The worlds most expensive egg

‘The £20m Fabergé egg that was almost sold for scrap’ (The Telegraph UK) ‘Scrap metal find turns out to be $33 million Faberge golden egg’ (CNN)


This captivating new event tells the fascinating story behind the most prestigious name in luxury: Fabergé. Enjoying unprecedented access to the most esteemed private collections, insights from world experts and interviews with the descendants of the Fabergé family, this is a rare opportunity to discover the genius of the family behind the finest objects ever created.

The event features the extraordinary unveiling of two historic new pieces – the first new Fabergé egg in almost 100 years, and a lost treasure, recently discovered in America’s Midwest by a scrap metal dealer – and presents them exclusively to international cinema audiences, before they return to the secrecy of their very private collections.

Experience the wonder of seeing Fabergé’s exquisite objects in stunning detail on the big screen for the first time.


On The Couch: Larry Emdur talks TV pressures, social media and failing ‘very publicly’

EVER feel embarrassed because you’ve failed at something? Imagine doing it in front of millions of people, on live television.

Well, that’s what it’s like for celebs and TV heads when someone calls ‘time’ on a particular show.

But according to Larry Emdur — a true survivor of the Aussie television industry — when it has happened he takes a (very) deep breath and just lets it go.

“I don’t go out to get noticed or anything which leaves me with Celebrity Splash or Family Doubling Daring in ‘celebrity dogsville’,’’ he laughs.

“But I have enjoyed everything I have done and taken on every challenge with that — the good, the bad and the very, very ugly.”

Larry points out that in the media world, “when you fail, you fail very publicly”.

“I remember when one of the shows got axed many years ago,” he says.

“It was the front page of myself and the dog when I took the dog for a walk on the beach. It was the front page with a big word ‘AXED’ and it said ‘it was the worst show since television was invented’ and it was this whole thing.

“And my grandmother rang me up and said, ‘That’s a lovely photo on the front page of the paper’. And I thought, it doesn’t matter — if your family loves you and your friends are still your mates then that is actually it.”

871100-54857eda-261f-11e5-b856-d650f72d3e25Seven’s The Morning Show co-host joined Studio 10’s Sarah Harris and the madly fitDancing with the Stars contestant Tim Robards for the “On the Couch” series — a new, no-holds-barred video series featuring conversations around just about anything.

Larry says that with the extremely close focus on what high profile and ‘public’ people do, there’s no time for fakery — especially on his relatively new favourite time waster, social media.

“I don’t think you can fake it across so many platforms. I just don’t think you can,’’ he says.868438-c017dc38-261f-11e5-b856-d650f72d3e25

“There was a time when you could go out and host a recorded show and be done with it after an hour and go home and put on the razzle dazzle and all that stuff, but I just think now with live TV every day, you can just see straight through that. People know.

“We hear from them on the internet straight away — if you are looking tired or sad or grumpy, and getting totally exposed. There’s not much left.”

Emdur has managed to stay down to earth, even though he has been through good and not so good televisual times.

“I still have my three best mates from when I was 10 years old,’’ he says.

“And to a large degree, they have kept me well and truly on the ground. They were the first guys to go out and tell me exactly what they think of my show. Or my hair. Or what I wore. And I do appreciate that in a relationship.

“Family as well. To keep you well and truly on the ground. And keep in mind I have hosted a lot of shows, and a large percentage of those haven’t been good shows, and I have had my fair share of being kicked around in the media and fighting critics.

871386-1649dd24-261e-11e5-b856-d650f72d3e25“So at times like this when I’m in a show that is successful I love it and I enjoy that time.” (The Morning Show currently leads the ratings charts in its timeslot.)

As for his current social media love affair, it wasn’t something Emdur warmed to straight away.

“I didn’t understand it and I think I understand it a little bit better now. It’s content, engagement and it’s what we do now all the time,” he says.

“But I do actually enjoy the engagement and think it is a good opportunity for us to connect — whether it’s the good, bad or ugly.”

Emdur says he remembers when he first started out, particularly as a game show host, people would write letters in and if they were a certain ‘tone’, he wouldn’t even get them.

“I enjoy Instagram for the same reason I enjoy my career as it’s just taking the piss and having fun and not taking life too seriously. The opportunities (it gives) to say things that you can’t really say on TV.”

Emdur was recently a magazine cover boy — okay, cover man — on Men’s Health magazine after he went on a mega get-fit program. I asked him whether being healthy was now par for the celebrity course.

