Donna Hay returns with a brand new series for kids on Foxtel

Australia’s leading food editor and best-selling cookbook author, Donna Hay, is set to return to Foxtel with a brand new series just for kids, Donna Hay Basics to Brilliance Kids, premiering exclusively on Foxtel’s Lifestyle on Thursday, October 19 at 7.30pm AEDT.

Donna’s vibrant new 8 x 30 minute series will focus on fun and healthy recipes especially for children. Each episode will feature a selection of recipes based on a different theme, including ‘Movie Night’ and ‘Treasure Hunt’, filmed in different Australian locations and featuring children, families and, of course, Donna dishing out fabulous food tips for both kids and their parents.

“It’s so special to be able to introduce kids to the wonders of cooking – I wanted to share the recipes I know they love, plus some really magical activities as part of the food journey”, said Donna.

“It’s all about kids and families enjoying a healthy lifestyle – and having a lot of fun along the way.”

In episode one, Donna prepares some deliciously healthy treats for a kids’ movie night: peanut fudge chocolate slice, coconut popsicles, nacho bowls and a delightful twist on popcorn featuring choc coconut, maple butter, cinnamon sugar, lime and chilli.

Donna Hay is one of the world’s leading food creatives and a much-loved household name whose brand continues to soar, encompassing everything from her self-titled magazine to her best-selling cookbooks, extensive homewares range and online retail store.

Since launching the magazine in 2001, Donna has released 26 cookbooks, which have sold over six million copies worldwide and been translated into 10 languages, setting the benchmark for food publishing worldwide and inspiring a whole new generation of cooks.

In 2016, Donna hosted the popular series Donna Hay Basics to Brilliance, an 8-part cooking show on Lifestyle Food that showed viewers how to master a repertoire of simple recipes and use easy variations to transform them into something brilliant.

Donna Hay Basics to Brilliance Kids is produced by Donna Hay Productions and is exclusive to Foxtel’s Lifestyle.

Donna Hay Basics to Brilliance Kids premieres on Thursday, October 19 at 7.30pm AEDT on Lifestyle. Following its broadcast on Lifestyle each week, each episode will be available to watch from Foxtel’s on demand library, or streamed on demand on Foxtel Now.

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Wengie on where she's going next and the new frontier for vlogging

Vogue spoke with vlogger Wengie ahead of VidCon 2017.

What started you on your YouTube career?

 “I had always been a creator since I was a kid, I loved art, drawing and used to even make my own dolls because my parents couldn’t afford a lot of toys for me.

For my 16th birthday I begged my parents for a sewing machine and made my own clothes on the weekend. When the internet started I created websites about things I liked and ended up blogging about fashion. When I kept getting asked about how to do my makeup I started my channel in February 2013 to mainly provide video content for my blog and it just started growing from there.”

Was it hard to get it ‘out there’ straight away – was it ever frustrating to the point you thought ‘Who is actually going to watch my channel?’ 

“I was lucky enough that the first video happened organically through requests from my blog readers but even then, the number of views were quite modest.

The views didn’t seem like enough sometimes considering the amount of time I spent making a video (which was at least 10 times more time than that of a regular blog post that I did.  But I really enjoyed the process so it felt good just to see the finished product.”

YouTube is the place so many people use as their point of news/entertainment/information contact – do you take a look at ‘traditional’ media at all?

“I actually don’t have a TV in my house and haven’t had one for years. I use my mobile for all my news and entertainment these days because I also travel a lot so using a phone is just easier. I watch so much YouTube though, I don’t only love making the videos I love watching YouTube videos and I watch a few hours of it each day!”

What are three or four tips you would give to someone starting a YouTube channel?

“1. My first tip is to start with something that you are already doing well and love to do. A lot of the times when you are stuck on what to do, start noticing what kinds of things your friends are coming to you for advice. For example, my friends used to always ask me for fashion advice or to recommend them makeup products so that’s what I started off blogging and making videos about. At least you know people around you see you as an opinion leader in that particular area so many other people could also learn from your advice!

2. My second tip is to be consistent. It’s better to delay starting a channel and collect content than to go out with one video and then not having time to make another one for a month! Decide on a schedule and treat yourself like a TV station. How often and when are the videos going to go up? This way it’s easier to gain and retain viewers because they know that you will always be giving them fresh content every week at a particular time. People only subscribe to channels where they know will be consistently updated.

3. My third tip would be, be patient. Some people look at my channel and thought I grew out of nowhere, but I’ve been consistently creating content online for 7-8 years whether it was a blog or video. You can do a lot in a decade and sometimes you need to stick it out and keep going because you never know when one piece of content is going to viral and change your life. It usually is always that one you thought wouldn’t do well as well. A lot of people get frustrated early they aren’t getting results and give up but had they stuck to it they would have gotten somewhere.

