BRAVO! Just bravo Buddy and Jesinta Franklin. How absolutely cool of you both to wed YOUR way.

In these days of every high profile person being watched closely via ubiquitous social media feeds and every move made being turned into a ‘story’, it was extraordinary that the newlyweds pulled off the greatest wedding feat and coup of the decade: they actually kept their nuptials totally quiet.

The 25-year-old model and the 29-year-old Sydney Swans star used a week when all eyes were on the Melbourne Cup and who wore the best fascinator, to do the thing they promised to do when they became engaged two years ago.

No fanfare. No paid-for magazine deals. No hiding under black umbrellas and plastic marquees for the sake of ‘selling’ your special day to the highest bidder.

After two years of being engaged, they chose to seal the marriage deal their own way on Friday night.

Just a purely simple and elegant celebration of their love — you know, like a ‘normal’ couple’s wedding — in front of their nearest and dearest friends and family.

And for pulling that off with such aplomb, they deserve the biggest high five ever.

A friend of the couple said they had planned to have their wedding close to the end of the year and when the date was decided ‘Jes’ just pulled everything together.

“She pretty much organised everything in just over a month and used aliases to keep it under wraps,” a spokesperson and friend of the duo told me.

“Only immediate family and very close friends were invited.

“It was important for them just to have this one special day for themselves and be surrounded by the people they share love and respect with.

“Everyone had the best night and it was exactly what they wanted.”

Both Jesinta and Buddy went to New York a few weeks ago for her to have her final fitting with designer Vera Wang for her heavenly, custom-made nude, chantilly lace and ivory long sleeve ball gown, accentuated with a sweetheart neckline bodice and classic corset detailing.

“Jesinta was the most beautiful bride and so chilled and relaxed the entire day,” added their friend.

Contrary to earlier reports that the wedding may have taken place in Queenstown, New Zealand (some of their friends seemed to be having fun hashtagging various locations to put paps and nosey parkers off the secret location scent) the wedding was held at Mount Wilson’s Wildenstein Gardens in the Blue Mountains.

Also contrary to reports, the happy couple is not selling their wedding. “It’s just not their style,” added their friend and spokesperson.

As difficult as it would have been not to let the cat out of the bag, Jesinta kept up her appearances right up until the day before the wedding.

Jesinta was still promoting her new book, Live A Beautiful Life and also had David Jones opening up in Barangaroo commitments during the week.

But at each interview, she did not give an inch.

After the actual ceremony, the much-loved model made a quick change for the reception into an Ana Luisa gown which was also designed by Vera Wang and retails for around $20,000. The floor length, ivory coloured lace gown showed off Mrs Franklin’s exquisite figure.

While the couple is not making any official comment or doing any interviews at this time, no doubt the next speculation will be, why the haste? There will be the ‘is Jesinta, the ever-natural, Gold Coast born model up the duff?’ stories.

Ha! If she is, I’m pretty sure Mr and Mrs Franklin will choose to unveil that news in their own inimitable and incredibly refreshing style. And anyway, that big Moët opaque gold goblet Mrs F. was holding may possibly thwart that scenario.

Whatever, wishing them a long and very happy life together.

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