Michelle Bridges' and partner, Steve 'Commando' Willis, announce their pregnancy

Fantastic news to hear that Michelle Bridges has confirmed she is having her first child with a partner, Steve ‘commando’ Willis. The 44 year old fitness queen announced it on her Instagram page – as you tend to do an hour days if you frequent celebrity land – with Michelle reporting she is 18 weeks pregnant and is due to give birth just after Christmas. Congrats all round!

Lancome celebrates 80 years of beauty life

Last night, General Manager of Lancôme Australia, Ed Holmes, hosted an evening of beauty and elegance at The Langham Sydney, to celebrate the 80th Anniversary of the brand, founded by entrepreneur Armand Petitjean in 1935. The Langham Sydney played home to, what can only be described as, an evening to remember.

The very essence of Lancôme was captured on the evening, through an inspired voyage of the senses. As guests sipped on Cuvée Rosé by Laurent Perrier, they were treated to the beautifully crafted watercolour works of internationally acclaimed fashion illustrator, Kerrie Hess, to the olfactory delights of flawlessly arranged and perfectly formed roses by Saskia Havekes of Grandiflora, the quintessence of Lancôme. Working alongside The Langham Sydney’s Executive Chef, Thomas Heinrich and Head Patissiere, Chef Miguel Jocson, Australia’s leading food editor, Donna Hay created an exquisitely French-inspired culinary experience. Lastly, to fill the heads and hearts of our 170 VIP and media guests was a private performance by one of Australia’s most celebrated performing artists of the 21st century, Jessica Mauboy. This Australian icon was simply breath-taking. Each brought a unique element to form a much larger vision of beauty and sophistication.

Through these phenomenal women – and globally the brand’s ambassadresses, Julia Roberts, Penélope Cruz, Kate Winslet, Lupita Nyong’o, Lily Collins, Alma Jodorowsky and Daria Werbowy – Lancôme celebrates 80 years young through the women who embody the qualities of elegance, beauty and innovation so effortlessly.

We would also like to take this opportunity to say a huge thank you to our partner, The Langham Sydney. This most beautiful boutique hotel is befitting of the most celebratory and elegant of moments in a brand’s history.

The evening was perfectly supported by our sponsors, Laurent Perrier, for the truly elegant, French touch of Cuvée Rosé, and to our water sponsor, Santa Vittoria, for keeping our guests chic and hydrated.

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Marco Pierre White in Sydney to talk up Margaret River Gourmet Escape


Margaret River Gourmet Escape presented by Audi 2015 is set to be bigger than ever before, with the announcement of international headline chef, the ‘Godfather of modern cooking’, Marco Pierre White.

Marco will take part in the three-day culinary extravaganza, with a full program of events hosted by over 40 of the world’s leading food and wine personalities and showcasing the best of WA and the Margaret River Wine region. Tickets go on sale at midday on Tuesday 28th July (AWST).

Marco has built an empire of London restaurants and was the youngest chef to win three Michelin stars and this year celebrates the 25th anniversary of his cookbook, White Heat, “the coolest cookbook ever written”. Known for his fiery nature, the famed British chef, author and restaurateur who mentored the likes of Gordon Ramsay and Mario Batali will engage with Margaret River Gourmet Escape’s audience and showcase quintessential produce and wine from the South West.

One of the most anticipated events across the three-day festival will see Marco host a Q&A over dinner at the exquisite Vasse Felix winery with his alumni Jock Zonfrillo, Richard Turner and Spencer Patrick. These great chefs will re- create signature dishes that the then young chefs had to produce under Michelin starred pressure from the kitchens of Marco Pierre White’s eponymous restaurants.

“Eating is one of the most important aspects of living. I like indulging. I like to eat one food at a time, to savour each individual thing,” says Marco.

“The Australian food scene fascinates me so I am especially excited to return and be part of this extraordinary festival and explore the diversity of incredible produce and wine from this beautiful region, Margaret River. Joining me is an impressive line up of international talent who feel the same way from Mexico to Russia, Chile and Thailand.

German luxury carmaker, Audi, has joined the event as Presenting Partner. The brand, well known for its exceptional lifestyle events, is thrilled to be collaborating with Margaret River Gourmet Escape alongside some of Australia’s best cooking talent including Guillaume Brahimi (Audi Ambassador) and Matt Moran (Audi Ambassador).

From all corners of the world, an incredible and unique coming together of global talent, six of whom are from the *S.Pellegrino World’s 50 Best list will join Marco on the Margaret River stage to inspire and excite guests through a mutual respect of biodiversity and sustainability making their trip to a region rich in these practices.