4. And that leads to my fourth tip which is know why you’re doing it and it shouldn’t be about fame or fortune. Knowing clearly why you are creating the channel will help you push through the days where you spend hours and hours making something and no one watches. If you enjoy the process it’s so much easier to stick to the journey and get to your destination.”

Is it important to stick with what you know – as opposed to trying to be all things to everyone? 

“I think it depends on who you are. I know channels that are extremely niche that do well and channels that do everything and do well. Most importantly, stay authentic to yourself.”

What will the next 5–10 years bring: where can you see your channel going? 

“I love what I’m doing at the moment which is DIYs, life hacks and lifestyle content but that could definitely change in the next 5-10 years. I am working on expanding my skillsets and challenging myself to create more involved types of content. So, I’ve been working on longer form scripted content (I love TV shows) that will be like a web-series and also music so these are two extra elements I may be bringing into my channel.”

What is your favourite thing about creating content – the reaction you get from people and that fantastic sense of having built a real, interactive community?

“The favourite thing about creating content is having someone come up to me land tell how my videos inspire them or changed them for the better. That makes me feel all nice and fuzzy.”

How important is an event like VidCon for you to all get together, as I’m sure it probably doesn’t happen very much?

“I love VidCon and I have so much fun. Because youtubers tend to be so busy (I don’t think I’ve had a holiday for 2 years) we sometimes really need an event like this to just take a break, spend time together and also share teach and inspire each other with what we’ve learnt.

I usually meet so many other creators and learn so many things. The number one thing I hear coming out of vid con are creators feeling re energised and motivated from the event when they may have felt a little bit lost prior! It’s amazing!”

Who do you look up to in the creator space and admire? 

“Honestly? Way too many people!! I watch so much YouTube and get inspired from such a large range of channels. However, I always fall back on Ryan Higa because his content is simply so creative. He’s one of those creators that I feel continuously surprises me with his creativity and script writing. I don’t even know how he comes up with so many great ideas so often!”

What do you see as the next new frontier when it comes to online creation/creators? 

“One of the challenges I see in the future is online creators figuring out a way to work harmoniously with traditional media and also Hollywood. I feel like the established industry and new media are constantly clashing but it’ll be nice to see how we can all work together to push forward.

The first step is already happening as I see traditional Hollywood and media starting to partner with creators on new projects! It’s a really exciting space.”

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Principal cast announced - Priscilla Queen of The Desert

Australian theatre royalty Tony Sheldon will be back on the bus, returning home to reprise his role of “Bernadette” in the 10th Anniversary Celebration Tour of Priscilla Queen of The Desert – Australia’s most successful stage musical.

Completing the trio of misfits who hop aboard a battered old bus bound for Alice Springs is accomplished leading man David Harris as “Tick” and Kinky Boots and Les Miserables alumni Euan Doidge as “Felicia”.

Performances begin on Sunday 21 January 2018 at Melbourne’s Regent Theatre, before touring to Sydney, Adelaide and Brisbane.

Tony and Olivier nominated actor Tony Sheldon created the role of Bernadette in the original Australian production, frocking up more than 1750 times across the globe as the sassy desert queen.

He performed the role in the original West End production before treading the boards at the legendary Palace Theatre on Broadway where he won the Theatre World Award for Outstanding Broadway Debut. He won the Sydney Critics, Green Room and GLUGs Award along with a Helpmann nomination for his performance in the Australian production.

Overseas he was nominated for a Tony and an Olivier Award. His portrait hangs on the famous celebrity wall at Sardi’s Restaurant in New York’s Times Square.

Tony Sheldon is a third-generation performer. As a baby he watched from his bassinet as his parents, cabaret legend Toni Lamond and her late husband Frank Sheldon, rehearsed their vaudeville act. He began his career as a seven-year-old singing on Graham Kennedy’s TV show “In Melbourne Tonight” and has performed with all of Australia’s major theatre companies. He now lives in New York.

David Harris has a celebrated career spanning more than 20 years. He gained critical acclaim for his portrayal of “Chris” in Cameron Mackintosh’s production of Miss Saigon and has won countless awards and nominations for various musical roles, including Fiyero in Wicked, The Baker in Victorian Opera’s Into The Woods and as Emmett Forrest in Legally Blonde.

Euan Doidge was most recently seen in Cyndi Lauper’s musical Kinky Boots as one of the sequined, high-heeled “Angels”. He understudied the lead role of “Lola” and performed many times to great acclaim. He previously played “Marius” in the recent Australian tour of Les Miserables and has appeared in Anything Goes, The Producers, A Chorus Line and Legally Blonde.

Tony, David and Euan lead a cast of 25 movers and groovers for the 10th Anniversary tour of this veritable national treasure; Australia’s most popular homegrown musical and top cultural export.

Based on the Oscar-winning film, Priscilla Queen of the Desert is the hilarious adventure of three friends who hop aboard a battered old bus bound for Alice Springs to put on the show of a lifetime.

