Drum roll please and the Logie goes to


Excitement is building for this year’s TV WEEK Logie Awards after the nominees were announced this morning at a breakfast held at Sydney’s Ivy Pool Bar.

This year’s Gold nominees are a mix of old favourites and first-timers, with last year’s winner, Packed ToThe Rafters star Rebecca Gibney, one of the eight contenders up for the coveted award, alongside Talkin’ ’Bout Your Generation’s Shaun Micallef, who is nominated for his first Gold Logie.

The other Gold nominees include long-time Home And Away star Ray Meagher, Good News Week host, Paul McDermott, Rove and Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader? host, Rove McManus, Home And Away star Esther Anderson, The Gruen Transfer host, Wil Anderson, and Spicks And Specks host, Adam Hills.
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Knock, knock, knocking on god's waiting room door? Or the party to re-launch an old faithful munchery

It was like being back to the future (or knocking on heaven’s door?) as Sydney’s Double Bay believers celebrated the re-opening of a meeting and munching institution.

The Cosmopolitan was an epicentre. It was always the hang-out for quite the power pack – Packer, Rivkin et al – but in amongst the constant closings and openings of venues in Double Bay, the Cosmo suffered a mild deprivation/irrelevance/old school stroke.

Well, it is now back with its signature outdoor, stare-at-me area and a very cosy indoor restaurant and bar that looks nicely refreshed. Bit like some of the guests faces, really.

Looking just a tiny bit frayed around the edges (some of the guests not the schmick-looking venue) there were smiles that looked like they belonged to people I once knew. There were also people who I thought had already passed on...
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Is the much loved and loathed Snuggie dead this Aussie winter? It may be after you look at these

The words Iceland and style may seem incongruous (hang on, it did bring us Bjork) but not any more...

Direct from the land of geothermal spas, glaciers and waterfalls, a crew named Third Drawer Down Museum of Art Souvenirs has secured the selling deal of Iceland’s Vík Prjónsdóttir, woollen capes and blankets from that fare land.

And yep, I reckon the Snuggie folk will be quaking in their blue and red rugs. And boots.
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Life on the info autobahn or a blog about taking a long time to achieve absolutely nothing

How long is it since I have sent a FEW HOURS on one project? Or read one book in one sitting. Or an entire TV programme or movie. Or one magazine. Or one newspaper. Back to front?

It gets to me every day, that I can never, ever, spend a whole lot of time doing one thing. To work on one project without the distraction of everything else. We have become a culture of short and sharp consumers. We soak up shots of info like they are a quick caffeine fix. Forget the detail, we just want to digest the headline followed by minimal words, thanks very much. Whether online, verbally or aurally, our minds dart from one subject to the next like lights on a pinball machine, never fixing on one train of thought, one notion, one idea or ideal. We sit at our computers ready for a day of work. We check Twitter (if it isn’t already being checked when it’s by the bed). We get caught up with a Twitter train of thought and weigh in on the debate. There’s an hour gone. We flip over to email and respond to questions that seem to have a sense of urgency when in fact they shouldn’t.
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Sydney sizes up trackside style and goes giddy-up . .

Models focus in on millinery for the Sydney Autumn Carnival

Sydney plans to step up its trackside style with the 6-week Sydney Autumn Carnival (SAC) unifying the two major racing clubs.

Both the AJC (Royal Randwick) and the STC (Rosehill Gardens) have joined forces to create one identity over the upcoming racing carnival as opposed to working separately in promoting what has become a mighty huge seasonal money spinner.
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