Has reality TV sunk to (another) new low?

A wee chat on Weekend Sunrise about Jersey Shore. a new reality show about a group of buff, 20-something's of Italian-American origin, all living together and where one guy even bashes his girlfriend up.

Nice huh?

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A few words no woman ever likes to hear

‘So great to see you. And good luck with the baby’. Mmmm. These are not the words a woman likes to hear, particularly if she is not having one.

So that got me thinking about apportioning blame. And that I will do, by blaming a fashion label for making me look like I was up-le-duff when it was, quite clearly, the fault of French luxury label frippery that had a person of acquaintance wishing my gestation period well.

The suspect in question, right, is a black, loose-flowing, triple-layered polyester dress from Lanvin (bought on a sale rack, may I add) with a peasant neckline and the same triple-treating of fabric around the arm-holes.
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Snobs: the TV show . . wouldn't you rather a season in purgatory?

http://tiny.cc/v33mk updated sunday March 28, 2010

When George Bernard Shaw said that youth is wasted on the young, he was so incredibly right.

The mooted TV series, Snobs, looks set to be another great notch in the belt of the Australian TV industry.

It astounds me how a producer can throw four attractive young women together and assume they will maketh a winning formula.

And that’s no matter how loose the actual plot of the potential TV series, revoltingly titled ‘Snobs’, may actually be.

The series is being ‘pitched as a local version of Sex And The City and Gossip Girl.’

And according to a story I read on news.com.au (that made me chuckle) it ‘co-stars Gracie Otto and Amber L’Estrange, girlfriend of one of the city’s richest young men, entrepreneur Justin Hemmes.
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Good golly, what would Noddy think of his golliwog pals being given the shove?

Can you believe the latest brou-ha-ha over gollies? The news that Noddy’s ‘black face’ golliwog buddies have been given the heave-ho from an upcoming, 60th anniversary Noddy book?

If only wooden Noddy could talk, don’t you just reckon he’d be as bemused as most of us seem to be.

PC-ness has gone totally mad and anyway, how do I tell my son that Noddy’s pal, Mr Golly has suddenly disappeared from looking after the big red car?
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Masterchef's Matt Preston hooks into Hi! Society

News Magazines boss, Sandra Hook (above) with the sartorially elegant Matt Preston
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