A staggering 40% of Australian women don’t wear a sports bra while exercising, a recent survey* has uncovered. With 54% of women expressing concern about their breasts sagging later in life, the importance of educating women on investing in a supportive sports bra is more prevalent than ever.


Berlei have launched their Spring Summer 18’ Sport collection with a provocative TVC demonstrating the impact different sports have on women’s breasts when they are not wearing a supportive sports bra. Aiming to empower women to care for and invest in themselves by choosing the right sports bra for their chosen sport or favourite type of exercise, Berlei hope to get women thinking about their sports bra like an essential piece of sports equipment.

Most women don’t realise the impact that active movement can have on their sensitive breast tissue. It’s been reported that an astounding 43% of women are unaware that not wearing a supportive sports bra while exercising can contribute to breast tissue damage that can cause breast-sagging later in life.

Working with the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) and their biomechanics team for over 20 years, Berlei have finessed the fine art of ensuring their bras provide the correct support for whichever sport women choose to undertake, whilst still looking stylish. Designing their bras with compression and an encapsulation support system, the technology separates the breasts and supports each one individually within its own cup.

Head Designer for Berlei Innovation, Adele Kershaw said, ‘Most women are conscious about how their breasts feel during exercise because they can bounce around, feel uncomfortable and painful, however they are often unaware of the damage that can happen below the surface to the soft tissue and delicate Coopers ligaments inside their breasts if they don’t have the correct support. Women are aware of the need for different equipment such as footwear and clothing for different sports, but they need to be aware of the importance of wearing the right sports bra for different sports to prevent this damage.’

Adele continued, ‘Our research shows that breasts move differently depending on the sport or activity women are doing, however an astounding 76% of women admit to wearing the exact same sports bra no matter what the activity is. We hope through this campaign we bring to light the importance of wearing the correct sports bra during different exercise activity and encourage women to prioritise their breasts by choosing the correct support when it comes to sport.’

Berlei are the only bra brand in Australia that is tested, endorsed and approved by the AIS, delivering bras that reduce breast bounce by up to 60%. The Support Factor Rating system created with the AIS helps women choose the right sports bra for their sport from low impact to extreme impact activity.

Berlei’s Spring Summer 18’ Sport campaign aims to empower women to invest in themselves. The new TVC dramatises the impact playing different sports can have on breasts by drawing a correlation between the impact that’s seen on soccer, basketball and tennis balls on slow motion replay. The dramatisation urges women to stop their breasts playing their own game.

Source: Berlei