On The Couch: Larry Emdur talks TV pressures, social media and failing ‘very publicly’

EVER feel embarrassed because you’ve failed at something? Imagine doing it in front of millions of people, on live television.

Well, that’s what it’s like for celebs and TV heads when someone calls ‘time’ on a particular show.

But according to Larry Emdur — a true survivor of the Aussie television industry — when it has happened he takes a (very) deep breath and just lets it go.

“I don’t go out to get noticed or anything which leaves me with Celebrity Splash or Family Doubling Daring in ‘celebrity dogsville’,’’ he laughs.

“But I have enjoyed everything I have done and taken on every challenge with that — the good, the bad and the very, very ugly.”

Larry points out that in the media world, “when you fail, you fail very publicly”.

“I remember when one of the shows got axed many years ago,” he says.

“It was the front page of myself and the dog when I took the dog for a walk on the beach. It was the front page with a big word ‘AXED’ and it said ‘it was the worst show since television was invented’ and it was this whole thing.

“And my grandmother rang me up and said, ‘That’s a lovely photo on the front page of the paper’. And I thought, it doesn’t matter — if your family loves you and your friends are still your mates then that is actually it.”

871100-54857eda-261f-11e5-b856-d650f72d3e25Seven’s The Morning Show co-host joined Studio 10’s Sarah Harris and the madly fitDancing with the Stars contestant Tim Robards for the “On the Couch” series — a new, no-holds-barred news.com.au video series featuring conversations around just about anything.

Larry says that with the extremely close focus on what high profile and ‘public’ people do, there’s no time for fakery — especially on his relatively new favourite time waster, social media.

“I don’t think you can fake it across so many platforms. I just don’t think you can,’’ he says.868438-c017dc38-261f-11e5-b856-d650f72d3e25

“There was a time when you could go out and host a recorded show and be done with it after an hour and go home and put on the razzle dazzle and all that stuff, but I just think now with live TV every day, you can just see straight through that. People know.

“We hear from them on the internet straight away — if you are looking tired or sad or grumpy, and getting totally exposed. There’s not much left.”

Emdur has managed to stay down to earth, even though he has been through good and not so good televisual times.

“I still have my three best mates from when I was 10 years old,’’ he says.

“And to a large degree, they have kept me well and truly on the ground. They were the first guys to go out and tell me exactly what they think of my show. Or my hair. Or what I wore. And I do appreciate that in a relationship.

“Family as well. To keep you well and truly on the ground. And keep in mind I have hosted a lot of shows, and a large percentage of those haven’t been good shows, and I have had my fair share of being kicked around in the media and fighting critics.

871386-1649dd24-261e-11e5-b856-d650f72d3e25“So at times like this when I’m in a show that is successful I love it and I enjoy that time.” (The Morning Show currently leads the ratings charts in its timeslot.)

As for his current social media love affair, it wasn’t something Emdur warmed to straight away.

“I didn’t understand it and I think I understand it a little bit better now. It’s content, engagement and it’s what we do now all the time,” he says.

“But I do actually enjoy the engagement and think it is a good opportunity for us to connect — whether it’s the good, bad or ugly.”

Emdur says he remembers when he first started out, particularly as a game show host, people would write letters in and if they were a certain ‘tone’, he wouldn’t even get them.

“I enjoy Instagram for the same reason I enjoy my career as it’s just taking the piss and having fun and not taking life too seriously. The opportunities (it gives) to say things that you can’t really say on TV.”

Emdur was recently a magazine cover boy — okay, cover man — on Men’s Health magazine after he went on a mega get-fit program. I asked him whether being healthy was now par for the celebrity course.

“I can tell you from experience that six or seven months ago I wasn’t thinking about that way,’’ says Emdur.868466-0ea57844-261e-11e5-b856-d650f72d3e25

“I was an unhealthy, 49-year-old coming up to 50, on my cholesterol tablets, on my bad diet and I thought, ‘I don’t want to be like this,’ and fortunately I had the opportunity to flick the switch and turn it around.

“In the business where I am, if you put on a few extra kilos then wardrobe have to go and buy you a new jacket and new shirt but, having said that, this is the best thing I have ever done.