“I can tell you from experience that six or seven months ago I wasn’t thinking about that way,’’ says Emdur.868466-0ea57844-261e-11e5-b856-d650f72d3e25

“I was an unhealthy, 49-year-old coming up to 50, on my cholesterol tablets, on my bad diet and I thought, ‘I don’t want to be like this,’ and fortunately I had the opportunity to flick the switch and turn it around.

“In the business where I am, if you put on a few extra kilos then wardrobe have to go and buy you a new jacket and new shirt but, having said that, this is the best thing I have ever done.

“I feel better on TV and off TV and the response has been great as well. The audience sees you’re doing well and it absolutely motivates you. But before that, before I was 50 I could eat as many bacon and egg rolls as I wanted.”

Larry says it was an interesting life experiment: “That’s the most exposed I’ve felt, in fact I was just like, ‘What have I done?’ But the response sent another message to me that people thought it was good to see the non-glossy glamour side which was kind of okay as well.”

Larry tries to avoid taking to heart too much negativity he sees on any social media platforms.

“I always try and think about the other person and what is funny about it is the shot you put up probably has thousands of ‘likes’ and you get drawn to that one negative comment and that’s the problem these days,’’ he adds.

“And I heard from a psychologist on the show talking about cyberspace and about how it’s changing all of our lives. And with school kids particularly, they will get 150 likes on a photo but it’s like, ‘Oh, but SHE didn’t like it’.

“So it’s not even about how many likes you get, people are bummed out by someone not liking it. Or you get drawn in by one or two people who make the bad comments!”

Interestingly, Larry says he does respond to some of the negative communication he receives.

“Some of the nasty emails that have come through to Channel Seven I have responded (to) because I just want to say, ‘I’m sorry you feel that way, thanks for writing in’. I just want to hear all of the views. And some will automatically come back and say, ‘Oh sorry’.”

Larry knows he won’t be on television forever — and you can tell he would like to take his current love for social media even further — realising that deliverable content-driven platforms are a huge and important part of the new and future media cycle.

“I’ve never predicted the future of TV terms but, having said that, I really enjoy calling bingo at Rooty Hill RSL, so I think that if I can work for a schnitzel I am and will be fine.”

And with that, Lazza’s off to the gym to work off any added schnitzel.

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In a land of egos, gloss & glamour, Sarah Harris is one genuine Aussie TV face who tells it like it is

IT IS something that many women in the media perennially discuss: longevity, equality ... and all that damn maintenance.

“It’s awful and it’s constantly holding up a mirror and looking at yourself. It’s so narcissistic and can make you feel really insecure,’’ says Sarah Harris, co-host of Ten’s Studio 10.848888-4e706f7a-251e-11e5-8e62-599d05d26d65

“I know at home if I start using derogatory language about myself, whether I’m having a fat day or feel disgusting, Tom will pick me up on it and say don’t use that sort of language because we don’t want to use that language around our kids when we have them.”

Sarah announced her pregnancy just last week, after marrying her ‘IT nerd’ husband Tim Ward in July 2014.


Sarah joined The Morning Show’s Larry Emdur and the original Bachelor-turned-fitness-guru-turned-Dancing With the Stars contestant Tim Robards in a new ‘On the Couch’ video series with, talking fame, celebrity and ‘real’ life in between.

“When I’m in the make-up room or wardrobe department and we have young female stylists there, they don’t need to hear me say those sorts of things.

“It’s one of those things, you have to start with change but you want to impress people with what comes out of your mouth and what is in your head, rather than the size of your bum.”

Last year, a number of TV faces chose to go make-up free on national TV, but did that exercise actually prove anything?

“There’s nothing wrong with wanting to wear make-up,’’ smiles Sarah. Hear, hear!



“What I think it did show is that all of this is fake,” Sarah says.

“I had a girl who follows me on Twitter and is 16 and she sent me a message and said ‘you always look so happy on TV’ and ‘happy in your Instagram posts’. ‘You look like you have got your life together, what is your advice?’

“And I was like NONE of that is true,” laughs Sarah.

“I am like everyone else, I am trying to keep all the balls in the air. I’m not putting up me sitting on the couch watching Law & Order, eating grated cheese out of the bag because that is pretty much what I am doing most days.

“Every day is a struggle for me to get up and do some exercise so I can feel better about myself. “Lena Dunham is using this new phrase: ‘It’s not about the ass it’s about the brain.’”

“It’s so true — you should exercise for your mental health. We present these polished, picture perfect lives to people and it’s not true and I think what taking the make up off showed was ‘hey we are just normal people’.”

Sarah admits that social media platforms like Instagram often promote a filtered, fake and often unrealistic lifestyle.

