The Extreme Sailing Series™ returns to Hamburg for the third successive year, from 10 – 13 August, for the fifth Act of the 2017 season which will be presented by the Series’ Exclusive Automotive Partner, Land Rover.

In addition to thrilling on-the-water action, the free-entry public Race Village will feature a number of exciting Land Rover activations to entertain the thousands of spectators that are expected to attend the event.

Christian Uhrig, Marketing and Communication Director of Jaguar Land Rover Germany said: “We are very pleased that the Extreme Sailing Series again features as a highlight in Hamburg’s calendar of events. The event is sure to excite spectators with high-class sailing in a setting that creates a stadium atmosphere.”

The iconic British 4×4 manufacturer has been a partner of the Series since 2013, with the Extreme Sailing Series providing a natural platform to showcase the Land Rover brand through its unique sponsorship opportunities, both in the public Race Village and the VIP Extreme Club.

“I have no doubt that Hamburg will, once again, deliver exhilarating racing on the demanding racecourse on the Elbe. We, at the Extreme Sailing Series, are delighted to announce that this year the Act will be presented by Land Rover,” said Series Event Director Andy Tourell.

“Our long-standing partnership remains as strong as when it was established four years ago, due to our shared core values. We are delighted to see that relationship continue to develop with collaborations such as this in Germany, one of Land Rover’s key territories,” added Tourell.

The Land Rover Experience Zone, and the opportunity to test drive Land Rover vehicles, will allow guests to experience first-hand the on and off-road capabilities of the new Land Rover Discovery.

Land Rover’s brand ambassadors and German actors Kostja Ullmann and Stephan Luca will be attending the event to get a taste of the ultimate Stadium Racing championship.

Land Rover’s commitment to the Series extends to its sponsorship of two of the Series’ full-season entries, Land Rover BAR Academy and Red Bull Sailing Team. “Of course, we’ll be keeping our fingers crossed especially for the Land Rover BAR Academy,” added Uhrig.

“These young sailing talents have already proved to be strong contenders among the world and Olympic champions. Furthermore, they have recently won a prestigious trophy for the UK in their triumph in the Red Bull Youth America’s Cup. This promises to be an exciting sailing event this August in Hamburg.”

Source: Land Rover