Amazing/intriguing/kooky image for new Lady Gaga Fame scent . . .

Beauty news just in from the Coty folk . . .   and remember, it's on media release speak, so it goes on. And on. And on. Enjoy . .

"Multi-platinum and Grammy Award-winning artist Lady Gaga announced today the worldwide release of her first fragrance, LADY GAGA FAME, in September 2012. Gaga’s first fragrance, released through the Artist's own Haus Laboratories in association with Coty, is the latest breakthrough expression of her creativity.

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Ricki-Lee joins the Covergirl beauty beat

Today, a campaign for newly appointed Covergirl cosmetics ambassador; Ricki-Lee, will be rolling out in stores around the country.

The new image of songstress Ricki-Lee was revealed to Sydney’s beauty set last night at a party held on the rooftop of the Museum of Contemporary Art, where Ricki-Lee performed for Covergirl for the first time.

“I could never have dreamed I would one day become a Covergirl joining the ranks of Drew Barrymore, Sophia Vergara, Ellen DeGeneres and Taylor Swift," says Rikki-Lee.

"I think I will need to pinch myself when I first walk into a supermarket and see my face in the beauty aisle. It really is such an honour.”
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*Laser*: Beauty beams a Clear + Brilliant path

 In this line of media biz fire, I get invited to try out quite a few beauty treatments, lotions, potions and various things . . . and this one got me kinda excited, especially as the term 'downtime' was hardly applicable.

I've never been compelled to go hardcore when it comes to face works - I look after and maintain my skin with a series of light dermabrasions, light treatments and cosmeceuticals liked Rationale and Aspect Dr - all of which have stood me in pretty normal-looking stead. And of course, some Botox, that did soften that angry line between my eyebrows. (I still can't stand it when people lie about having it, btw . . .)
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