Rebel Wilson shows her own collection at LA fashion week's G'Day USA event

LOS Angeles was buzzing with Aussie excitement last night as both the actor Rebel Wilson and Foreign Minister Julie Bishop announced their commitment to the big wide world of fashion.

The clever Rebel Wilson, who was on the arm of Australian actor Hugh Sheridan at the Aussie fashion showcase, as part of LA fashion week, told that her fashion line, Rebel Wilson for Torrid was also unveiled – and cleverly worn on herself.

She drew the line at actually getting up there on the runway, preferring to wear it on the comfort of the red carpet.

“My label is called Rebel Wilson for Torrid (a plus-size fashion line), so hopefully people won’t get it confused with Rebel Sport,” said the comedic actor.

“It’s actually been really fun to design to be honest and it goes on sale in three weeks.

“And as a special deal to all Australians I’m going to give you 50% off for shipping, so isn’t that a great deal!”

(Love how you never know what to take seriously from Rebel Wilson).

Rebel says she has two films in the can that will go to air next year and had just finished a Sacha Baron Cohen movie.

“There are some really disgusting things in it, but hey!,” she smiled.

“I had a sex scene with Sacha Baron Cohen and it was just the most disgusting

thing ever.”

(Ditto you never quite know what to believe).

Meanwhile, our Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Julie Bishop, taking just a few hours out of her constant and current refugee situation and talks with the Philippines, again reiterated her commitment to promoting our creative talent to the rest of the world.

“It was pretty exciting sitting next to Mr Hollywood, said Ms Bishop.

Our Deputy PM was referring to her catwalk “date”, Brett Ratner, the business partner in the huge film finance and investment company with James Packer, naturally called RatPac.

Our deputy PM chose to wear Westralian designer, Zhivago, to the fashion showcase in LA.

It is believed our government is trying to encourage more foreign film making and investment in Australia.

“Earlier this year the Martin Institute in the University Toronto that runs the ‘creative index’ judged Australia as being the most creative nation on the planet,” said Ms Bishop.

“We came ahead of the United States, Canada and Sweden and when it comes to creativity we came out as number one.”

Ms Bishop said that Australia may be renowned for our mining, resources and our energy and that we are an energy superpower.

“And we are known for our agricultural exports but in fact, Australia’s greatest natural resource is our people,” she added.

“And our greatest natural resource is their creativity and the ability to innovate, their entrepreneurial flair and talent, so that’s why we became number one when it came to creativity.”

The Government, Ms Bishop said, is committed to economic diplomacy which will see prosperity.

“We use our missions, our embassies, our consul generals all over the world to promote Australian economic output, Australian goods, Australian services and developing ties between countries throughout the world,” she added.

“Well I’ve had another hashtag – #fashiondiplomacy’,” she smiled.

“Our designers, our stylists, our producers, our manufacturers, all of those who makes up a $12 billion business in Australia and employs 220,000 people.

“So if we see fashion as an important part of our economic growth, what a brilliant way to showcase our Australian talent than here at LA fashion week.”

The Australian fashion event on Thursday at Union Station in downtown LA was part of LA Fashion Week and is linked in with the GDAY USA initiative – whose mission it is to highlight and showcase all that is great about Australia.

In this case, the spotlight was shone on Australian fashion.

Julia Bishop and a few hundred guests viewed two runway segments, 10 minutes for each with a break in between, for Australian designers Emma Mulholland and Zhivago.

“We have fashion designers from our country being seen in New York, London, Paris, New Delhi, Jakarta and now Los Angeles,” added Ms Bishop.

As well as Emma Mulholland and Zhivago another designer, Joanna Johnson featured a few with her dresses on models at the drinks reception hosted after the runway show.

Guests included to Hugh Sheridan, Guyson Grantley, Brett Rattner, Rebel Wilson, Jess MacNamee, a posse of Australian media and a swag of LA fashion fans.

Melissa Hoyer was in Los Angeles as a guest of Qantas and Visit California

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Kylie Minogue reveals her role for leading underwear brand, Sloggi

  1. You are considered a fashion icon: in your everyday life would you consider yourself a fashion addict?
    No, I don’t think so. At least, I hope not! So much of my work involves fashion and it’s an aspect that I love. Wearing beautiful clothes and working closely with some of the world’s top designers is really a dream come true, but there are definitely times in my everyday life where fashion doesn’t come into play.
  2. In three words how would you describe your style?
    Oh, I always find that an impossible question to answer. I am such a chameleon that my style morphs depending on what the moment is. So I would have to have be simple, flamboyant, eclectic. This might sound contradictory, but I love to go from one extreme to another!
  3. Which is the item/piece in your wardrobe you love the most?
    A vintage leather belt. I brought it in 2000 from a second hand store somewhere in mid America. It was already worn in then so it is definitely ‘well loved’ now, as I haven’t travelled without it since I brought it. Ever!
  4. What characteristics should your everyday underwear have?
    It should work for your comfort, confidence and your outfit.