The 1994 film created by Stephan Elliott starring Terence Stamp, Hugo Weaving and Guy Pearce remains one of Australia’s most successful films and soundtracks of all-time, winning a trophy cabinet of awards – including an Academy Award for Costume Design, two BAFTAS for Costume and Make-Up Design and the Grand Prix du Publique from Cannes Film Festival.

The iconic hit musical has more glitter than ever, featuring a dazzling array of more than 500 award-winning costumes, 200 headdresses and a non-stop parade of dance-floor classics including IT’S RAINING MEN, I WILL SURVIVE, I LOVE THE NIGHTLIFE, FINALLY, and many more.

Michael Cassel Group and Nullarbor Productions in association with MGM on Stage present Priscilla Queen of the Desert, the cult classic translated from screen to stage by director Simon Phillips, and authors Stephan Elliott and Allan Scott with the film’s award-winning costume designers Lizzy Gardiner and Tim Chappel onboard, alongside stage designer Brian Thomson and co-choreographers Andrew Hallsworth and Ross Coleman.

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World Premiere: Michael Hutchence - The Last Rockstar on our screens soon

Channel Seven today announced its latest major in-house production, a world exclusive documentary event set to air ahead of the 20th anniversary of the death of Australian music legend Michael Hutchence.

“This is not Michael Hutchence defined by how he died but by how he lived: a brilliant musician, a brilliant man, a loving father, a true rockstar,” said Executive Producer Mark Llewellyn.

“This is not a biopic treading over old territory – this will make headlines around the world. New music, new revelations, and the most beautiful home video and insights from his closest friends and family; most of whom have never spoken publicly before.

“Michael left more questions than answers when he left us, and this documentary will provide those answers and much, much more.”

Michael Hutchence – The Last Rockstar is the true story of Michael, the man – the loving father of Tiger Lily and one of the greatest performers the world has ever seen.

Following an extensive, two-year Seven News investigation spanning four continents and five countries, hidden bank vaults housing Michael’s prized treasures are unlocked; his diary is opened; his final lyrics, recorded but never released, can finally be played; and for the for the first time intensely private photographs and family videos, Michael’s haunting last message, hand-written in the hotel room where he died, and his secrets are finally revealed.

And Michael’s extraordinary new songs, penned and recorded by the INXS star before his death but never heard… until now.

This is the final chapter to an extraordinary life, much of it told through incredible, never-before-seen private home videos recorded by Michael himself.

A tale of love and fame, creativity and crushing heartache, his family, girlfriends, lovers and closest friends, all reveal deeply personal memories about the Michael they love.

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The Book Of Mormon finally coming to Sydney!

The Book of Mormon, Broadway’s smash hit musical written by Trey Parker, Matt Stone and Robert Lopez, is coming to Sydney.

The Tony, Olivier, Grammy and Helpmann award-winning show will begin performances at the Sydney Lyric Theatre on 28 February 2018.

The ticket waitlist is now open at Sign up to receive priority-booking information for your chance to see The Book of Mormon first in Sydney, before tickets go on sale on Tuesday 5 September.

The Australian production of The Book of Mormon has notched up over 250 performances since opening at Melbourne’s Princess Theatre on 17 January, with every performance sold out.

Winner of nine Tony Awards® including Best Musical, the Grammy® for Best Musical Theatre album and four Olivier Awards® including Best Musical, The Book of Mormon broke the house record for the highest selling on-sale period of any production in the Princess Theatre’s 159-year history. At the 2017 Helpmann Awards, The Book of Mormon was crowned winner of the coveted Best Musical award, while Trey Parker and Casey Nicholaw were awarded Best Direction of a Musical.

Since making its world premiere in March 2011 at New York’s Eugene O’Neill Theater, The Book of Mormon has played 335 consecutive weeks at more than 100% capacity on Broadway (standing room adds additional capacity),170 weeks at more than 100% capacity at theatres around the US, and sold out every single one of its 1,888 performances thus far in London’s West End. The London production opened in February 2013, winning four Olivier Awards®, including Best New Musical. The Book of Mormon smashed box office records for the highest single day of sales in West End history. It has broken the house record at the Eugene O’Neill Theater more than 50 times and set 90 house records at 47 theatres around the US.

Book, Music and Lyrics are by Trey Parker, Robert Lopez and Matt Stone. Co-directed by Trey Parker and Casey Nicholaw, The Book of Mormon has choreography by Casey Nicholaw, set design by Scott Pask, costume design by Ann Roth, lighting design by Brian MacDevitt, sound design by Brian Ronan, orchestrations by Larry Hochman and Stephen Oremus, and music supervision and vocal arrangements by Stephen Oremus.

The Book of Mormon is produced in Australia by Anne Garefino, Scott Rudin, Important Musicals and John Frost.

Waitlist for tickets now at 

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