50 years ago English model Jean Shrimpton came to the Melbourne Racing Carnival and 'shocked' the fashion establishment on Derby Day

Love this. It is 50 years since English model #JeanShrimpton caused headlines around the world when she wore a white mini dress on Derby Day in 1965 when she attended with Terence Stanp – it became an iconic image. And even worse she had no hat, gloves or stockings! #howshocking #MelbCupCarnival #derbyday Ms Shrimpton was an ambassador of DuPont de Nemours, promoting a fabric called Orlon. Ms Shrimpton was in #Melbourne for four days of the entire carnival. She was judging the frocks on the field as well #fashion #fashionhistory

Etihad airways teams up with LUXE City Guides for stylish new business class amenity kits

Etihad Airways has launched a colourful new range of collectable limited-edition Business Class amenity kits, the result of a unique collaboration between the airline and luxury travel brand LUXE City Guides, the straight-talking, highly curated go-to guide for savvy travellers.

The stylish new kits embody the contemporary and innovative flair synonymous with the Etihad Airways brand, and contain inflight amenities and natural facial products developed exclusively by London-based skincare and grooming brand Scaramouche + Fandango.

Six new stylised kit designs have been created by LUXE City Guides for Etihad Airways, inspired by some of the iconic cities on the airline’s extensive global network. The designs for Abu Dhabi, London and Madrid, have been specially produced for Etihad Airways, whilst the Sydney, Los Angeles and Hong Kong kits feature bespoke LUXE artwork. Each kit contains a customised Etihad Airways LUXE City Guide which corresponds to the showcased city,covering everything from hotels and restaurants, to spas, bars, boutiques and bespoke shopping, as well as services, specialists and personal guides.

Scaramouche + Fandango has developed an exclusive unisex comfort kit and skincare offering in collaboration with Etihad Airways. Specially formulated for skincare needs inflight, the range consists of paraben-free products, high in natural ingredients, to enhance onboard wellbeing.

Calum Laming, Etihad Airways’ Vice President Guest Experience, said: “The introduction of these kits is not about providing brand names to our Business Class guests. It is about intelligent design, functionality and providing them with products which are attractive, natural, useful and re-usable. Collaborating with relevant, progressive lifestyle brands such as LUXE City Guides and Scaramouche + Fandango has enabled us to tailor amenities to the requirements of our guests while retaining all the authentic charm and sophistication of the Etihad Airways brand.

“Etihad Airways continues to reimagine the flying experience, setting a new benchmark for innovation and luxury. The introduction of these kits is part of a much bigger journey which was started with the introduction of our new revolutionary cabins on the flagship Airbus A380 and Boeing 787s, and the new service concepts introduced fleet-wide. These collectable kits also reflect the global nature of our business, while simultaneously highlighting the inspiration, style and unique qualities of our home, Abu Dhabi.”

The Abu Dhabi kit uses a unique design pattern inspired by the rich architectural heritage of the Emirate, translated into a style best described as Arabian Modernism. The pattern reflects the Etihad Airways’ brand and colour palette.

Reminiscent of 1960s pop culture, the London kit uses the bold colours of the iconic London Underground map while the Madrid kit features the red and yellow of the Spanish flag in a pattern symbolising the city’s famous annual Carnival.

The initial limited-edition offering will be expanded at a later stage, with new designs and more cities to be launched.

Simon Westcott, LUXE City Guides Chief Executive Officer, said: “Etihad Airways offers one of the best in-flight experiences in the world. In partnering with LUXE City Guides to create its new Business Class amenity kits, Etihad helps ensure that the premium experience extends long after its guests have landed. It is great to be working with fellow innovators.”

The comfort kit features a luxurious facial moisturiser enriched with vitamin E and made with anti-oxidants and essential oils to combat fatigue and the lower humidity levels in the cabin. Triglycerides and essential oils rebalance the skin’s natural moisture. A honey and shea butter lip balm enriched with vitamin E keeps lips hydrated.