There are over 50 chefs featured, some of the best known names include; Rick Stein, David Thompson, Tetsuya Wakuda, Matt Moran, Mark Best, Adriano Zumbo, Poh Ling Yewo and a swag of other big time culinary masters.

Dates: 20 – 22 November 2015

To see the full program of events, visit www.gourmetescape.com.au

Tickets available through Ticketek from midday 28th July (AWST) – www.ticketek.com.au

About Margaret River

Margaret River is ranked among the world’s most famous wine regions, home to 217 vineyards and 187 wineries. It is the only wine region in Australia that can lure locals and tourists with arguably the best beaches in the world, coastal ‘cape to cape’ walking tracks, world-renowned surfing breaks and spectacular wine and dining experiences. Only a leisurely 3-hour drive south of Perth, this wine destination speaks for itself.

Food fads I am over. Let's just eat!


ONCE upon a time we just ate. We ate perfectly pleasant, healthy food that didn’t have us rushing off to weigh ourselves minutes after, or heading off to hospital for a cholesterol check (OK, maybe that 3am kebab back in 2001 wasn’t one of my smartest choices.)

Anyway, food wasn’t always defined by being organic, paleo, Isagenix, gluten-free or ‘clean’. It wasn’t food defined by being eaten at 5-2 day eating intervals, nor was it Atkins (all meat/fat and no carbs); nor was it a Dukan, Dash, Nordic or Mediterranean diet or whatever other term you wanted to put on it.

So, I read with total and utter delight a piece with these sensible words that nailed it for me.

The piece says that when applied to eating, ‘mindfulness’ means listening to your body and tuning into your natural hunger and fullness signals.

And no, it’s not a diet but more about paying attention to what you’re eating and how you’re eating it. Pretty simple, huh?

I’m not saying to stop right now if you’re into any kind of eating habits or a ‘diet’ or health regimen that is working brilliantly for you. Heck, go for your life.

It’s really about not making food ‘fads’ or alleged ‘life-changing challenges’ the be-all and end-all of your culinary (and coronary) existence.

OK. I’ll stop here for a minute. There are people who, of course, have had and continue to have great results by either giving up sugar or laying off the carbs. Otherwise they are totally gluten or lactose-intolerant and are in grave danger of serious illness if they partake.

Then, there are the peeps who do the most sensible thing: combine moderate eating with some exercise. Easy peasy!?

I am just sick and tired of the bombastic ramming down our throats of the ways we ‘should’ be eating. Food consumption comes down to simple responsibility and sensibility about what goes down your oesophagus.

It seems to have become everyone’s business but our own as to what we are allowed to eat. A colleague reminded me of a time when he would open a wrapper and everyone’s heads would turn around and ask ‘What is it?’ followed by things like ‘ooh, you’re bad!”

I mean. Just go away.

If food-shaming isn’t enough, we then start reading about yawning and how it is better done in a certain way (so says the gospel according to Gwyneth Paltrow).

Let’s not get started on Reese Witherspoon’s bacon-shaming. I mean, the beautiful mumma and actor served her kids a couple of rashes of the stuff, posted a pic to Instagram and the bacon-haters came out, all trotters a-blazing.

And what about the ridiculous trend in eating banana peels? Because you know they’re the new weight loss weapon, right?

Wasn’t there also something about reverse osmosis water the other day? Aah, yes, that’s the latest tool being used to make sure that every drop of water we drink is filtered to an inch of its life.

Then there’s a great piece on Into the Gloss called Is Anything Actually Healthy?’ – which came to the conclusion that blueberries are actually the only completely ‘healthy’ food out there.

In terms of ‘other’ foods, sure, there are soup diets, cabbage diets, chia seeds, almond milk, a2 milk, protein shakes, bulletproof coffee, fermented foods like kefir and kimchi, cacao, coconut water, coconut oil, kale, bone broth soup … and so the list goes on.

So why don’t we just all do something called the Sensible Diet?

The one that basically tells your body that, yes, always remember to throw a few greens and veggies into your system. The one that says ‘yes, I feel like a steak tonight’. The one that says ‘it’s OK to have a bowl of pasta and a glass or red without beating myself up about it for the next few days’.

In one of the most entertaining reviews of a book called Gut: The Inside Story of Our Body’s Most Under-rated Organ, written by Giulia Enders, the writer outlines just how important ‘the gut’ is to maintain a physically and emotionally healthy life.

And while she doesn’t dictate or ram home what we should or shouldn’t eat, Ms Enders certainly makes you mindful of, yes, we are what we eat.

But without that sense of dogmatic, demanding or intimidating tactics that we tend to be seeing all too often.

Please, may we just eat in peace.

This article was originally posted on news.com.au