“I feel better on TV and off TV and the response has been great as well. The audience sees you’re doing well and it absolutely motivates you. But before that, before I was 50 I could eat as many bacon and egg rolls as I wanted.”

Larry says it was an interesting life experiment: “That’s the most exposed I’ve felt, in fact I was just like, ‘What have I done?’ But the response sent another message to me that people thought it was good to see the non-glossy glamour side which was kind of okay as well.”

Larry tries to avoid taking to heart too much negativity he sees on any social media platforms.

“I always try and think about the other person and what is funny about it is the shot you put up probably has thousands of ‘likes’ and you get drawn to that one negative comment and that’s the problem these days,’’ he adds.

“And I heard from a psychologist on the show talking about cyberspace and about how it’s changing all of our lives. And with school kids particularly, they will get 150 likes on a photo but it’s like, ‘Oh, but SHE didn’t like it’.

“So it’s not even about how many likes you get, people are bummed out by someone not liking it. Or you get drawn in by one or two people who make the bad comments!”

Interestingly, Larry says he does respond to some of the negative communication he receives.

“Some of the nasty emails that have come through to Channel Seven I have responded (to) because I just want to say, ‘I’m sorry you feel that way, thanks for writing in’. I just want to hear all of the views. And some will automatically come back and say, ‘Oh sorry’.”

Larry knows he won’t be on television forever — and you can tell he would like to take his current love for social media even further — realising that deliverable content-driven platforms are a huge and important part of the new and future media cycle.

“I’ve never predicted the future of TV terms but, having said that, I really enjoy calling bingo at Rooty Hill RSL, so I think that if I can work for a schnitzel I am and will be fine.”

And with that, Lazza’s off to the gym to work off any added schnitzel.

This article was originally posted on news.com.au


A perfect weekend style edit

Looking for some winter inspiration? Start with a leather biker jacket and you just go from there . . . .


Vogue heads to Melbourne for fashion's night out

Lord Mayor Robert Doyle today announced Vogue Australia is partnering with the City of Melbourne for the 21st instalment of Melbourne Spring Fashion Week (MSFW).

International model and 2015 MSFW Ambassador Ashley Hart joined the Lord Mayor to announce that Vogue Fashion’s Night Out (VFNO) will come to Melbourne for the first time as part of MSFW’s opening weekend shopping event, MSFW: Shop the City.

The Lord Mayor said the partnership comes at a significant time for MSFW, which delivers more than 200 fashion events in the city from August 28 to September 4 and provides fantastic exposure for emerging and established designers, students, models and retail brands.

“What better way to celebrate Melbourne Spring Fashion Week’s 21st birthday than with an exciting partnership with Vogue Australia, for Vogue Fashion’s Night Out and our Ambassador: Melbourne’s own Ashley Hart?” said the Lord Mayor.

“Last year MSFW contributed more than $4 million to Melbourne’s economy and with on board this year, we’re confident this success will be exceeded in 2015.”

VFNO’s debut at MSFW: Shop the City on August 28 marks the iconic, international shopping event’s first stop in a circuit of 27 cities around the world. VFNO will officially kick off MSFW with a presentation by Edwina McCann and the Vogue Australia team in Bourke St Mall. MSFW: Shop the City will then go on to feature MSFW’s free Little Bourke St Runway on Friday night, presented with Emporium Melbourne.

Following the success of last year’s inaugural MSFW shopping night, MSFW: Shop the City will extend to an entire weekend, activating Melbourne’s retail precincts with exclusive retail offers and shopping experiences from August 28–30.

Chair of Marketing Melbourne Councillor Beverley Pinder-Mortimer said MSFW strengthens Melbourne’s status as the fashion capital of Australia.

“Melbourne has a global reputation as an innovative fashion and retail destination. MSFW amplifies this with a unique program of fashion, shopping, entertainment and superb hospitality experiences,” said Cr Pinder-Mortimer.

Other highlights of the MSFW program include: The MSFW: Hub, free at City Square, provides day and night entertainment, runways and brand experiences from Sunday August 30 to Friday September 4.

MSFW: Designer transforms in 2015 to a new program of one-off runway shows held over four evenings at the iconic Melbourne Town Hall from Tuesday September 1 to Friday September 4.

