Veuve Clicquot celebrate female business leaders over dinner

Tonight, on International Women’s Day, thirty five of Australia’s most inspiring women will gather to celebrate the opening of nominations for the Veuve Clicquot Business Woman Award 2012.

The Veuve Clicquot Business Woman award recognises the extraordinary achievements of entrepreneurial business women throughout Australia; innovators, risk-takers, leaders and visionaries, and those with a commitment to corporate social responsibility.

The Veuve Clicquot Business Woman Award was established in France in 1972 as a tribute to Madame Clicquot. The award champions the success of women worldwide in the field of business, and honours women who reflect the values of Madame Clicquot: her spirit of enterprise, her courage, her tenacity in driving projects to successful outcomes.
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Curvy bra brand in search of a new Aussie pin-up girl

The UK bra brand, Curvy Kate are about to launch a ‘curvy’ model search in Australia, focusing on searching for “naturally curvy girls who are confident, charismatic and above a D cup.”

The winner will model for the Curvy Kate brand.

According to the Curcy Kate crew, the Australian average boob size is now above a D cup and the average dress size a 14, many fashion brands still lack in choosing models that relate to these statistics, choosing stick thin girls to support their brand.
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A big box of memories

I have been going through boxes of ‘stuff’.

Lots of this ‘stuff’ has been accumulated between various moves, homes and relationships and much of it is now, at home, in one of those stupidly expensive inner-city storage spaces.

And boy, you should see what I been uncovering. It was a rummage through big chunks of my life.

There were exercise books from high school; modern history essays; school reports; musings to former boyfriends (that were never sent); hard copy pictures from when I first started writing in newspaper-land and even dolls, all of whom I had named with pinned-on name tags that are still in tact.

There was my old McDonalds uniform (ditto for my green school uniform); a tonne of small bits of bric-a-brac that I had picked up on my first travels; a heap of photo albums and even an impressive dot painting by indigenous artist Russell Saunders. (It was a thank-you gift when I guest judged the ‘Flair’ fashion awards in Taree in 1997.)
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Even of you’re not into cutesy ‘babies’ . . . this doco looks like a visual goodie . .

Coogee Bay Hotel embraces a responsible alcohol alternative: The Hangover Squad

Today’s story at got me thinking about a conversation I recently had with former bar promoter, Sam Coffey.

It’s all about an idea from this one Sydney guy who is taking a softly, softly approach to helping the Coogee Bay pub avoid alcohol-related conflict. If encountering a batch of big, burly bodyguards isn’t your idea of enhancing a night out, enter a new wave of pub ‘security’, aptly called The Hangover Squad.

THS is a group made up of professional people who are hired by venues to help their customers drink alcohol in a responsible manner.

“I sincerely believe that given the right support, this business could play a large role in helping to change the prevalent binge drinking culture that exists in a large section of the Australian society,” says events organizer & former bar promoter, Sam Coffey.
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