Aaaah Madonna, what does Jesus think?

Madonna, Madonna please stop it.

The always amusing ‘Fear and Clothing’ writer on the Sydney Morning Herald website (‘Style stalker’ Mindy Laube) had me nearly spluttering out my porridge the other morning when I was perusing the news online. Ms Laube posted this, well, simply, horrible photo of Ms Madonna.

Holy Madonna. Forget Jocelyn Wildenstein or Melanie Griffiths, Ms Ciccone, you’re nearly there. The problem is that when these celebs start getting into a mega surgery frenzy -and we’re not talking the odd Botox jab _ but when there are cheek implants that look like small rosy apples; mega lip enhancements; facial fillers and a zillion skin resurfacing treatments (rendering the skin looking as veiny as 5-month embryo) the whole deal starts looking just plain shocking.
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MICHAEL MOORE's latest movie and it's a love story

Fans of the film-maker and self-proclaimed social-conscience, Michael Moore, has unveiled the title for his new film.

According to the Paramount gang the Oscar®-winning filmmaker’s October 2nd release is a “Love Story” – about Capitalism.

“(Beverly Hills, CA) July 8, 2009— Capitalism: A Love Story is the newly unveiled title of Oscar®-winner Michael Moore’s latest documentary feature.
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UPDATE FARRAH'S DEATH. Original story posted: Farrah near death - we'll never forget these pop culture images - they're etched into our minds


With the actress Farrah Fawcett and style icon reportedly close to death, just days after longtime love Ryan O’Neal revealed the couple were getting married, it’s had me thinking about life, celebrity, perception and most importantly, the legacies that all of us _ celebrity or not _ will end up leaving.
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Gisele Bundchen is baby bound . . . ?

And now just for a completely happy story about two pretty people having a baby...

According to that renowned London-based tweeter and hugely successful pap, Mr Paparazzi (he’s the wildly eccentric and multi-colored hair Aussie ex-pat Darren Lyons) the simply beautiful Brazilian-born model, Gisele Bundchen, is definitely pregnant to her American footballer hubby, Tom Brady.
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Sobbing, Sarah and the Senate - what a completely silly story

Isn’t this whole crying kid in the senate ‘furore’ just a big joke?

Greens senator (at left) Sarah Hanson-Young (she would have to be a greenie) tries to get us all feeling sorry for her and says she will attempt to get parliament to change their kiddie-friendly rulings. It’s all just too ridiculous.

The senate, like a dangerous building site, a budget meeting, running a mr Whippy van or standing behind a bank teller’s desk (do they still exist?) is NO place for a two-year-old.
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