“It all comes from a deep insecurity — we want people to like us. And you hope you can get ‘likes’.”

Fortunately Sarah has a gang of friends that have been with her forever and keep her well and truly grounded. Always upfront and genuine, Sarah also admitted that it was an ill-fitting bra that made her think she may have been pregnant.

“I have a really solid group that I have had for many years,” she says.

“They are the ones who will tell you when you are getting too big for your boots or being a wanker and will pull you back down to earth.

“My husband is the same. He is completely out of the media which is great. He is an IT nerd and he kind of keeps things in perspective.

“I think sometimes it is pretty easy to get caught up in the finer details of this crazy media game and he is there to just go you know “you’re not a nurse who just pulled a 15 hour shift at a hospital, come on, you are working in television, pull yourself together.”

“And that is what you need. You need to hear that sometimes. It is good to surround yourself with those sorts of people, otherwise you can’t keep your head in place.”

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Kerri-Anne cancels trip but stays schtum on her next ‘great opportunity’

AS A woman who adores and nails a round of golf, a surprise “opportunity” has seen vivacious Kerri-Anne Kennerley suddenly cancel an overseas trip to the revered Saint Andrews course in Scotland.

In an intriguing Instagram post, TV veteran and consummate professional Kerri-Anne has cited a “great opportunity” having come up, one that means she will forgo a trip to St Andrews as she needs to stay in Australia, as opposed to travelling to Scotland then to Europe as Trafalgar tour guide.

“A great opportunity has come up which has me postponing a Russian trip with my Trafalgar Tour friends and missing The Open at the home of golf, St Andrews,” the 61-year-old captioned the below photo.

The big word from industry sources say the dynamic Kerri-Anne will be joining the upcoming fourth series of Nine’s Celebrity Apprentice Australia, which will start shooting soon.

While no cast has been officially announced, whether Kerri-Anne will be a contestant to financial whiz Mark Bouris, take up a position in the boardroom as one of Mr Bouris’s mentors, or even be the star of the show is yet to be determined.

Considering the reality show is in pre-production and casting phase, an official announcement is expected to be made soon.

The last series of Celebrity Apprentice Australia went to air two years ago with the first three seasons having featured names like Dawn Fraser, Prue MacSween, Julia Morris, Lisa Curry, Pauline Handon, Warwick Capper, Ian ‘Dicko’ Dickson, Prinnie Stevens, Jeff Fenech, Stephanie Rice, Brian Mannix, John Stefansson and the late Charlotte Dawson.

Kerri-Anne, who also regularly hosts guided tours on Trafalgar tours, has also had to postpone her Russia tour where she and accredited tour guides, guide tourists to different destinations over the world,

While KAK will be upset to miss The Open Championship at St Andrews — “The Home of Golf” — no doubt she will make it back there in time for next year’s 145th Open Championship.

Meanwhile, there could just be a few boardrooms Kerri-Anne may need to address.

Knock ‘em dead KAK!

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ONE of Australia’s most successful, recognised and renowned chefs will soon be lighting up our TV screens.

After some speculation about who would be starring in Seven’s upcoming reality show, Neil Perry — the chef recognised around the country from his Rockpool renown (and his enduring, signature ponytail) — will be the main attraction onRestaurant Revolution.

Perry is one of the busiest and most in demand names on the food front.

His Rockpool and Spice Temple restaurants in Sydney and Rosetta in Melbourne’s Crown keep him busy enough. But his ongoing Qantas association, which sees his Rockpool Consulting group look after every aspect of the national carrier’s in-flight and lounge food all over the world, is a mega job on its own.

While a big TV role hasn’t been a huge priority — his Food Source and Rockpool Sessions series on the Lifestyle channel were well received — the father-of-three says he has been asked numerous times to become involved in other TV series but said he loved the idea of the ‘mentoring’ aspect of the upcoming channel Seven show.

“I really love the teaching aspect and watching people see and find out what it is like to create a restaurant from the ground up,” said Perry.

Neil was thrilled to talk about his new role after he had taken time from his crazy schedule to cook up a four course fresh extravaganza for guests who had flown to Hamilton Island.

The island’s award-winning resort, Qualia, was celebrating the fact Qantas made its inaugural ‘new’ flight to the isle out of Melbourne.

The concept of Restaurant Revolution involves a series of pop-up restaurants that are being constructed across the country for the latest reality show.

While contestants are already cast, the network is still looking for staff to fill the kitchen.

“Each team will be looking for different things,” said the show’s host Jock Zonfrilloof the jobs on offer when he recently spoke to

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