Bang! Crash! Kapow! Poof! El-cheapo 'power' Tee's . . . . . .


T-shirts. Online. Cheap. Cheerful. A new cyber store called Totally Irreverent Tees has gotten in on the superhero Tee act for kids and grown-ups and  some are just plan ole cute.

Totally Irreverent plans to become a one-stop-shop for unique and 'fashionable' licensed apparel for some of your favorite pop culture icons including Marvel, DC Comics, Star Wars, Family Guy and lots of other  'supes' you love, or sometimes loathe.

What's even better, each design is exclusive to the site in Australia and all of them are $20! Check out


Jess Hart shows off sass & bide undies . . . and they're mighty fine . .

As one of Australia’s most iconic and successful women’s designer brands, sass & bide is exclusively launching a range of lingerie available at Myer stores this Spring Summer 2013.

The collection takes us on an enigmatic journey where unexpected cut-outs & bold bindings clash with whimsical motifs. Lace and mesh panels meet with graphic and bold prints to uncover a feminine exploration of the soft and the strong, with prices starting from $29.95 for briefs and $49.95 for bras.

A colour palette of ivory, black and French navy, pops against citrus panelling, and iconic sass & bide prints – star mesh, palazzo stripe and a signature leopard print.

Myer Group General Manager of Merchandise, Judy Coomber, said “We are thrilled to be exclusively launching sass & bide lingerie nationally into Myer stores. It’s a privilege to be in partnership with such a highly desirable brand, and we are extremely excited to see the brand expand its unique style into another area of the business.”

vely launching sass & bide lingerie nationally into Myer stores. It’s a privilege to be in partnership with such a highly desirable brand, and we are extremely excited to see the brand expand its unique style into another area of the business.”

Sarah-Jane Clarke commented on the new lingerie campaign, “Fronted by the free-spirited and stylish Jess Hart, the exclusive Myer collection really embodies the spirit of sass & bide. We hope the launch will excite Australian women (& their partners) this summer”

The collection is available in 30 Myer stores nationally from the beginningThe collection is available in 30 Myer stores nationally from the beginningof August. For stockist details visit or call 1800 811 611.


Never 50 Shades of Beige: the style legacy of fashion royalty, Anna Piaggi . . .



She was eccentric, colourful, clever, witty, individual, oh, and the bestie of Chanel designer, Karl Lagerfeld.

No matter her innate style, none of it stopped right up until 81-year-old Anna Piaggi, took her final fashion bow.

Ms Piaggi, a native Italian, died at her home in Milan.

Mountaineering up the Vogue Italia ranks, she become more renowned for her unconventional approach to dressing. While some may have deemed her at-times 'nutty fashion professor' approach too wacky for their liking, fashion purists hung on to her every hat. Every glove. Her cane. Cape. Cap and furs. Somehow, she mastered the art of putting just about anything with anything. And for some reason it always worked.

Ms Piaggi was very close to Karl Lagerfeld, the milliner Stephen Jones and in 2006, London's the Victoria & Albert museum exhibited clothes (of which it is said there were thousands) from her wardrobe.

Ms Piaggi's passing provoked a number of tributes from around the world including from designer Stefano Gabbana and Vogue, who tweeted: "Our deepest sympathy to the family and fans of one of the world's grandest style icons". Gabbana, of the Italian design duo, Dolce & Gabbana, took to Twitter for the announcement: "RIP Anna Piaggi... :((((( ciao grande Anna!!!"

Dita von Teese tweeted her respect too: "So sad to hear that Anna Piaggi, one of my last icons of beauty & fashion has passed. She was the height of glamorous eccentricity," she tweeted.

Piaggi was married to the photographer Alfa Castaldi in 1962 in New York. Castaldi died in 1995. Ms Piaggi also counted Australian born fashion historian, the late Vern Lambert as a confidante, friend and the man who introduced her to vintage clothes.

And let's not forget more of the Piaggi 'Australian' connection. Linda Jackson, was deemed a favourite by in the 70s by Ms Piaggi and along with names like Jenny Kee and Ken Done, it was Anna who 'got' their colour and print sensibility.

