Lawyers for Lara respond to the AFL investigation . . is this soap becoming more sudsy than a Warnie spa ?

This is a verbatim media release issued at 6.03pm Saturday evening and sent from the office of Lara Bingle's manager/agent, Max Markson. Fix yoursef a drink, or something...

• The Chief Executive of the AFL criticised us yesterday as Lara Bingle’s lawyers for being unco-operative with the AFL investigation into Brendan Fevola’s conduct.

• We have today sent the AFL two statutory declarations verifying Lara Bingle’s complaint.

• Since the AFL wants to conduct their investigation in public, we now call on the AFL to release to the public those statutory declarations, Brendan Fevola’s statement and the email correspondence with us since they started their so-called 'investigation'.
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Life on the info autobahn, or a blog about taking a long time to achieve absolutely nothing

How long is it since I have sent a FEW HOURS on one project? Or read one book in one sitting. Or an entire TV programme or movie. Or one magazine. Or one newspaper. Back to front?

It gets to me every day, that I can never, ever, spend a whole lot of time doing one thing. Working on one project without the distraction of everything else.
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Thinking about giving fashion the bold shoulder? Tread carefully and don't blame it all on Balmain . . .

The elegant Meryl Streep (above) was the only red carpet regular in ‘a shoulder’

Above: Joan Collins doing her stuff as Alexis Carrington in the 80s series, Dynasty.
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Tech-savvy, style spy fashion workshops are a near sellout . . .

THE tech and extremely fashion savvy Kate Vandermeer will host a ‘Fashion Career Workshop’ at the start of next week’s L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival.

Kate, who knows the nuances of social media (constantly hosting events to explain how SM can benefit fashion names and brands) is one mighty smart cookie.

And this Saturday’s panel is about bringing a panel of industry players together to share their knowledge and experiences to those wanting to get into the fashion industry.
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