A jet lag cure near? Qantas and researchers from the Charles Perkins Centre hope so!

Qantas passengers are set to benefit from a world first collaboration between the airline and one of Australia’s leading academic institutions to reshape the travel experience. I ventured to Sydney University to hear about the work that is about to be undertaken in order for feel better, pre, during and post any long haul fllying.

The University of Sydney’s Charles Perkins Centre will work with Qantas to help develop the airline’s new approach to long haul travel ahead of the first Boeing 787 Dreamliner flights later this year. The centre brings together researchers across a variety of fields from nutrition to physical activity, sleep and complex systems modelling.

Qantas and the Charles Perkins Centre are looking at opportunities to involve some Qantas frequent flyers in trials that involve wearable technology in the measurement of existing biorhythms during travel, enabling future products to be developed and designed with the insight of robust data.

Professor Steve Simpson, Academic Director of the Charles Perkins Centre, said the partnership is hugely exciting as it’s the first time there has been an integrated multidisciplinary collaboration between an airline and a university around in-flight health and well-being beyond medical emergency.

Source: Qantas

Audi Hamilton Island Race Week unveiled . . .

After the devastation of Cyclone Debbie, it was great to see Hamilton Island coming, beautifully, back to life.

Audi Australia hosted an intimate lunch for media and key VIP guests to celebrate the launch of 2017 Audi Hamilton Island Race Week. The lunch was held at private house, La Piscine in Darling Point.

The VIP and media guest list included Audi Ambassador, Collette Dinnigan, Nicky Oatley, Edwina McCann, Kellie Hush, Nick Smith, Kerrie McCallum, Jimmy Niggles, Sheree Commerford and General Manager of Corporate Communications at Audi, Anna Burgdorf.

Guests were treated to a glass of Piper Heidsieck on arrival and enjoyed a bespoke menu by renowned chef, Andrew McConnell from Melbourne’s Cumulus Inc.

Anna Burgdorf opened the lunch with a short welcome speech to all guests and introduced Collette Dinnigan who will be returning to Audi Hamilton Island Race Week this year to curate a very special sunset fashion event.

The venue – an exquisite, private house in Darling Point had names like Collette Dinnigan (Audi Ambassador), Nicky Oatley (Hamilton Island Brand Manager), Anna Burgdorf (General Manager of Corporate Communications at Audi), Andrew McConnell, Jimmy Niggles and Sheree Commerford in the mix.

Other names included Vogue’s Edwina McCann, Harper’s Kellie Hush, Nick Smith, Delicious guru Kerrie McCallum and InStyle’s Emily Taylor.

Take a look at hamiltonislandraceweek.com.au for all the details . . . oh, and and to potentially sort out a trip to Hammo Island.

Skytrax Hat-trick For Etihad Airways First Class

Etihad Airways has once again been presented with three coveted awards for the World’s Best First Class, Best First Class Onboard Catering, and Best First Class Airline Seat at the annual Skytrax World Airline Awards. The event was held at the Musee de l’Air et de l’Espace, as part of the bi-annual Paris Airshow

The prestigious World Airline Awards are widely considered to be a global benchmark of airline excellence. Winners are chosen based on the votes and findings of a ten month survey of over 19 million air travellers from 105 countries. The survey covers over 325 airlines, from the largest international airlines to smaller domestic carriers, measuring quality standards for 41 KPIs across front-line product and service factors in the airport and onboard environments.

In recent years, Etihad Airways has won numerous accolades for its First Class service and cabin designs. This also marks the third time the airline has won all three First Class award categories at the World Airline Awards.

Etihad Airways’ three-class configured longhaul fleet of Boeing 777s and Airbus A330/A340 family aircraft also feature private First Class suites, with Poltrona Frau leather seating and cutting-edge features and amenities.

Edward Plaisted, Chief Executive Officer of Skytrax, said: “Etihad Airways continues to be a market leader in first class air travel, illustrated by their excellent performance in this First Class section of the awards. It is a remarkable display of consistency to yet again secure this very prestigious set of awards and we congratulate them on this achievement.”

Source: Etihad

Underwear uncovered: Bonds unveil Comfytails. What's not to love?

Like most undie-wearing Aussies, we’ve grown up with the name Bonds on our lips. And our hips and umm, breasts and bums.

My earliest memory of wearing Bonds is waaaaay back in primary school when big, brown undies were, well, they were the ONLY thing we were required or allowed to wear.
OK, they may not have been the most attractive of undies but at ages 5 through to ten, ‘attractiveness’ wasn’t really a priority.

Sure, as the years went on, I went through the g-string, the bodysuit, the bikini, boy leg and BIG pants phases but for undies that have always been perfect for everyday use – and potentially for travel, which I do so much of – I still keep going back to Bonds.

As a long time fashion editor and now style and fashion commentator, my world involves lots of running around so I have always wanted my underwear to be worn with a purpose as opposed to being a pose.

