Brownlow gets a fashion makeover . . and the boys are in the judging firing line

Likened to a cult religion, the boys who play AFL are worshipped (by some) like demi-gods.

And, as the AFL hosts its answer to the Logie Awards on Monday night, with a Chinese water-torture event called the Brownlow Medal Count, a few of us will have more than on-field performance on our minds.

To ease the length of the night’s countdown to the big performance winner, I’m heading to Melbourne’s Crown to co-judge the best dressed… bloke.
With Men’s Style boss, Peter Holder and frock writer, Kate Waterhouse as my perusing pals, the folk at Crown Lager are having us choose and ‘crown’ the Crown Lager Best Dressed Man. Boy, so much ‘Crown’ action.

Until now it has been the Brownlow girls – often fame or model hopefuls with penchants for Peking Duck tans, shimmer make-up, bejewelled g-strings and hair extensions – who have had all the good, bad and downright ugly sartorial attention.

While the the Perth born model, Rebecca Twigley (pictured above) wore that Hollywood-taped red dress, from WA designer Ruth Tarvydas back in 2004, footy’s red carpet night has become as hot a topic as the Logies.

The most ‘real’ thing about Brownlow ‘style’ is that much of it is created by anyone but stylists. What we often see are real girls interpreting their idea of red carpet glam, which is kind of refreshing. And can turn out kinda spooky too.

As for the ‘the boys’, they’ve lucked out bigtime, as all the players in the Brownlow running have access to the Crown Lager Royal Suite, where they can pop in for an old-school barber shave and trim, a massage, a style consultation and even a have a golf pro help with putting strokes.

So whether the odds to win the best bloke are with Gary Ablett, Leigh Montagna, Tom Harley, Shane Crawford or Adam Goodes, it’s a very timely and cute initiative in time for Monday’s Brownlow ‘blue’ carpet. Thak god they didn’t go brown…

Oh, and I’ll be tweeting (the fashion action) and will be on Sunrise, Tuesday morning to deliver my Brownlow fashion verdict.