Logies 2015: Celebrities reveal their best and worst bits

THERE is about as much buzz about this year’s Logies as a wingless bee.

Nevertheless, we grabbed a few stars of show’s past and present who told us about their fine and not so finer moments.

Kerri-Anne Kennerley

“My worst Logies moment was when I suffered a hair malfunction,” said the TV regular and Foxtel presenter.

“I went to the bathroom during the show to touch-up my lipstick and brush my fabulous ponytail do, when everything went awry. I called my hairdresser in her room upstairs and said: ‘I have problem with my hair.’ She said ‘What’s the problem?’ I said ‘I’m holding it!’

“I’d brushed my ponytail extension too hard and it came off right in my hand.”

Meanwhile, KAK’s best moment?

“My best Logies moment was seeing Annie Lennox sitting at the piano, singing live. She sounded like an angel. I’ve always been a big fan of hers — but to hear her sing in such an intimate setting was absolutely spectacular.”

Johanna Griggs

“My most memorable Logies was about two or three years ago when the Better Homes and Gardens team had a series of wardrobe malfunctions,” says the Channel 7 House Rules and Better Homes and Gardens presenter.

“Jason Hodges ripped his pants; Tara Dennis’ heel came off; Karen Martini’s dress split and the beads from my gown went everywhere. Luckily Tara saved the day — she pulled out a kit from her Logies purse which had everything including superglue.

“Before we knew it were good to go.”

Ken Sutcliffe

“Walking up the red carpet staircase at Crown with my wife Anne, the crowd was going off.

I remarked ‘wow, this mob really love Wide World of Sports’,’’ says the Wide World of Sports chief host.

“I was chuffed until Anne said “Get real. That cheering is for the Home and Awaycast coming up behind us.

“I still like to think it wasn’t, but I guess it was. Wives are always right.”

Natalie Barr

“I remember how excited I was when I was invited to my first Logies 13 years ago,’’ says the Sunrise news presenter and TV personality.

“Back then though, Channel Seven’s wardrobe department consisted of a man in a cupboard handing out red jackets. I spent half of my clothing allowance on a really cool Collette Dinnigan dress.

“I thought ‘I may never go to a Logies again so at least I’m going to look good on the one I go to!”

Deborah Knight

“About four Logies ago I had on the most uncomfortable shoes and a petticoat-type insert in my skirt to make it look super full which was super uncomfortable to sit in,’’ says the Nine Weekend Today co-host.

“So I made a dash back to my room to put on some flat shoes and remove the petticoat and got lost in the casino.

“I was seriously wandering around the gaming room floor with my shoes in my hand for about half an hour — looking slightly overdressed — until I got my bearings and was back on track. I was eventually able to dance up a storm at the after party in my comfy attire.”

Deborah was nearly involvedin a case of mistaken identity, too.

“Also about two Logies ago when I arrived to find where I was sitting, the organisers thought I said my name was Dominic Knight, so I nearly ended up on a table with the Chaser boys.”

That Deb, probably would have made the night pass a helluva lot quicker.

This article was originally posted on news.com.au