Bonds in search of 35,301 Aussie bods

Tomorrow (Tuesday) Bonds launch their Birthday Project which is seeking to find one Australian who was born on every day since Bonds opened on July 1, 1915. That’s 35,301 peeps.
Bonds are launching the national campaign to find one person to represent each of the 35,301 days since Bonds has been part of the lives of Australians and are encouraging friends, parents, partners, children and grandparents.
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Media release: Sarah Murdoch steps down as Top Model host and EP, media release just in

Media Release: Monday, December 12 2011
AUSTRALIA’S NEXT TOP MODEL: FOXTEL announced today that Sarah Murdoch has decided to step aside from her role as host and co-executive producer of the FOX8 series, Australia’s Next Top Model. Brian Walsh, FOXTEL’s Executive Director of Television, said: “Sarah has made a remarkable contribution to Australia's Next Top Model and was instrumental in propelling the programme to its most successful season ever, in 2011. We would like to thank Sarah for her passion, commitment and incredible support of the series. Naturally we are disappointed to lose her, but the show goes on.

“Australia's Next Top Model is, and remains, FOXTEL’s most enduring and successful local production. With the next cycle we promise another exciting series on FOX8 with more world locations, more beautiful girls and more of the best television that only the likes of Alex Perry and Charlotte Dawson can deliver. We wish Sarah continued success in her future endeavours,” Walsh said.
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Getting kids to cope living in two homes

Have just read two poignant, clever and smart children's books.

They may be meant for kids, but being a single, working mum who went through a separation not long before removing myself from an strssed-fuelled job, they really have great cut through.

The books explain to single kids, who ultimately have two homes, two 'birthday cakes', two 'pets' and two sets of just about everything, that they are not alone.
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Breast Friends; Breast Intentions; Simply The Breast or 'How many breast cliches can I think of for one headline'

It’s a Knockout: Radio & TV gem Fifi Box baring nearly all at the ARIAs (pic from
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Who'd have thought 'Gladys' could help women land a work gig. A feel-good online story

FASHION . . . with a heart . . .

Always good to hear about an online enterprise which is giving back and not just taking . . .

Enter, vintage and contemporary online boutique store,, the first not-for-profit online retail store in Australia, providing funding for a unique social enterprise that is changing the lives of thousands of long-term unemployed and disadvantaged women.
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