Zaha Hadid marks a new chapter in Bulgari’s most iconic and coveted jewellery collection, with a masterpiece that showcases her unmistakable style: the new B.zero1 Design Legend ring.

Bulgari, the Roman Jeweller, together with Zaha Hadid, the greatest woman in architecture of all time, fuse their boundless talent in the name of creativity and design.

Drawing its inspiration from the world’s most renowned amphitheater, the Colosseum, Bulgari celebrated the new millennium with the creation of its now iconic B.zero1 ring, whose unique and state of the art design revolutionized the aesthetic codes of classic jewellery.

Universally appealing and instantly recognisable, B.zero1 charmed jewellery lovers from its first appearance, striking just the right balance between the classic and the distinctive.

Born from a purely Roman inspiration, the Colosseum, and being the first iconic piece of jewellery of the new millennium, B.zero1 soon became a symbol of Bulgari’s ability to convert a classical model into a groundbreaking vision.

Its radical design fuses two hallmarks of the brand’s iconography: the tubogas motif and the distinctive BVLGARI logo.

In the daring spirit of the brand, the collection has been reinterpreted over the years, experimenting with new colours and materials and always pushing the boundaries of its original design.

Today B.zero1 is an authentic statement of the Bulgari style and a distinctive icon in the jewellery world.

Source: Bulgari