Ian Thorpe: talks celebrity, life after swimming, health & his biggest race regret

CAN you believe he is nearly 35?

It seems just a few years ago Ian Thorpe was fist-punching the air and taking home gold at the 2000 Sydney Olympics and then again in Athens in 2004.

But what is everyday life like for Australia’s greatest ever Olympian?

After winning five Olympic swimming medals when he was just 17 years old, now he can only swim one lap after struggling with injury and infection in his shoulder. But he admits he is in the happiest, most optimistic and most confident space of his life.

There has been much water under the Thorpie bridge since gaining his fair share of gold as well as one thing that “kills” him when he thinks back to it.

When I have a proper routine, I get up at 7am. And I’ve worked really hard at getting up then as it used to be 4.17am every morning for a very long time. I get out of bed I get going. I think if you snooze you’re kind of wasting some of your day. And then you snooze through the day. Set your alarm and get up as late as you can possibly get up and get up then.
I have a trainer and the reason I have a trainer is that I need to feel I am letting someone else down if I don’t turn up!

I organise with how I eat at home and I set ideas during the week. I prep on a Sunday and I cook meals ahead of time for the rest of the week. If I go out to a restaurant I’ll eat what I want but I don’t eat large portions and if I have a glass of wine with a meal, I’ll have to skip dessert.

My favourite food to cook is Indian because when you are dry roasting spices the smell around the kitchen is something else. If I’m out, I will either eat something quite decadent or very clean.

I have had two shoulder reconstructions in a very short space of time and then I got one of those hideous infections in hospital before I could have a shoulder replacement. I am working with a trainer so I can do a lap, and that’s just before I kind of feel this crunch.

I’ve worked in India and I would like to find a period to go and really discover India and the same can be said for Easter Island and the Galápagos Islands. They are bucket list destinations, and I’ll get there eventually.

This one that I am doing (for Specsavers) it a campaign that is designed for people who are around 35 and that is the age when you first need to get your eyes tested. We under appreciate our eyes until we start having issues.
Of all the things I have done in the past, and everything I want to do in the future, it has made me realise what a big part good eyesight plays. I’ve used my eyes throughout my career — I actually couldn’t have done it without them.

It is neither good or bad, it’s kind of something in between. Most people are pretty good to be honest. There is the intrusive part that you feel like you don’t have the privacy you want. But I kind of accept it and realise that OK, it’s not the end of the world. And if it gets dangerous on the street and someone starts stalking you, that’s another thing.

It is a performance mentoring group. It is how to find a way to get back to that state when you were at your very best. When you had a performance that was just kind of effortless. I had those kinds of moments when I was swimming and I know what it is. You can actually train yourself with a little bit of work to be able to ‘queue’ yourself back into that mental state. But you have to practice.

I have to wear clothes and I don’t have as good a body as when I was swimming (laughs) so I have to wear more clothes. I think (Australian) men and women have really lifted their fashion game.

We all get to choose how you feel about most things. You can deal with it on the spot and choose to move on or you can worry about it until you can’t worry about it anymore. And I’ve chosen the former.

I have been so fortunate to meet people just because of something I have achieved. I am lucky to have conversations and friendships with some incredibly interesting people.

I don’t know what I ‘hate’ the most: you know what? I’ll get back to you on that as I don’t like ‘hate.’

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Qantas gears up for arrival of new 'Dreamliner' with the first of many unveilings

Qantas has unveiled a new range of inflight tableware by Australian Industrial Designer and lead designer of the Qantas 787 Dreamliner cabin interiors, David Caon.

The range includes crockery by Noritake, cutlery and glassware. In collaboration with Qantas Creative Director Food, Beverage & Service Neil Perry, David Caon has designed new tableware that is modern, lightweight and practical for customers dining in First, Business and Premium Economy and the Qantas lounge network.

The result is an elegant, 16-piece crockery set crafted from Fine Bone China, a five-piece brush finished stainless steel cutlery setting and a sophisticated collection of modern glassware.

Caon’s objective when designing the new tableware was to combine minimal, classic elegance with quality and functionality.

“There is a fine balance between finding ingenious ways of making a product lighter and compromising its utility or quality,” said Mr Caon.

“Over many months we sought feedback from cabin crew, customers and Neil and the Rockpool team around the functionality of tableware at 40,000 feet. The new crockery in particular, will allow Neil and the Rockpool team to be more creative when designing the inflight menus, give cabin crew more opportunities to interact with customers as well as modernise the dining experience for travellers.”