  1. How important is it for a woman to choose the right underwear?
    Very much so. Do you want it to feel so comfortable you barely know you’re wearing it, or wear items that help you feel strong, sexy or individual? We choose all our other clothes with these things in mind so I believe what you choose to wear under your clothes, the closest layer to your skin, is really important.
  2. Both as a woman as well as an artist which values of the sloggi brand you feel closest to your personality/public image?
    sloggi has been a part of peoples’ lives for a long time and I have had the good fortune to do the same for people around the world. We work hard, we want to deliver the best possible and have some fun whilst doing that.
  3. Which aspects of your femininity do you believe will be emphasized by this campaign?
    Hopefully the playfulness and happiness I feel when I am carefree and relaxed.
  4. Your “Coup de Coeur” of the new collection?
    It’s impossible to choose one style. Choose a few so you have every occasion covered!

Julie Bishop, Rebel Wilson and Hugh Sheridan in LA to support Australian fashion as part of G'Day USA initiative

AUSTRALIANS are used to hearing about the ‘Gumleaf mafia’ who are constantly invading Los Angeles.

But this week the crew has multiplied tenfold with even Foreign Minister, Julie Bishop landing in LA to support a throng of Australian fashion names as part of LA Fashion Week.

Ms Bishop will also be joined by actors Rebel Wilson, Anthony Callea, Nic Bishop, Gyton Grantly and Hugh Sheridan, who will all the cheering on from the Oz-frock runway sidelines.

It’s been a huge week for Australian talent in Los Angeles. Firstly with former Home & Away actor and Covert Affairs star Nic Bishop premiering his newest film,Woodlawn, to good reviews before it opens in 1500 US theatres on October 16.

The hugely popular Anthony Callea and his thespian partner Tim Campbell, who recently made the move to LA, have successfully segued into a new business life. The couple will be spending a lot of time back and forth to Australia to fulfil ongoing stage and theatre commitments.

Hugh Sheridan tells he is working on a new music stage show that he will be bringing to Australia in February. Veteran actor Michael Caton — of The Castle fame — has also been in town.

The mega-Australian fashion event on Thursday is part of LA Fashion Week and is linked with the G’Day USA initiative — an annual event to showcase all that is great about Australia.

In this case, the spotlight is on Australian fashion.

Julia Bishop and guests will view two runway segments by Australian designers Emma Mulholland and Zhivago, a hot new label with celebrity clients like Kendall and Kylie Jenner.

Guests will then attend a reception where designs by Johanna Johnson will be featured.

Emma Mulholland is an up and coming Sydney-based designer known for her edgy streetwear as inspired by her time in Bali.

Her designs have been worn by celebrities such as Kanye West, Azealia Banks, Grimes, MIA and Kimbra and her major USA retailer is Nasty Gal.

Meanwhile the Zhivago label, which was launched in 2012, is co-designed by Perth-based Lara Kovacevich and Lydia Tsvetnenko.

The collection of ready-to-wear, separates and red carpet gowns has been worn by celebrities including Katy Perry, Dannii Minogue, Samantha Jade and Kendall and Kylie Jenner.

Aussies continue with successful ventures including Melbourne-based DJ, Grant Smillie, whose EP/LP rooftop bar and restaurant is attracting names like Al Pacino, the Black Eyed Peas, every model in town as well as hosting Matt Damon’s recent birthday party.

LA? It’s become some Australians’ home away from home …

Melissa Hoyer is a guest at LA fashion week of Qantas and Visit California.

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Chanel designs custom rugby balls – could they get any more chic?

To celebrate the Rugby World Cup, CHANEL has designed four leather rugby balls featuring the iconic quilting of the House.

Gabrielle Chanel, a keen sportswoman herself often referred to menswear in her designs. Today Karl Lagerfeld throws her the ball by creating a sporting accessory that is both collector and perfectly in tune with the zeitgeist. Exceptional quality, attention paid to every detail and artisanal savoir-faire, the CHANEL rugby ball comes in four colourways: white, burgundy, navy blue and black.

The CHANEL rugby ball is available on special order.