MSFW: Mr is a dynamic program of activities, live entertainment and runways featuring designer and ready-to-wear men’s looks on Thursday September 3. For the first time,

MSFW: Mr will extend to Town Hall’s MSFW: Designer series, with a dedicated menswear-only show at 8:30pm.

MSFW: Curated is a collision of exhibitions and runways, parties and workshops, with a program of more than 160 diverse events held in various CBD locations.

MSFW collaborates with the Victorian Government through Creative Victoria in 2015 to bring the inaugural Creative Collective to Melbourne as a part of MSFW: Industry. The Creative Collective is a free week-long exhibition and marketplace open to the public, as well as a series of workshops and presentations for emerging retailers and designers by Melbourne’s esteemed industry leaders.

Chanel couture does Casino Royale

For the Fall-Winter 2015/16 Haute Couture show Karl Lagerfeld surprised the audience by unveiling his collection in a casino reinvented at the Grand Palais with about 20 international celebrities, all close friends of CHANEL, playing blackjack in Le Cercle Privé.

Haute Couture gowns worn by the celebrities, made especially for the event, are accessorised with re-editions in platinum and diamonds of the first unique "Bijoux de Diamants" collection created by Mademoiselle Chanel in 1932.

01_FW_2015-16_HC_Final_picture_by_Olivier_SaillantBetween card games, roulette tables and slot machines, the models with their neo-tomboy plunging bob hairstyles, showcase a very structured and graphic silhouette. Dressed in suits or asymmetric evening dresses, they wear slingback booties with a geometric heel. Black, grey, navy, white, red, gold, mauve, pink and green punctuate the line.

Uniting the traditional expertise of Haute Couture with the latest technologies, Karl Lagerfeld creates a range of 3D suits. Using the “selective laser sintering” technique they come painted, embroidered with beads, lined with satin, embroideries, or braided in leather. The CHANEL jacket is completely reinvented and thrust into a whole new dimension. “The idea was to take the most iconic jacket from the 20th century and turn it into a 21st century version which was technically not possible at the time it was born”, laughs the designer.

The iconic tweed embellishes dresses and suits trimmed with the "new CHANEL braid", sewn into the continuity of the fabric. This feminine silhouette of a pencil skirt cut just above the knee is teeming with a multitude of masculine details: scoop neck, wide shoulders with buttoned tabs and turned up cuffs draped like a rolled sleeve. Men's coats are adopting new proportions.

For evening, the line is asymmetric, veering towards the back. It comes swathed in lace, faille, silk, raffia, tulle and organza, duchess satin, taffeta and chiffon, richly adorned with countless applications of feathers, sequinned and beaded embroideries. Silhouettes of superimposed dresses play a game of transparencies. Corkscrew nun pleats, cascades of ruffles in frayed silk tulle and 3D embroidery decorate full-skirted dresses. The bride too appropriates a masculine guise in her white satin tuxedo accompanied by a long embroidered tulle veil.

Thanks to the boundless creativity of Karl Lagerfeld, the CHANEL Fall-Winter 2015/16 Haute Couture collection is a true demonstration of both traditional know-how and high technology.


Kendall Jenner talks Calvin Klein undies

Kendall Jenner will join the steamy society of Marky Mark, Michael Bergin, Kate Moss, Eva Mendes, Justin Bieber, Lara Stone and Christy Turlington, who over the years have all stripped down to their Calvin Klein undies.

Kendall Jenner loves posing in her underwear. Jenner, one of the most followed and photographed people in the world, will join the steamy society of Marky Mark, Michael Bergin, Kate Moss, Eva Mendes, Justin Bieber, Lara Stone and Christy Turlington, who over the years have all stripped down to their Calvin Klein undies.

In terms of daring, the new underwear ads rank up there with some of Calvin’s sexiest. And the company’s creative team sees the campaign as a reassertion of its risqué tradition, signaling the return of “The Original Sexy.”

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The 19-year-old model was shot with Joan Smalls, Isabeli Fontana and Edita Vilkeviciute. The ads break at the end of the month.Kendall Jenner in Calvin Klein Underwear ad.

