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Award-winning singer, songwriter and icon Mariah Carey partners with E! to show fans, viewers and lambs alike the Mariah they only think they know.  The eight-part event follows Carey as she kicks off her “Sweet Sweet Fantasy” tour of the United Kingdom, Europe and Africa, all while planning her upcoming wedding.  Mariah grants exclusive access to her life behind the mic, including her family, friends and inner circle who keep her at the top of her game when Mariah’s World premieres in the U.S. and Canada on Sunday, December 4, 2016 at 9:00pm.

Premieres outside North America will then follow on E!’s 15 international channels, reaching 153 countries in 24 languages, with the UK, Australia and New Zealand premiering within 24 hours of the US, and all international channels within two weeks of the E! US broadcast.  Mariah’s World premieres in Australia on December 5 at 1PM with an encore at 9:30PM only on E!

This announcement comes on the heels of the biannual Television Critics Association (TCA) panel where Mariah took center stage to discuss her much-anticipated eight part event.  Additionally, the songstress is about to begin the second half of her critically-acclaimed Las Vegas residency “Mariah #1 to Infinity” at Caesars Palace starts later this month. 

Absolutely Fabulous stars talk family, Bollie, Kate Moss and a possible sequel

EVEN five minutes with the stars of Absolutely Fabulous The Movie — on the conveyor belt that is called a film junket — gives you a taste of the camaraderie and friendship between Joanne Lumley and writer and follow star Jennifer Saunders.

The pair also let slip another film could be on the way. In fact, both Joanne and Jennifer would be very keen to be back for the movie sequel.

“I can imagine it,’’ says writer and star Jennifer.

“I am imagining someone else writing it. That would be nice!”

And yes, the pair could see their filmic alter-egos Patsy Stone and Edwina Monsoon fitting into the Australian social landscape, very, very well.

“You’re all very forthright and don’t pull any punches,’’ says Jennifer.

“It’s quite nice I think. I think British people often couch things in a different way and pretend. Australians are sane. I like that.”

“I think I would live here,” chimes in Joanna (or is that Patsy talking?)

“Snap out of it,” Jennifer interjects.

“I think Patsy and Edwina would morph into the Aussie landscape very well. They’d fit in,” adds Jennifer. “It looks like normal behaviour for them. They wouldn’t ruffle any feathers over here.”

Writing the movie of the series that gave us 39 episodes, over five seasons was no easy task.

“It is a huge pressure because you don’t want to let the series down,” says writer, Jennifer Saunders, who also plays overwrought fashion publicist Patsy Stone.

“Because we love the series too, I was quite conscious of making it for fans and put in quite a few jokes that they would recognise.

“It’s also got to travel at a pace.”

Special guests appearances are everywhere from Jerry Hall to Lulu, Emma Bunton, Rebel Wilson, Graham Norton, (the voice) of Kylie Minogue, John Hamm, Joan Collins, Kathy Lette, Dawn French, Cara Delevigne, Jean Paul Gaultier, Perez Hilton and even Barry Humphries.

“It’s so sad,’’ smiles Joanna, of her meeting up with Barry, who plays a moneyed, porn film maker from the 60s named Charlie in the film.

“In her mind Patsy remembers this awful porn baron and the terrible sad films she’d done like Boobarella she actually gets knocked back (by Charlie) in the film. That’s unheard of.”

“Barry dressed as him is one of the worst things I have ever had to walk up to ever,” says Jennifer.

But think of Barry dressed as Les Patterson and you get the picture: “Gawd, you have to sit six rows back otherwise you would get spat on when you see Les Patterson!”

As to what the heart of the series and film show is really about, the answer may surprise you.

“It is a show about a family, it’s about a family, basically,’’ says Jennifer.

“It’s a show about a mad woman who drinks, takes drugs and is encouraged by her friend and whose daughter has had to take all the responsibility.

“She is pulled by her daughter one way and is pulled by Patsy the other way.

“It’s not really about fashion,” adds Jennifer.

“Sure, she works in fashion PR and always looks ridiculous. She always wear clothes too small. It is really about a person who has never really found herself.”

