With Cara Delevingne and Capture Youth, the house of Dior is shaking up the world of skincare. With her azure-blue eyes and lithesome body, she breathes her rebellious sensuality and incredible energy into the visual work of new yorker, Cass Bird.

Intense and free, she embodies the values of a new skincare line, which, like her, has decided that everything depends on the here and now. Designed for ultra-connected women in their thirties, the Dior Capture Youth revolution proposes a protocol with a creme and 5 serums to anticipate the signs of aging before they appear. Finally, a unique program inspired by predictive medicine that delivers action before it is too late.

The British star has a magnetic presence in this offbeat, fast-paced advertising film. She speaks to us with conviction in her gorgeous, husky voice as the song “I am woman” by Jordin Sparks plays in the background.

According to the brand, countless determined young women say that thanks to the Dior Capture Youth revolution, “the time is now!”