Chewing the fat on The Morning Show today: infidelity, mistresses, lazy kids and NYD hangover cures, of course . . .

Larry Emdur, Kylie Gillie, SkyNews' John Mangos and myself deliver our 'verdicts' and a chuckle on TMS's daily "Jury" . . .

Parenthood: trying to get the 'single/shared' part of it right . .

Blogs can be funny things. You can write what you want; when you want and how you want.

But sometimes an idea resonates with you to such an extent that you are actually fearful to write it, but really, the best thing to do is get it off your chest and hope that whoever reads it. ‘gets’ it and may even know or be someone in a similar situation.
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Has reality TV sunk to (another) new low?

A wee chat on Weekend Sunrise about Jersey Shore. a new reality show about a group of buff, 20-something's of Italian-American origin, all living together and where one guy even bashes his girlfriend up.

Nice huh?

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