Giorgio Armani: nails couture again.

Giorgio Armani Privé Couture Fall 2015

What do the color hot pink and the word “Shocking” say to you? If the invitation had come from Yohji Yamamoto or Alexander Wang, one might imagine some inventive send-up of Schiaparelli. But decoding the message from Giorgio Armani — an impossible game.


What wasn’t difficult to imagine: that Armani rakes in a fancy crowd. This time out, Naomi Watts, Clive Owen, Juliette Binoche, John Legend and Chrissy Teigen turned out. They took in a show that wasn’t at all about adventurous appropriation, nor did it focus on a single hue. Rather, Armani’s shocker — and that might be the right word after last season’s serene bamboo story — was the embrace of vibrance through bold color — yes, bright pink, and also rich jewel-toned blue, purple and green. After all, couture shouldn’t be dreary.


Armani opened with two Shocking jackets, one, with a peplum, in Lurex-shot chenille over black velvet pants, the other, a lean, elegant crepe over color-blocked pants in velvet and satin. Then the optic verve really kicked in as solids gave way to jacquards, dégradés, feathers and fringes, often tinged with metallics for a tinselly feel. Some looks shone; two long, full skirts in dappled jacquards had a pointillist feel. Worn with simple black velvet shirts, they radiated artful grace.


Not surprisingly, Armani focused on evening. While offering a range of silhouettes, he particularly favored bustier gowns with easy, manageable skirts. Which is not to say subtle; rather, here was a notice-me lineup of Northern Lights color and sheen. A printed silk dress cut just above the ankles charmed over black velvet pants, so, too, a silk Lurex dégradé gown with waist ruffle.


In fact, when Armani resisted the urge to pile on feathers, fringes and other excess to his already intense fabrics, the looks were often lovely — on their own. In aggregate, all of the surface volatility became a bit dizzying, and the collection would have benefited from some less shocking moments of repose.

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A waterproof beach towel? Absolutely!

The Sandusa is the world’s first sand-resistant beach towel, created on the Gold Coast, Australia by Baz Brown, an avid surfer and keen beach-goer. Tired of wet, sandy towels, he set about developing the concept of the Sandusa, which is now sold all over the world.

Gigi Hadid fronts Aussie swimwear, Seafolly

Global swimwear leader SEAFOLLY releases it highly coveted Summer 2015 campaign today starring International supermodel and fashion IT girl Gigi Hadid.

“We are delighted to continue our campaign partnership with Gigi Hadid in 2015. She epitomises the very essence of the global SEAFOLLY girl who loves the freedom of choice our collection gives to her lifestyle.” Anthony Halas – CEO of SEAFOLLY.

Captured by renowned fashion photographer Enrique Badulescu, the campaign is set against the American Riviera and an Art Deco Playground that is South Beach, Miami. Known for its all year round sun, sea and surf culture, Miami is the American epi-center of swimwear; providing the perfect ecletic, tropical and sun bleached backdrop for this years SEAFOLLY Summer campaign.

Hadid stand’s alongisde a global portfolio of past SEAFOLLY faces including Martha Hunt, Behati Prinsloo, Jess Hart, Miranda Kerr and Catherine McNeil.

One of the world’s most recognized swimwear brands known for its innovation and fit, SEAFOLLY was founded in 1975 in Australia by Peter and Yvonne Halas. This home grown lifestyle brand recently announced its partnership with L Capital Asia, the Asian private equity fund sponsored by LVMH Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton S.A (LVMH). In 2015, SEAFOLLY will celebrate its 40th anniversary.

SEAFOLLY is available from over 400 retailers throughout Australia and New Zealand. Globally, the brand is stocked in 1,211 stores across 46 countries worldwide.

There are 14 SEAFOLLY concept stores in Australia along with 3 in Singapore and 2 in the USA, with Manhattan Beach USA to open in late August, 2015.

Dedicated sites ship nationally with in Australia, within Singapore and within USA.

Belle Gibson: Liar has Australia seeing red in 60 Minutes interview

OPINION: Blood. Boil. Mad. As. Hell.

I expect that is exactly how most Australians felt last night as they tuned in to watch Belle Gibson try to explain away the mess she’s in on 60 Minutes.

To see the latest performance from the lying ‘cancer survivor, ‘wellness crusader’ or whatever she used to call herself was excruciating.

Ms Gibson continued to weave her tangled web of deceit, delusion and downright disregard.

“I felt like I had been taken for a ride,” she told the cameras without batting an eyelid.

It was mortifying and quite ugly to watch.