Qantas Group Executive Brand Marketing & Corporate Affairs Olivia Wirth said the 787 Dreamliner had given Qantas the opportunity to re-design the entire travel experience.

“We have considered everything from cabin lighting, revolutionary new seats and scientific studies to reduce jetlag. We’re now pleased to be bringing together our expert in food and wine with our expert in design to modernise the in-flight dining experience and make it even more special,” she said.

“Aside from aesthetics and functionality, we also tasked David to help minimise our carbon footprint by reducing the weight of the new range by eleven percent, resulting in an annual saving of up to 535,000 kilograms in fuel.”

The range of crockery, cutlery and glassware will be used inflight in International First, Business and Premium Economy, Domestic Business as well as the First and Business Lounges, and Qantas Clubs.

The range will be on board Qantas flights from the first 787 Dreamliner service from Melbourne to Los Angeles on 15 December, and will progressively roll out to the remainder of the Qantas fleet.

Source: Qantas

AGNSW 2017 Eva Breuer Scholarship announced

The Art Gallery of New South Wales is delighted to announce young Australian artist Clara Adolphs is the recipient of the 2017 Eva Breuer Travelling Art Scholarship.

The Breuer Foundation established the scholarship two years ago, in collaboration with the Art Gallery of NSW, to support young Australian female artists for the purpose of travel to and study in Paris. The scholarship commemorates the late Eva Breuer, one of Australia’s most loved and prolific art dealers who made a significant contribution to Australian art for over three decades.

As the recipient of the 2017 Eva Breuer Travelling Art Scholarship, Adolphs will take up a three-month residency at the Dr Denise Hickey Memorial Studio in Paris. The scholarship awards Adolphs a $25,000 stipend for living and travel expenses associated with the residency.

Based in Bundanoon in NSW, Adolphs collects old photographs as inspiration for her paintings that explore notions of memory and time. The pastel tones and impasto surfaces of Adolphs works re-interpret abandoned memories, imbuing them with fresh narratives and context.

Adolphs’s portrait of actor and musician Terry Serio was a finalist in the 2016 Archibald Prize and she has also been a finalist for the Brett Whiteley Travelling Art Scholarship in 2016, 2015, 2013 and 2012.

The Paris residency will present Adolphs the opportunity to embark on a new and ambitious body of work while closely observing the techniques of some of the most celebrated masterpieces in the world.

“My plan for Paris is to create larger and more immersive scenes in painting. Up until this point I have worked at a relatively small scale and this residency will be the impetus to change that while immersed in the finest works throughout history,” Adolphs said.

“The Eva Breuer Travelling Art Scholarship will also provide unique opportunities to research anonymous photography which is the current foundation of my work. Located in Paris is the Galerie Lumière des Roses which is dedicated to anonymous amateur photography – this will be top of my list to spend time at during the residency,” Adolphs added.

Victoria Collings, the Gallery’s community engagement manager and member of the scholarship judging panel, said international residencies nurture the creative talents of artists and the Eva Breuer Travelling Art Scholarship is a generous example of this.

“The Gallery is thrilled to partner with the Breuer Foundation in offering this brilliant scholarship to young female Australian artists,” Collings said.

“Clara Adolphs’s application conveyed clearly how rewarding the Paris residency would be for her practice. The judges were impressed by her work and career to date and anticipate that her time at the studio will be transformative,” Collings added.

Source: AGNSW

Puffa x Missguided

The 90s classic has quickly become a street style favourite, and for AW17 Missguided presents a full line of need-now
puffa jackets.

From statement oversized styles and exaggerated collars to streamlined jackets with a tighter fit, there’s a quilt for every girl to create the ultimate sports luxe wear, whilst remaining practical.

Available in subtle classic neutrals to pops of orange, pink and camo print, it’s time to rewrite the duvet day with Missguided’s puffa jacket collection.

Available from August 2017

Prices from £50.

Shop online now at www.missguidedau.com

Source: Missguided

CALVIN KLEIN dresses Actor + Musician Harry Styles

Calvin Klein, Inc. today announced that CALVIN KLEIN 205W39NYC wardrobed actor and musician Harry Styles for the premiere of his latest film, Dunkirk, this evening at the AMC Loews Lincoln Square in New York City.

Mr. Styles wore a Pre-Spring 2018 CALVIN KLEIN 205W39NYC black wool peak lapel tuxedo jacket, embroidered marching band pant and black dress shirt designed by Raf Simons, the brand’s Chief Creative Officer.

Mr. Styles also wore Fall 2017 CALVIN KLEIN 205W39NYC black western ankle boots.

Source: Calvin Klein