Sure, I still buy lingerie pieces that are a little, well, sexier, but for every day use and the fact there is no VPL – the whole Comfytails concept is perfect for every day, for travel and when you just don’t have the time to think about what underwear you are about to wear!

So with my real life meets work life hat on, I was thrilled when Bonds kindly invited me to test drive their latest – Comfytails – a new range of underwear aimed squarely at us Aussie women …. who are ready to get comfy.
Made from Bonds cotton rich fabric and available in a range of prints, the new range of Bonds Comfytails are perfect for any shape. And yes, I mean any shape.

I’ve always loved lingerie.

The undies are designed for women who have had their fair share of ‘uncomfytails’ in their twenties with the range aimed at women blessed with the wisdom to know that it’s better to be comfy than to persist with some of the trends that characterised their underwear youth. I’m looking at you scratching, dental floss G strings!

Yup, Bonds Comfytails are for women who are not only waving goodbye to the polyester thong, but for those fully embracing a new era of being comfortable as well as being fashionable.

The collection is being hailed as ‘the underwear to wear for when you’ve outgrown uncomfortable’, with Comfytails featuring a palette of basic but vibrant colours, stylised florals and textured prints with each pair made from Bonds soft cotton, with a focus on comfort. And they are side-seam free! Yippee!

Where to find them:
You can find Bonds Comfytails in a bikini style, a full brief, a midi leg and a high leg and in sizes 8-18. And they’re in lots of colours and some prints too.

Take a look at bonds.com.au/Comfytails – and even better they will ship to you!

The Model and her undies habits:

Long-time Aussie based model Kate Bell took some time to reveal her thoughts on Comfytails. . .

*What does it mean to be the face of the Bonds Comfytails range?

‘I’m absolutely thrilled to represent such a cool iconic Aussie brand. I find it fabulous that they chose to go with an ancient model (kidding!) also because I truly am a comfy undie kinda girl.’

*What do you look for when shopping for underwear?

‘Comfort and efficiency, but they must have a fresh sexiness. I still want to feel fab in comfy undies.’

*How do you like to feel when wearing underwear?

‘Fresh, fit and sexy.’

*What do you like most about the Comfytails range?

‘They’re so yummy to wear and they look super cute and modern.’

*How did you get into modelling and what do you like best about it?

‘I always wanted to be a model way back when no one I knew really did it. I walked into Ursula’s (now Chic) model agency and started straight after my HSC. A year later I was in New York then Paris, and so on for 30 years!

I’ve been so lucky regarding travel. I love working with different super talented creative people with every job.’

*Has modelling changed your views on ageing?

‘Not really, ageing takes place. You never think it’s gonna happen to you! You never give it a thought when your 20 or 30, then come 40 you start changing and all you can do is take real good care of yourself to last the distance. I’m a lover not a fighter.’

*What impact has yoga had on your life?

‘Yoga has been my anchor, it has impacted and improved my life in pretty much every way.’

*What have been some of your least favourite underwear trends over the years?

‘I’m not a fan of g-strings; I wear them only when completely necessary. I loathe that for the past 10 years I’ve been modelling super daggy granny undies for women my age+. My mum, who is 78, when sees me in campaigns says “who wears those things?”’

*This post is a collaboration with Bonds. My policy is I won’t align myself with things or products I haven’t test-driven, I don’t trust or don’t believe in.

Seabourn Offering New Cruise Itineraries for the 2018 & 2019 Season

Having experienced the sheer delight of one of these Seabourn cruises, I can tell you how five-star and simply brilliant the whole experiences is!

From the food to the sensational suites, the service, and brilliant destinations, it is certainly the perfect way to get into ‘cruise mode’ – especially if you have been toying with the idea of getting your sea legs for the first time.
Sure, Seabourn is at the high end of the cruise scale but the attention it to detail is seriously spectacular.
So here are some of the highlights of the cruising schedule ahead.

Seabourn, the world’s finest ultra-luxury cruise line, will feature new worldwide itineraries for the fall 2018 and winter 2019 seasons. The new program includes 37 unique sailings to hidden harbors, marquee ports and must see cities accessible only by smaller ships. As always, Seabourn guests can look forward to exceptional personalized service, lavish amenities and unique experiences from the newest and most modern fleet in the luxury segment.

The fall 2018 and winter 2019 seasons will allow guests to see our Extraordinary World with 103 departures of seven to 66 days in length, visiting exotic destinations in South America & Antarctica, India, Arabia, Australia & New Zealand, and Southeast Asia, along with classic favorites including the Panama Canal, Canada/New England, and the Caribbean.

“Each year we meticulously craft itineraries with carefully selected experiences to show guests the world as only Seabourn can,” said Richard Meadows, president of Seabourn. “These itineraries will be truly exciting for our guests as they visit fascinating destinations around the world from the comforts of the finest ultra-luxury experience at sea.”

Source: Seabourn