The duped charities, big corporations, book publishers, app designers and most importantly, those who faithfully followed her teachings could only have been left feeling disgusted.

Social media was overwhelmingly negative toward the 26 (or is it 23?) year-old and the reason for that is pretty simple.

Instead of being truthful and upfront about her giant scam, she chose to continue the delusion.

I actually think Belle Gibson believes she hasn’t done anything wrong. When she told of her treating immunologist — a so-called ‘Mark Johns’ who the program was unable to find a record of — coming to her house and diagnosing a life-threatening cancer using a “box with lights on the front” Australia saw an even deeper shade of red.

During the show, I dared to tweet that Ms Gibson looked to have spent more money on an eyebrow-ologist than a oncologist, to which I was told: “You shouldn’t be making jokes, she is obviously very ill”. A trivial tweet it may have been, but last night, right before our eyes, this whole sorry saga turned into a Vaudevillian farce.

Belle Gibson used Australia, the media and people who trusted her story. Veteran 60 Minutes reporter Tara Brown could barely contain her frustration. She looked infuriated with the non-answers, the constant twisting and contorting in Ms Gibson’s Cirque de Sol-lie high wire act.

Here’s the other rub. If it’s true that $45,000 was paid to put a proven liar on national TV just to tell more lies, well, that just makes me angrier.

Viewers actually got very little that was new or revelatory in Belle’s story. It was pure theatre.

We watched as Tara admonishished, tut-tutted, rolled her eyes. It was awkward to witness. In the end, it made no difference.

So what should Belle Gibson have said?

It was her chance to wipe the slate clean(ish) and give herself and her family a chance at a fresh start, a ‘come to Jesus’ moment. A chance to draw a line under it all.

It might have been painful and ugly but it would have been cathartic. And hey, as the old adage goes, the truth will set you free.

It was a golden opportunity, but Belle Gibson totally fluffed it.

If this young woman is being advised by someone, what was the strategy? What on earth were they thinking? What does she do now? Will she have to run away overseas to escape the ignominy?

She is an articulate, well presented young woman and by all accounts, has some artistic talent (yes, and great eyebrows) but is there hope of recovery after last night’s train wreck?

She should absolutely have made a universal apology. To those she gave false hope to, to the people who donated to her cause, to those who took her at her word.

Perhaps Ms Gibson is just an attention seeker. Perhaps she does genuinely have a mental illness. If that’s true, let’s hope she gets proper treatment from someone with actual qualifications.

But in the interim, continuing to deny she did a whole lot of wrong does her no favours at all.

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Kerri-Anne cancels trip but stays schtum on her next ‘great opportunity’

AS A woman who adores and nails a round of golf, a surprise “opportunity” has seen vivacious Kerri-Anne Kennerley suddenly cancel an overseas trip to the revered Saint Andrews course in Scotland.

In an intriguing Instagram post, TV veteran and consummate professional Kerri-Anne has cited a “great opportunity” having come up, one that means she will forgo a trip to St Andrews as she needs to stay in Australia, as opposed to travelling to Scotland then to Europe as Trafalgar tour guide.

“A great opportunity has come up which has me postponing a Russian trip with my Trafalgar Tour friends and missing The Open at the home of golf, St Andrews,” the 61-year-old captioned the below photo.

The big word from industry sources say the dynamic Kerri-Anne will be joining the upcoming fourth series of Nine’s Celebrity Apprentice Australia, which will start shooting soon.

While no cast has been officially announced, whether Kerri-Anne will be a contestant to financial whiz Mark Bouris, take up a position in the boardroom as one of Mr Bouris’s mentors, or even be the star of the show is yet to be determined.

Considering the reality show is in pre-production and casting phase, an official announcement is expected to be made soon.

The last series of Celebrity Apprentice Australia went to air two years ago with the first three seasons having featured names like Dawn Fraser, Prue MacSween, Julia Morris, Lisa Curry, Pauline Handon, Warwick Capper, Ian ‘Dicko’ Dickson, Prinnie Stevens, Jeff Fenech, Stephanie Rice, Brian Mannix, John Stefansson and the late Charlotte Dawson.

Kerri-Anne, who also regularly hosts guided tours on Trafalgar tours, has also had to postpone her Russia tour where she and accredited tour guides, guide tourists to different destinations over the world,

While KAK will be upset to miss The Open Championship at St Andrews — “The Home of Golf” — no doubt she will make it back there in time for next year’s 145th Open Championship.

Meanwhile, there could just be a few boardrooms Kerri-Anne may need to address.

Knock ‘em dead KAK!

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