Bras N Things have launched a new brand positioning, ‘I Am Many Things’, to celebrate women’s multidimensionality and support them to confidently be themselves, however they choose to do so. Bras N Things are on a mission to support women who want to express every version of themselves.

The new campaign, developed in partnership with creative agency FABRIC Sydney, part of the TBWA Sydney Group, is an invitation for women to stay true to every aspect of themselves in a way that is contemporary, celebratory and relevant for the modern woman.

Featuring Cameron Stephens, Geneve Benatar, Susanna Oinonen and Nya Leth, the campaign showcases the spectrum of Bras N Things’ range from fashion styles, seductive lingerie to everyday bras. A product line that gives women the ability to explore and express all facets of her personality. Whether she feels determined, sassy, loud, lazy, seductive, soft, enchanting, strong or anything in between, Bras N Things has her covered.

Bras N Things’ Group General Manager Tanya Deans said, “Bras N Things is a healthy, resilient business which has celebrated, empowered and helped women find the perfect fit for more than 30 years. I’m excited to launch this new ‘I Am Many Things’ positioning as part of the evolution of the Bras N Things brand as we continue to support our customers navigating the challenging, fun, exciting, quiet, and joyful times of their life.”

Bras N Things’ National Marketing Manager Natalie Chalmers said, “We all know women aren’t easily defined by a single label. We’re complex and have the capacity to be more than one thing at the same time and this launch campaign celebrates that. We live in a world where female empowerment is constantly evolving – vulnerability, authenticity, honesty and imperfection are valued more than ever and we want to help women confidently be themselves, however they choose to do so. At Bras N Things we want to support women to explore and express all aspects of their personality. We have whatever you are looking for.”

Managing Partner at FABRIC Sydney, part of the TBWA Sydney Group, Gemma Rees said, “The creative platform ‘I Am Many Things’ encourages every woman to own who she is – in all our glory. To feel confident and comfortable in celebrating herself, flaws, success and all.”

Source: Bras N Things