Both the stars loved working with Kate Moss, who basically plays herself in the movie, and who is accidentally pushed over a balcony by Patsy. Kate is presumed dead and Patsy and Eddie are on the run from a potential criminal charge.

“She is just gorgeous,” the pair echo about working with Kate.

“She is a sweetheart. She is a proper professional and as someone who has been at the top of her game for so long knows how to work hard,’’ says Joanna.

“She arrives scrubbed like a teenager and she was so nervous and she didn’t want to rehearse too long and she turned up, she knew her lines and was such a professional.

“We love her.”

Absolutely Fabulous opens on August 4 in Australia

This article was originally posted on news.com.au


Julian Clary – camp comic and renowned homosexual – is a British national trinket and a dear and faithful friend of Australia.  He is also, while we’re at it, a TV and radio star and author.

Following his sell out tour of the UK, he now brings The Joy Of Mincing down under, and will be performing in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth.   He will perform at the iconic Sydney Opera House for the Just For Laughs Sydney Comedy Festival.

The Joy of Mincing is Julian Clary’s celebration of 30 years as a camp comedian.  There is so much to tell you; the ups and downs of his sordid love life, the true and heart stopping account of how he saved Dame Joan Collins’ life, and don’t start him on the perils of his DIY electrical home enema kit. 

On stage Julian will proudly wear his well-deserved M.B.E (Mincer of the British Empire).  It was the last thing he expected to receive when he knelt down in front of Prince Charles in the scullery at Buckingham Palace…

And because Julian gives and gives (until it hurts) he will be handing out honours to the lucky few in the audience too.  This is Julian at his filthy best. Live and unplugged. 

Come and witness a masterclass in camp comedy.


Book at Ticketek 132 849 www.ticketek.com.au


Book at SOH Box Office 9250 7777 www.sydneyoperahouse.com/justforlaughs or Ticketmaster 136 100 www.ticketmaster.com.au 


Book at Astor Theatre Box Office 9370 1777 www.astortheatreperth.com or Ticketek 132 849 www.ticketek.com.au


On Sunday 28 August at the Joan Sutherland Theatre, Sydney Opera House, Opera Australia and Gordon Frost Organisation in partnership with the NSW Government’s tourism and major events agency, Destination NSW will present A Conversation with Julie Andrews and Emma Walton Hamilton.

At this very special event, which is exclusive to Sydney, Julie Andrews and her daughter Emma Walton Hamilton will share personal stories and insights into their careers. 

This special event will take place on the re-created stage set of My Fair Lady. 

Tickets to A Conversation with Julie Andrews and Emma Walton Hamilton go on sale on Monday 18th July at www.myfairlady.com.au

The audience will engage with Julie Andrews and Emma Walton Hamilton in an informal setting as they discuss Julie’s work as one of the world’s most loved performers and their work together as critically acclaimed best-selling authors and television creators and producers.  Together they have published 30 books and created several television projects committed to stimulating a sense of wonder and learning in children.  The evening will present an opportunity for the audience to participate in a question and answer session.

Julie Andrews said “It is a thrill for me to be in Australia and have the opportunity to direct the very musical that significantly launched my career. I hope our production brings great joy to our audiences and stimulates a whole new generation of musical theatre lovers. This unique opportunity of having my lovely Emma join me on stage for an open conversation with an audience prior to our opening warms my heart.”

NSW Minister for Trade, Tourism and Major Events Stuart Ayres said the event is an opportunity to gain insight into the stellar career of two of the most enduring figures in film and theatre.

“Dame Julie Andrews is an icon of the stage and screen and Emma Walton Hamilton has also had an incredible career in the entertainment industry. Audiences are in for an unforgettable night, and I encourage everyone to book their tickets when they go on sale next week. This unique event has been secured for Sydney by the NSW Government, through its tourism and major events agency, Destination NSW.” 

This very special event is one not to be missed, it is an opportunity to get up close and personal with Julie Andrews and her daughter Emma Walton Hamilton.