Fashion Friday: a few style and beauty jolts to get you through the weekend . .

Tom Ford’s Black Orchid scent and Kristy Hinze, the latter will be heading to Brisbane for the Mercedes Brisbane Fashion Festival next month
To top of a hot week of style snippets, I’m starting a new weekly frock spot: Here are a few fashion,beauty and lifestyle jolts that should get you through the weekend. And of course, if there is breaking style news over the weekend _ a nail is chipped or a hair extension is found floating down Oxford or Collins street, you’ll read about it.
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COLLETTE DINNIGAN'S NEW BABY: an exclusive and intimate unveiling of her latest collection in Sydney's Paddington tonight . . . .

Sydney based designer Collette Dinnigan showed her latest fashion baby _ an exclusive peek of the latest autumn/winter collection (previewed in Paris in March) that has just hit the CD store racks in Sydney and Melbourne.
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What 'Top Model' Demelza did next: 'I will say what I feel, so is that a bully?' she told me . . .

Bullying, brains and too much brawn? Well, I caught up with last year’s ‘Top Model’, Demelza Revelry (who was totally delightful and charming) but did tell me, for an interview for Grazia magazine, what she had learnt from her stint as the Foxtel tv series ‘Top Dog’.

While Australia’s Next Top Model fans overwhelmingly voting for the well-mannered and charming Thanee Atkinson, over the self-confessed bold and brash bogan, Cassi Can Den Dungen last week, the result turned some of the judge’s choices on their diamond-encrusted ears.
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SYDNEY FASHION WEEK . . designers and details announced this morning

Below is the media released by the IMG group regarding Sydney Fashion Week which happens from August 17.

In the weeks following the Sydney event there will be similar fashion ‘weeks’ in Brisbane, Perth and Melbourne, with all the city-centric activities _ runway shows, fashion forum and in-store events _ aimed at revving up the next fashion selling season – spring and summer.
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Oh Errol, I would do anything to wear an earring like him . . blokes wearing earrings? Your thoughts?

I came across a 48-year-old tradesman this morning (he fixes and attaches roofs for a crust) and he got me thinking about a matter of international fashion interest and intrigue. The wearing of earrings by men of a certain arrge.

This guy, who is already grandfather, and a mighty fit one at that, wears a thickish, engraved, smallish hoop earring and he got me thinking about earrings on men.

Ok, by ‘older’ let’s say men over the half way point say 45. For some, the look works. For others, well it just plainly doesn’t.
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