The new kits also include a sleep pack containing socks and eyemask, a care pack containing cotton pads and earbuds, in addition to a dental pack and earplugs.

Supermodel Nicole Trunfio Launches jewellery collection, TRUNFIO

TRUNFIO UNIVERSE™ is a fine jewelry company founded in 2015 upon the manifestation of the Universe Bracelet. Founded by Jewelry designer and Supermodel NICOLE TRUNFIO, who has acquired the iconic trademark logo and intend to consistently create forever long lasting conceptual pieces, which inspire. 

“While enjoying pregnancy I spent my time building Trunfio Universe, making it special, sentimental, and as unique as it could possibly be, with the intention to inspire women all over the world. Today, finally, www.trunfiouniverse.com will be live and our e-commerce store will come to life. I am so excited and honored to have built something I hope will inspire you all,” states Trunfio. The e-tail website will showcase the range that is now available to purchase and includes the following collections: Trunfio Universe Bracelet™, Shooting Stars, Universi and Zodiac.

The Australian model who is known as a creative force in the industry, whether it’s hosting The Face alongside Naomi Campbell, starring in the film Paper Planes opposite Sam Worthington, or celebrating motherhood by gracing the cover of  Elle Magazine breastfeeding her child Zion, Nicole’s passion also lies in fine jewelry. As the sole proprietor of Trunfio Universe™, this collection is an expression of this love. The hero piece of the collection is the Trunfio Universe™Bracelet (patent pending), is defined by an array of collectable solid gold and diamond pave bracelets, and decorative locking mechanisms.

At Trunfio Universe™ quality is what they pride themselves on. All jewelry is handcrafted by the skilled artisans of the House Of Cerrone. Only using the finest 18K Gold or Platinum, and VS2 E-F White Diamonds, with workmanship and integrity that will stand the test of time. Each jewel is accompanied by a custom box, which converts into a lasting jewelry box, and a suede lined embossed leather pouch that is perfect for storage or travel. A Certificate of Authenticity is assigned on purchase and accompanies each Trunfio Universe™ piece


Shooting Stars – inspiring its owner to believe in the power of a shooting star, and to make a wish. Proving we are part of something bigger, beyond our control, the shooting star is a symbol of possibility, love and destiny. Poised in the eye of belief, this is truly a statement collection for the bold and dreamy.

Trunfio Universe™ Bracelet – a classic staple in the world of fine jewelry, complimenting the whim and allure of a virtuous woman. This modern day charm bracelet, exuding sentiment and class, was created to empower and inspire. The locking mechanism is decorated by an interchangeable pyramid charm, suited to the taste and personality of each individual woman. Upon winding the charm into the bracelet, we encourage our clients to repeat the words they live by, a daily ritual to lock in your own power. Also offering the option of having a mantra, quote or words of inspiration to be laser engraved into the inner face of the bracelet.

Universi – ‘Universi’ reminds us that the universe is simply everything, meaning everything that is and is not created. Oneness. We have the power to ask the universe to create with us. Every piece was designed to be unisex, making them universally timeless and unique, holding the sentiment of our brand message. “one you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen” – Ralph Waldo Emerson. This collection is a constant reminder that the universe is always on our said, working for us.

Zodiac – Meaning the circle of life, reflects the moods and virtues of each unique individual. A conceptual ring series featuring a subtle hint of each zodiac sign. Whether it’s the sun, rising or moon sign, the mystic in design keeps the jewels personal and sentimental. Collect your zodiac, to compliment your personality and define who you are.

Meet the busiest pedestrian crossing in the world: Shibuya, Tokyo . . .

IT’S one of the busiest pedestrian crossings in the world. Five major crosswalks converge together, and up to 2500 people try to cross the road at each change of lights. But remarkably, it’s orderdly. There’s no pushing and everyone is polite.

