Hugh Jackman to return to the Australian stage in Broadway show

He is a Golden Globe, Emmy and Tony Award winner and now master showman and worldwide performing sensation Hugh Jackman is returning home to Australia in November and December for a five-city arena concert tour – BROADWAY TO OZ – which is based on his smash hit and sold out Broadway show, Hugh Jackman: Back on Broadway.

This high-octane show takes audiences on a journey through Jackman’s life so far, from his early days in outback Australia to his vast musical theatre triumphs and to the first time he wielded the Wolverine claws in the blockbuster X-Men film franchise.

The multi-million dollar arena production showcases some of Jackman’s greatest successes, including The Boy from Oz and Les Miserables and watch out for his irreverent nod to the mighty Wolverine. Jackman croons, twirls and shimmies through several medleys, including stunning tributes to classic musicals. A state-of-the-art lighting, sound and video production and a vast company of 150 musicians, singers, dancers and choir will support Jackman’s showmanship and infectious Aussie charm.

“BROADWAY TO OZ is a dream come true. This is THE show I’ve always wanted to bring home.” Jackman said.

Tickets for Hugh Jackman’s BROADWAY TO OZ go on sale on Monday, August 31 from Ticketek and are priced from $45.00 to $159.90..

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What makes Usain Bolt tick - & run sooo fast . . .

TONIGHT we’ll see the two fastest men in the world battle it out in the semi-finals and final of the 100m at the World Athletics Championships in Beijing.

The huge race — all done and dusted in under 10 seconds — is being billed as ‘the race between good and evil’, as 29-year-old Jamaican champion Usain Bolt prepares to take on 33-year-old American Justin Gatlin.

It was Gatlin, ten years ago, who was found guilty of doping.

Bolt is a multiple Olympic gold medal-winner and is vocal about his anti-doping stance.

As the ‘face’ (and body) of athletic brand Puma, a gig which nets him $US10 million a year, Bolt is the name behind the company’s new Ignite XT campaign. It’s a lightweight and cushioned running shoe that disperses impact forces and responds with comfort as a runner builds up momentum.

This is what Usain Bolt has to say about training, diet, goals, inspiration and chicken nuggets:

How do you train for speed? Any specific tips for training to become faster?

UB:: There are many things that help someone run faster — conditioning, strength, speed, power, technique etc. It is not just one factor. You have to train in a variety of ways and cover all the aspects.

What’s a typical training session for you?

UB: There isn’t really a typical session. Training for me is either on the track or in the gym. It depends on the time of year and what we are working on. On the track it can be working on everything from endurance to any technical aspect of my race — the start, the drive phase, the transition for both the 100m and 200m. In the gym it’s general conditioning, strength and power.

How often do you train in a year?

UB: I train for 11 months of the year, six days a week. Normally in the morning and then again in the afternoon. It’s a lot of work.

What does training do for you other than the physical benefits?

UB: Training gives you confidence and this helps your state of mind. I know if I’m in good shape it’s going to be very hard to beat me. This confidence is very important in performing well.

What kind of obstacles have you faced and overcome to achieve your goals?

UB: In elite sport injury is always the thing that can slow you down. We push our bodies to the max and sometimes we get sore or injured muscles or joints. I had several injuries in my career but fortunately I have a good coach and team to help me get back to the top.

Any particular food and drink that help you when you’re training? Are you still liking chicken nuggets?

UB: I have a good diet now, I have a chef who helps me eat well. A lot of chicken, rice, vegetables. Good Jamaican food. It is also important to be well hydrated.

What’s your advice for someone who’s struggling to find motivation to reach their goals?

UB: You have to find that one thing that you know is going to motivate you. You might not enjoy training for example but you have to love competing and winning. If you want these things you have to be determined and train hard.

Has training changed a lot for you in the past few years?

UB: When I started running as a kid, it was fun — I was good at it so I just did it. I didn’t really have to train that much to win races. As I got older I realised that I have to take better care of my body. Now diet, rest, recovery etc. is more important that a few years ago.

What’s your single greatest goal?

UB: Well, my single greatest goal is to become the greatest, pretty much. That’s what I work towards. I want to be remembered as a great sportsman, to have a place in history.

Which other athlete inspires you to become better?

UB: I have always admired Kevin Garnett as he is a player that whether winning or losing he gives his all and inspires those around him to raise their game. Also my mentor and coach Glen Mills. He used to tell me: “Everybody on the circuit, everybody at the Championships are talented athletes already. It’s the work you put in that makes you a champion, or better that the other talented person”.

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Fab food and a Ferrari

DELICIOUS magazine scored quite the culinary coup as a gang of canaped crusaders gathered to hear who took home their annual Produce Awards.

Also celebrating their 10th anniversary, the VIP foodie event in the new Bennelong restaurant at the Sydney Opera House drew a huge gang of producers and food fans from around the country.

Some of Australia’s most renowned chefs and industry leaders joined the Deliciouscrew at the annual ceremony, the awards designed to celebrate the country’s most outstanding produce and producers, farmers’ markets, innovators, emerging chefs and food regions.

