NETFLIX Hannah Gadsby: Nanette - Trailer Debut

In her hilarious debut Netflix Original stand-up special, Hannah Gadsby: Nanette, comedian Hannah Gadsby gets up close and personal about her life and growing up gay on the small island of Tasmania.

Recently hailed by the New York Times as a “major new voice in comedy,” Hannah keeps her audience at the Sydney Opera House laughing with her sharp observations as she takes aim at everything from pride parades, unsolicited opinions and the whole history of art before she turns her punchlines into sucker punches, silencing the laughs and flipping the art of comedy completely on its head.

Source: Netflix

Dior Goes Backstage

Dior reinvents makeup with dior backstage: the first makeup line inspired by the backstage and designed by peter philips, creative and image director for dior makeup, for every woman who wants a professional result.

“Dior backstage is a line that draws its inspiration from my work backstage. It includes all my essentials in neutral shades with professional, adjustable formulas, allowing you work with every skin tone.” – peter philips

The new dior backstage campaign immerses you in the beauty preparations of a runway show.

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Marimekko Winter 2018 Home Range

The Autumn/Winter Collection showcases Marimekko’s art of print making through dialogue between prints: new contemporary folklore inspired prints by younger-generation print designers Sanna Annukka, Paavo Halonen and Kustaa Saksi are combine with soft yet graphical iconic archive patterns designed by Maija Isola and Vuokko Eskolin-Nurmesniemi in the 1950s, 60s and 70s.

The Svaale (Arctic fox) print features a charming fox – a very important animal in Nordic mythology – as its main motif. By using simple shapes, the designer wanted to capture the character and charm-like potency of the animal.

She drew inspiration from old Eastern European embroideries where animals were often quite abstract in their representations.

Source: Marimekko

Melbourne sisters and stylists launch first collection THE FLATIRON LABEL in store & online

FLATIRON is proudly designed and made in Australia by Melbourne sisters Penny Duggan and Sam Scally. Offering a completely hands-on design and styling approach, together the sisters have built this brand alongside the needs of their customer, resulting in an increasingly renowned range of multi-seasonal separates.

The clean, classic lines that Penny loves work perfectly back with the unique, short-run fabrics and textures Sam specialises in. With these strengths in mind, the girls do not put a pencil to paper at the beginning of the process without the other there. The sister’s dual style sensibilities then form one fixed vision, which is to deliver strong, contemporary high-quality fashion that the FLATIRON client demands and deserves.

The hero of FLATIRON is the details, the ‘get-stopped-on-the-street’ differences. FLATIRON does not run with the rest of the fashion pack. Penny and Sam’s customers are constantly relaying stories of being complimented on their pieces. This humble, increasingly growing word-of-mouth message is reflective of the girl’s intent to keep the range genuine, subtle, and yet outstanding.

As interest grows nationally, Penny and Sam have introduced national Styling Sessions, taking their range to their clients personally. As of June, this reach will broaden as FLATIRON goes online, complete with styling tips and educational fashion advice throughout the online shopping experience.

FLATIRON started from one summer dress Sam designed for her own wardrobe. ”I walked into a boutique wearing this piece one day and the owner asked to see the rest of the range.” Already running a successful interior styling business with Penny, the creative sisters decided to collaborate on a few more pieces they would love to personally own, and showcased them in salon-style sessions to peers and friends.

“The reaction could not be ignored and we knew we had hit a hole in the market,” Penny adds.
Six years on the range still demands this attention due to the girls staying true to their personal style. This is something the sisters know that their loyal clientele have now grown to trust.
“Each piece must work with the others – from seasons past also – so that the brand continues to evolve as an essential, one-stop answer for any modern, contemporary woman.”

“At the core of our brand is our service,” Sam adds. We don’t want you to buy off the rack. We strive to show you how each style can be worn when it gets home so you can treasure it, wear it with several combinations and enjoy it for years to come”, says Sam.

FLATIRON is an ethically and locally made label. The girls are conscious of maintaining its exclusivity, so rather than manufacturing massive units of each style four times a year, they keep runs small and multi-seasonal anchored with twice yearly signature seasonal ranges.

Style takes time and consideration, which is what the girls throw at the label with abundance. “We don’t do fast fashion, or disposable pieces” Sam insists. FLATIRON is built on quality, versatility and timelessness, Penny adds. “ In an industry full of white noise and fast fashion, FLATIRON provides timeless luxury and quality.”

The FLATIRON Label will be available online from June 2018. FLATIRON Main Features:
• Australian designed and made
• Loyal following that has shaped the brand season to season.
• This is not just a label, but also a styling service that has taken on a trusted aesthetic so
that pieces work with each other throughout all seasons.
• Style takes time. FLATIRON is proudly the antithesis of fast fashion. Longevity and
versatility remains key.
• Two sisters, varying aesthetics, combining to create a truly evolved and unique range.
• Accessories designed specifically to work back with every garment in the store.
• Growing interstate following
• Ethically made and designed and manufactured in Melbourne using only highest quality
fabrics used

FLATIRON is stocked exclusively at FLATIRON Store, 72 Willsmere Road, Kew VIC 3101 and online.

Opening Hours:
Monday – Friday 9:30am – 5pm Saturday 10am – 5pm
Website: Instagram: @theflatironlabel

Source: Flat Iron

The Mumm Champagne Long Lunch, Thredbo Alpine Resort

And a real highlight of the long weekend in Thredbo?
The G.H. Mumm champagne ‘long lunch’ – where one very long table is placed down the Thredbo Village Square and the most extraordinary lunch was served to 150 people – it’s one lunch that sells out, well before it ‘officially’ goes on sale. They even had another 80 guests inside the restaurant of the Thredbo Alpine Hotel.

In between the social side of the ski season it was just so nice to wander around and get the chair lift up to the Eagle’s Nest cafe and have a hot chocolate and look out to what will, in a week or two’s time be full of snow. The team at Thredbo how old are so laid-back and relaxed and possibly full of some of the coolest ski peeps around.

The Denham, Keller, Schuss Bar and Thredbo Alpine Hotel were thumping. So the highlight: the G.H. Mumm lunch started with crispy chilled Mumm – of course – followed by a perfect winter lunch, created by the team at the Threbo Alpine Hotel.

We started with an extraordinary winter vegetable soup followed by shared platters of roast pork, creamed cauliflower & Baby carrots. Before the most luscious and most tender of lamb was served with winter greens. And the BEST trays of cannolis and tiramisu.

Considering the temperature outside was only just above freezing it was extraordinary to have all of the food arrive piping hot on the long, chilly tables.

A fun and very well-established lunch indeed, gearing everyone up for the start of ski season.

*For details and information about how to book visit the Thredbo website www.