“It was super fun. Every girl loves posing in her underwear. It’s always fun to do that,” Jenner, reached last week in London, told WWD. “I’m close with Joan, and me and all the girls are friends.”

Shot by Mikael Jansson in New York, the campaign features individual portraits of the models showcasing an elevated assortment of embroidered lace sling balconettes (a shelf bra that lifts the breasts to enhance their appearance, shape and cleavage), plunge-neck chemises and bodysuits in seductive fits. The ads will focus on the higher-end product, Calvin Klein Black.

“Calvin Klein originated sexy, and we’re going to reclaim, reimagine and reimage it,” said Melisa Goldie, chief marketing officer of Calvin Klein Inc. “We’re bringing together a powerful mix of women from all over the world to celebrate our heritage as a leader in the intimates category.”

The shoot took place at Pier 59 in New York. “I had flown in from Paris from Fashion Week for the day, and flew out that night to do the Chanel show,” said Jenner, who’s emerged as the fashion world’s most in-demand model and lives much of her life in the public eye via Planet Kardashian.

With 30 million followers on Instagram, Jenner plans to post some of the underwear photos on her own page. “The shoot was amazing. Mikael Jansson shot it, and he and I have a good chemistry. Having girls around who are all my friends, the energy was really great,” she said.

Jenner called Calvin Klein Underwear “definitely something I would wear…The bras are great; I was surprised at how comfortable they were.” She described the Calvin aesthetic as “really timeless, chic and classy.”

Asked if she considers herself a role model for young girls, Jenner replied, “I try to be.” And she doesn’t seem to fear any puritan backlash from the sexy images, saying she expects the reaction to the underwear campaign to be “great, why wouldn’t I want it to be great?”

On a personal note, Jenner has a lot of time off in August and may go on vacation, but “being home is a vacation,” said the model, whose calendar has been jam-packed the last few seasons with her reality TV show, runway shows in New York, Paris and Milan, and posing for magazine covers and ad campaigns for Klein and Estée Lauder. She also has her own Kendall + Kylie clothing collaboration with Topshop.

As for her modeling career, Jenner moves back and forth between the runway and commercial shoots. “They’re both pretty different to me,” she noted. “I enjoy doing both for sure. When I’m not doing runway, between seasons, I miss it. Runway is like an adrenaline rush. Shooting is trying to get the best product out of yourself.”

Kendall Jenner will star in the new campaign for  #mycalvins Denim Series for Calvin Klein.CKI’s Goldie has been working closely with Jenner for some time “and she’s already bringing a compelling energy to our brand that enables us to engage with a younger audience. That’s already starting to happen. She has a huge fan base.” Goldie described Jenner as “incredibly mature for her age. Totally professional and super engaged.”

Calvin Klein has wardrobed Jenner for her red carpet appearances, such as the Met Gala, amfAR Gala and the Tony Awards.amfar01

The new multimedia campaign spans digital, outdoor and print advertising and will run in 21 countries this fall. Digital placements on social and mobile sites will amplify and create conversation around “the original sexy” campaign. Ad imagery will also include the #mycalvins call to action, which encourages fans of the brand to participate in the social media campaign by posting a selfie wearing Calvin Klein. Goldie declined to reveal the fall underwear budget, but said it was flat to a year ago.

This marks Jenner’s second global ad campaign for the house this year. This past spring she appeared in the image campaign for the limited-edition Calvin Klein Jeans #mycalvins Denim Series. Vilkeviciute has a long-standing relationship with the house, having been the face of multiple global ad campaigns for the company’s lifestyle brands since she was first introduced in spring 2009. Smalls has also appeared in the spring 2012 global ad campaign for Calvin Klein Jeans. This is Fontana’s first campaign for the brand.

To support the campaign, model Tobias Sorensen will be featured in the retail marketing imagery for men’s key product launches such as Calvin Klein Magnetic, which combines the shine of metal and the intensity of color to create a visually impactful waistband.

The fall global media campaign is under the creative direction of Klein’s in-house ad agency and the ad agency Laird + Partners.

Asked whether Jenner will appear in future campaigns, Goldie said, “We hope so. We hope to continue the relationship.”

Jenner was more cagey. “You’ll have to wait and see. You have to keep some things secret.”

Originally posted on: WWD