So what's the fuss about all of these de-tox juice cleanses we keep reading about?

FOR some reason I have absolutely sailed through a 3-day, detox juice cleanse that I have been on since Sunday evening. I haven’t felt hungry once. No headaches. No mood swings. No deliberating about whether I will or won’t do something.

And I also found it easy to cook my son’s dinner and get his school lunches (read: bread, cheese and the occasional recess treat) without being tempted to grab some for myself. I have slept like a baby. Have been up early each day. But most importantly, I have this amazing clarity.

A clarity of mind that has even amazed me and assisted in cutting all the crap out of my mind. I guess it takes ridding your system of all that’ stuff’ we fill it with, whether too much fast food, sugar, carbs, alcohol and the list goes on, to feel really fantastic.
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