Camilla Franks, iconic Australian fashion designer, has welcomed her first child and baby girl, Luna Gypsy Jones into the world with fiancé, Welsh artist and musician JP Jones.

“With our hearts full of the deepest love, we welcome our little moon goddess Luna into the universe. The love and happiness we feel is hard to describe”, says Franks.

“For JP and I, the moon has long been a connection point for lovers on opposite sides of the world to one another, so we feel an infinite amount of serendipitous love with Luna timing her arrival under a magnificently luminous moon”

Camilla and JP met as young travellers in London and after 18 years, reunited in 2015. As true children of the world, the pair will spend their time between Sydney and their hometown of Cowbridge in Wales where Luna will meet her brother Jackson Blue and Welsh family later this year.

“The next few months for our family are about creating memories as a little tribe, in our home surrounded by all the love in the world. Disconnecting from all of life’s noises and seeing our baby girl grow and shine bright in Sydney’s seaside energy”, said Camilla.