That could be because the crossing is in Tokyo, the world’s largest city. Its 34 million residents are used to crowds, and even during rush hour everyone is totally ordered.

The busy crossing is located in the city’s Shibuya district, home to one of Tokyo’s busiest train stations.

It’s a cacophony of noise, of billboards, mega-lighting, neons, cool kids, gigantic buildings and fast strides.

But when the pedestrian light turns green, the race is on and they’re (we ALL are) on a pedestrian crossing mission.

But in among what COULD be a complete schmozzle and pacing disaster zone, everyone gets where they are going with little fuss.

So, yes, I just HAD to give it a go.

Weirdly, and as if in on some kind of automotive cue, the human masses on all four corners surge forward once the ‘walk’ light turns green.

Seen brilliantly from above — like I did from possibly one of the most popular vantage points, umm, the panoramic Starbucks and also from the lift of the Excel Shibuya hotel — every ‘body’ was like a soldier entering battle.

There was no clashing in the middle — crossing the road is more like poetry in motion, a nearly choreographed event (or a fluid Tai-Chi or yoga class, at least) where every movement seemed to be ordered and seamless.

At each given time, the mass of legs and moving bodies may only last a minute, but as soon as that 60 seconds of movement is up, the crossing reverts back to being a sea of bleeting and beeping cars, buses and coloured taxis.

Sure, there are always a few stragglers. (Hello me!) – who use every last second to finally get to the ‘other side’. (Usually busy on a device snapping away.)

It’s funny, but nearly everywhere else in the world a huge pedestrian crossing like this could be daunting.

But weirdly, all of the passing peeps don’t seem as chaotic and mad as those on other major intersections in cities like New York, Paris, London, Melbourne, Sydney or the total madness of Beijing.

Simply, the simple art of walking through a pedestrian crossing at Shibuya is an experience.

Of course there is potential for a bit of human collision, but for some strange reason, it all runs so systematically and ordered.

And who would ever think that this would be something you would want to put on your travel bucket list? (By the way, Shibuya is also the home to Tokyo’s best night life.)

Well, I did. I did it. And it was actually best to experience the crossing at night time.

Even at 9pm, the place was buzzing with mega lights and billboards making it even more exhilarating and exciting.

As simple as it sounds, but how much fun was is to be part of one minute of pure, pedestrian madness and be part of complete anonymity in a sea of humans.

And all with just one common goal: to get from one side of the main streets of Shibuya to another.

Melissa is in Tokyo as a guest of fashion retailer, Max & Co.

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Olivia Palermo on social media, style, life and her role as fashion ambassador for Max & Co

OLIVIA Palermo reeks of authenticity and of just being a genuinely nice chick.

At 29, she is part of that particular posse of young “Fash-It” women who have made wearing clothes into an art form. And a very financially successful and lucrative career at that.

For those who don’t know of Olivia Palermo, she’s big time when it comes to the world of fashion blogging and her style is slavishly copied by a perfect pack of Palermo wannabes.

While she is in Tokyo with her Max & Co ambassador hat firmly on — the brand has her twirling around the world spreading the word of the chic and sporty luxe label — she’s a fan of Aussie fashion too.

“There are a few close and brands that I incorporate into my everyday wardrobe and they have this kind of sporty chic effortless thing and the playing off the prints and textures is something that I love doing and I tend to do most days,’’ she says in our interview in Tokyo.

But as far as Australian style and fashion is concerned there are three names that stick out and often feature on Olivia’s hugely popular website: Witchery, Zimmermann and Bassike.

“They all get a really great reaction whenever we have them on the site,” says Olivia.

“As far as Australian fashion goes both my husband and I love Witchery and Bassike have the BEST harem pants, ever!

“Yes, I am absolutely planning to come to Australia and we are looking at putting it on our agenda for next year, I promise.”

As far as the word ‘style’ is concerned, Olivia says innate style is about incorporating colour.

