2010: a year of Hoyer Style Tips. An on-going blog from lips, frocks, bods, bad hair, de-cluttering & big shoulders. JANUARY 2010 . . . .

Why not? I thought.

Having observed ‘style’ and ‘fashion’ and ‘pop culture’ and ‘people’ for years, each day in 2010 I thought I’d impart some kind of do-able advice.
Some you may love, some you may just totally loathe.

Either way, I just hope I remember to update it each day. And don’t forget to throw any suggestions this way too.

For Twittering and Facebook folk, I’ll be also updating each the tips there too, so feel free to contribute. (On Twitter the hashtag is #hoyerstylestips – ok, ok FB’ers, you don’t need to take any notice of that.)
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The Beautyheaven site corners a gang of chicks (and me) to talk our 'must-have' beauty lotions and potions . .

Invisible Zinc, Chanel; the state-of-art Next of Skin salon, Potts Point; Tom Ford’s for Estee Lauder’s Black Orchid svemnt and Johnson & Johnsons ‘Holiday Skin’.

Renya Xydis of Valonz and Salon X salon; Colorstay lipsticks from Revlon ; Tan In a can from ModelCo and SK11 ‘s Treatment Essence.

Great Lash mascara from Maybelline; TransFormaton creme from Jan Marini; La Prarie’s Eye Creme; and Stress Relief Eye Masks from Estee Lauder.

As someone whose working lifeis as a pop culture commentator and journalist, it has also revolved around finding and fossicking through what is good, bad and ugly about some of the things in the beauty world.
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So, will an all-juice cleanse make me feel fantastic? I'll let you know in 5 days . .

I am starting a 5 day ‘cleanse’ first thing Monday morning.

Basically it’s all about having 6 types of nutritionally sound ‘juices’ being delivered each morning (it’s $295 for the five days) to my home.

Happily, I am not even mildly freaked out by it, although my intake of a huge bowl of pasta this evening may be telling me something else.

So, I am kinda excited by what the ‘cleanse’ says it will bring me.
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Fashion Friday: a few style and beauty jolts to get you through the weekend . .

Tom Ford’s Black Orchid scent and Kristy Hinze, the latter will be heading to Brisbane for the Mercedes Brisbane Fashion Festival next month
To top of a hot week of style snippets, I’m starting a new weekly frock spot: Here are a few fashion,beauty and lifestyle jolts that should get you through the weekend. And of course, if there is breaking style news over the weekend _ a nail is chipped or a hair extension is found floating down Oxford or Collins street, you’ll read about it.
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'Super' model detained in Paris by cosmetic surgeon .. oh and how I hate that 'super' term . .

Supermodel detained in Paris World Breaking News News.com.au

As brief as the above story is, on fast-moving website news.com.au, it seems hilarious (if it is to be true) that Dutch model, Karen Mulder, would be ‘detained’ in Paris by police for alleged threats to her cosmetic surgeon.
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