Back then, Piaggi seized upon these down-under wonders, teaming some of their clothes with the thousands of other international designer threads she had in her travel trunks. More recently, she was really taken with the Sydney label, Romance was Born and its designers Luke Sales and Anna Plunkett.

When I would ever see Ms Piaggi on the European fashion circuit (and yes, she even came to Australian Fashion Week to see Akira Isogawa's show) I was always dumbfounded (or was that star-struck?) by everything about her.

And when she loved an embroidered Collette Dinnigan coat I was wearing (which would have been understated in her fashion parlance) I skipped so happily out of that show I fell over and ripped the sleeve.

That's what Anna Piaggi seemed to do to people. She was infectious, passionate, and always open to supporting and encouraging new designers. and for that, along with living a colourful, rich life she will be remembered.


Skulls and Vodka? Dan Aykroyd and his celebratory bevy . . .



Maybe it is just my love of skulls, but am excited to see that Crystal Head Vodka, one of the fastest growing ultra-premium vodka brands on the market is now available in Australia.

After resetting the bar for 'purity in vodka' internationally, Crystal Head has recently come to Australian shores, combining  the ultimate spirit, purest product and highest quality ingredients.

Crystal Head Vodka is quadruple-distilled and triple-filtered through Herkimer diamond crystals. Produced from water sourced from a deep glacier lake in Newfoundland, Canada, it is a pure spirit free of any additives such as sugar, glycerin or citrus oil. Boy, it actyally sounds healthy.

The pure spirit of Crystal Head Vodka is complemented by its striking skull-shaped bottle, which celebrates the mystical legend of the 13 Crystal Heads.

These mystical Crystal Heads have been unearthed in places of great spiritual power around the globe and scientific analysis places the age of each skull at between 5,000 and 35,000 years old.

Each skull was carved from a single piece of pure crystal quartz. No one knows how they were made, or why they were made. There are no discernible tool marks to provide any clues.

The brand was founded by Dan Aykroyd and John Alexander. Aykroyd, a well-known actor, musician, entrepreneur and spiritualist; a believer in what he calls the "invisible world" where otherworldly presences are a "form of reality as valid as our normal reality." Partner and veteran fine artist, John Alexander has exhibited extensively in the United States and around the world. Together, they were avid researchers of the legend of the 13 crystal heads. And from this inspiration, the idea was born.

"Crystal Head prides itself on the quality of its vodka, which originates with deep glacial aquifer water from one of the planet’s purest sources – Newfoundland, Canada. The award winning quadruple distillation and triple filtering processes are achieved at one of the last government owned facilities in the world – the Province of Newfoundland and Labrador Liquor Distillery Corporation”, enthuses Aykroyd.

Crystal Head Vodka was named a “Rising Star” by the Beverage Information Group of America, publishers of Cheers magazine and producers of the annual Cheers Beverage Conference.

According to Charles Forman, Editor, Cheers Magazine, “Crystal Head Vodka, through its attractive packaging, product quality and well-timed entrance into the market has shown that even during a challenging economy, consumers are willing to trade up to the right brand.”Visit

Game on World: Giorgio Armani hooks into Olympics social media

Italian fashion designer Giorgio Armani congratulated (above) Valerio Aspromonte, Andrea Baldini, Andrea Cassara, and Giorgio Avola for winning gold in the Men’s Team Foil Fencing.

At the beginning of the London Olympics. the Armani house announced the launch of the EA7 APP, downloadable for free on Apple and Android platforms. The application is divided into three separate yet interconnected sections: BEA7, LIVEA7, and GAMEA7.

In BEA7 - "Train with champions", some of the athletes provide firsthand training advice for their respective disciplines as well as suggestions on the most suitable outfit to wear.

In LIVEA7 - "Live your sense of being", 7 selected bloggers from different countries will offer exclusive  tips and ideas on how to experience their respective cities to their fullest in true EA7 style, including sports, hotels, shopping, food, leisure, and more.

GAMEA7 - "Support your country with your sense of being" is a real-life virtual game in which users participate by simply choosing their own country and “checking in” when travelling, allowing users to earn valuable points in different locations. The country that achieves the highest score will reach the podium and will have access to the Winner Circle, a special area dedicated exclusively to the winners.

Smart and savvy social media activity from Armani indeed . . .