MICHAEL MOORE's latest movie and it's a love story

Fans of the film-maker and self-proclaimed social-conscience, Michael Moore, has unveiled the title for his new film.

According to the Paramount gang the Oscar®-winning filmmaker’s October 2nd release is a “Love Story” – about Capitalism.

“(Beverly Hills, CA) July 8, 2009— Capitalism: A Love Story is the newly unveiled title of Oscar®-winner Michael Moore’s latest documentary feature.
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KATE RITCHIE'S new gig . . . and boy, this girl has longevity

She started on Home & Away when she was a kid and next week the actress/tv presenter and radio chick will add ‘beauty girl’ to her resume. Kate will be announced as the the new ambassasdor for Unilever’s Vaseline – over lunch to all the beauty set at a tres smart venue, the Quay restaurant at Circular Quay in Sydney.
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PROJECT RUNWAY- I'll deliver the Hoyer verdict each week and tell you the designer drop-out. . .

I met all the Project Runway gang the other day at, where else, a fabric shop in Sydney’s ‘rag trade’ district, Surry Hills.

There’s Anthony (who had Swarovski crystals dotted all over his face and admitted he takes hours to get ready) who I have a feeling may be in for the long haul.

Ivana, who has had a working stint with Costume National (now that’s a mighty good pedigree); we have Lauren (who had on the most exquisite feathered dress on when I met her and one I’ve already put in an order) while the vivacious Amber is already a designer and wants a gig as a stylist.
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PARIS couture . . . Christian Dior kicks off the seasonal fashion fantasy. And 'Hallelejah' to a dose of pure indulgence

Pix from Reuters.

There is nothing worse than reading reports from fashion ‘journalists’, as if they are actually sitting (or standing) at one of the Paris couture shows on the Avenue Montaigne or in some spectacularly French location like the Tuilieres gardens or in the hallowed halls of Le Louvre.

Sometimes we’ve all read reports that start evoking the feel and the look of the runway extravaganzas, when the writer is more than likely, sitting at at desk in Arkansas, Dallas, Brisbane or even good old Sydney. Having covered the haute couture (the most common term for high fashion) a couple of times, the vibe changes every season.
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DAVID JONES spring & summer show model casting call - is it even more mortyfying than any other kind of audition? Let me know . . .

(pics by Charlie Brewer from http://www.news.com.au/)

I have covered a number of David Jones ‘casting calls’ over the last billion years. That’s when the giant fashion retailer requests each model agent sends over their ‘best-in-show’ in the hope of making it to the top of the hit parade as soon as the DJs spring/summer fashion circuit starts next month. Followeg closely, of course, by Sydney, Brisbane and Perth fashion weeks.
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