“Being a New Yorker I love black, of course, but it’s important to incorporate a splash of colour especially in accessories, whether it is a shoe, a lip, a bag or on your nails.

“I think you can shape your whole outfit around an accessory and that may sound very simple, but that’s how you really do you create your own sense of style.”

With 2.5 million Instagram followers, 377,000 Twitter followers and 908,000Facebook ‘likers’ and a hoard of fans following her official website, as far as social media is concerned Olivia admits she isn’t a die hard fan.

The OP team (as she calls her website crew) use it in order to get a message across, whether it’s for the website or a fashion label or brand association she has, But, she is no addict.

“I’m not the biggest fan of social media in the world,” says Olivia.

“We had a life before social media and we will continue to have a life after social media, “ she laughs.

“You can have those big numbers on social media but I really don’t think they mean a lot.

“I don’t think some of those numbers are incredibly accurate, I mean you look at some of those amazing Hollywood actors you know their numbers don’t necessarily match their talent, if that makes sense so I don’t really pay much attention to numbers.

“And it’s a matter of how much effort you put into it. I mean I don’t Instagram every day. I do it when I can and if I see inspiration that I like.

“But I have so much to do with every day work and a million emails to get back and so many other distractions and Instagram is not one of them.

“Sure, we use social media to let our website followers know what’s going on and that’s fantastic. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram a great platforms for brands and particularly to get out a visual message.

“We like to let our followers know about a new brand, story or support a new designer on the OP website but we don’t use it just to push product at all. We use our platforms in a very transparent and organic way and our readers appreciate that.”

As for this trip to Tokyo, Japanese fashion editors and bloggers were in awe of the Olivia factor and visibly excited when she admitted that Tokyo really is one of her favourite cities in the world (and yes, she really did mean it).

“You guys teach me about fashion every time I come here,” she told the gathered media and blogger throng after our news.com.au interview.

“Stay stylish, feel beautiful and just try to incorporate great textures and colours when you are searching for the new season.

“I am totally blown away with this store I think the exterior and the theme is just incredible. It really represents Max & Co who is an incredibly chic girl who loves rich fabrics and I think all of the details from the gold marble to the gold staircases are just beautiful.

“Mixing and matching of different patterns and clashing of prints just works so well and it’s all been put together so beautifully.

“Style for this season is about taking a mustard sweater and wearing it with a blue jacket or a green jacket so you have that nice pop of colour.”

When not in fashion modem, a normal ‘Olivia’ day is just seeing friends or taking in a gallery or museum or just hanging out and seeing friends.

As far as paparazzi intrusions are concerned she thinks she’s been pretty lucky.

“I’m pretty lucky with photographers — they get their shot — I know what they’re doing and they’re doing their job, then they pretty much leave me alone.

“And let’s face it, they have other things to do in their day too.”

it was marriage that was on the agenda last year when she married her boyfriend of eight years, German model Johannes Heubl in Bedford, New York, the bride looking spectacular in a spectacular three-piece dress by Carolina Herrera.

“We’d been together for eight years so when we did marry it didn’t change too much,” she says.

“It’s just when you are married, you are kind of bonded just so much more to each other. It’s fantastic.”

While it was the series, The City, that gave Olivia a ‘known’ face, acting isn’t something she is overly keen to pursue.

“There may be an opportunity down the track but my passion is really fashion as it is something I love and I know and I just adore being involved with it.”

Olivia says the Japanese have an innate sense of style because it is really in the culture.

“They are meticulous about everything from timing to using beautiful fabrics so I’ve been very conscious of the way they do that and have tried to incorporate that into my life.”

As for her own beauty routine she keeps it very simple and has followed the same one for life.

“You have one doctor, one dentist, so why not the same with dermatologists, make-up artists and hairdressers? Well; that’s my philosophy!”

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Melissa Hoyer was a guest in Tokyo of Max & Co

This article was originally posted on news.com.au