“After 10 years, the Delicious Produce Awards are undoubtedly the most credible and exciting food awards in Australia. We’re proud to support Australia’s incredible stable of producers, bringing them to the attention of industry heavyweights and the Australian public,” said Delicious editor-in-chief Kerrie McCallum.

The Delicious awards continue to champion the best Australian produce and the people behind it, thanks to readers who nominate their local ‘produce’ heroes. The insight of a national judging panel (pictured below and including Matt Moran, Valli Little, Christine Manfield, Alla Wolf-Tasker, Maggie Beer and Shannon Bennett) make up the judging mix.

“Every year I am blown away by the produce presented for judging. I love the constant surprises you get. The Delicious Produce Awards do so much for the Australian food scene, it’s so exciting.” said produce awards patron, Maggie Beer.

This year’s winners are innovating in the area of everyday products — chicken, cheddar and milk — bringing an entirely new dimension to Australian food staples.

Guests were treated to a menu created by chef Peter Gilmore and his new Bennelong team, inspired by produce from this year’s winners and finalists. Yup, it was a foodie paradise.

By the way, the complete story and full list of winners and medallists will appear in the August issue of Delicious.

I’ve got a fast car …

Woo-hoo. I got lucky last weekend and got to drive a very, very, very fast car.

The incredibly trustworthy folk from Ferrari invited me to test run their California T and while I am no bona fide car critic (Jeremy Clarkson, you are safe) man, she is a beautiful beast.

The only sting? You put your foot down and you’re up around 100ks in a matter of seconds and in the stop-start of city streets, soooo frustrating.

That small pace perfection aside, the stares, the glances, the looks you get when you drive a serious show-off car gave me a ridiculously good ego boost. Driving to the Blue Mountains from Sydney made that en-route pit-stop into McDonalds taste that bit nicer.

Meanwhile, the newest in a conga line of very speedy vehicles was unleashed with an A-team event at the Inglis Stables in Sydney, hosted by Ferrari. The new Ferrari 488GTB is a mechanical monster — in the nicest sense of the word.

Fans and followers were treated to a mega soiree to herald the arrival of the latest to Aussie roads. Unfortunately it doesn’t hit our shores until 2017, so save your half a million for now. Or go buy a very small house instead.

And the show goes on at the Helpmann awards

Todd McKenney did a brilliant bob hosting the annual Helpmann Awards — the Aussie ‘Oscars’ of the entertainment, theatre and musical biz.

McKenney, who is also a star of musical theatre and Dancing With the Stars, hosted the awards at Sydney’s Capitol Theatre which drew the cream of the country’s performing arts industry.

Presenters included Cate Blanchett, Danielle Cormack and Marta Dusseldorp — could Cate look any more chic in her Carl Kapp dress? As for Danielle in a killer tux? Total class.

You can read all the Helpmann winners here.

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Naomi Watts goes from film to fashion

AFTER a very successful collaboration, Aussie fashion brand Sportscraft have announced their continued partnership with iconic Australian actor Naomi Watts, launching a striking Spring campaign.

This season was a family affair, with the campaign shot by Naomi’s photographer brother Ben Watts. The siblings were right at home shooting together; Naomi very much at ease and relaxed with her brother behind the camera.

The campaign captures the exquisite 47-year-old shot beachside, looking bright and fresh in a collection of pieces that celebrate the change of season, and reinforce Sportscraft’s commitment to the quintessential Australian lifestyle.

“It’s great to be back with Sportscraft for the spring summer season. I’ll never forget growing up in Australia by the beach. Shooting this campaign brought up treasured memories and feelings of nostalgia,” says Ms Watts.

Naomi’s family moved to Sydney when she was a teenager and at high school she met Nicole Kidman, with whom she co-starred in Flirting (1991).

Watts’ movie career took off in 2001 with David Lynch’s Mulholland Drive, followed by two The Ring films, 21 Grams (2003), Peter Jackson’s remake of King Kong (2005), Eastern Promises (2007) and The Impossible (2012), for which she received her second Academy Award nomination.

“We’re thrilled to have Naomi back as our ambassador for spring summer. Her timeless style and sophistication perfectly embodies the Sportscraft brand”. Adrian Jones, CEO of APG & Co said.

“I love working with my sister. It’s been a while since I shot with her, so I was really excited to be a part of the team working on an Aussie brand that’s really become an institution,” said Ben Watts.

The new collection focuses on beautiful fabrication, textures and uplifting colour to signify the start of spring with flashes of mandarin that are paired back with freshness in crisp ivory, duck egg and bold Prussian blue.

Design detail, prints and texture play a big role for spring and are shown in delicate pleating, tropical leaf and floral motifs, and soft lightweight knitwear.

Sportscraft Signature showcases sophistication in tailoring, tied together with clean nautical lines including statement crop jackets which are worn easily over a bright twist front dress or delicate drapefront shirts.

The spring summer season will conclude a historical year for the 101-year-old Sportscraft brand as it zooms into century two, continuing to celebrate Australians and our unique way of life.

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