Workout Meals: Sydney mum of two has a different way to provide meals for the family

Australians were all enthusiastically baking bread in the first COVID lockdown, this time around, ‘cooking fatigue’ has set in as food delivery orders spike.
The owners of Workout Meals – one of the first ready-made meal company’s in Australia believe cooking fatigue is behind a huge surge in orders for pre-prepared tasty nutritious meals, with many too tired to prepare food let alone decide what to actually cook.

 Workout Meals Co-Founder Tomi Jurlina said, online orders doubled in March when lockdown happened and in the past week, they have seen orders triple with demand in Victoria strongest. 
“We started the business nearly a decade ago when there was little to no competition and niche demand, but it seems COVID has led to pre-prepared meals becoming part of the norm at the dinner table, said Mr Jurlina.

 “We’ve sold 100,000 meals since March, with the most popular dish being chicken parmigiana and any meal with cauliflower rice, as some trying to shift weight are mindful of carb intake,” Co-Founder Dean Deakin added.
“The average cost of a pre-made meal is between $8 and $13 which is often more affordable than eating out costing upwards of $20 for a nutritious meal.”

 Workout Meals Nutritionist Gemma Daley said, there is a definite shift away from frozen foods to fresh pre-made meals with no artificial additives or preservatives as people become increasingly health conscious.
“People are also realising fad diets that don’t allow carbs, dairy or are mostly protein only result in short term weight loss, hence are opting to eat everything in moderation for long term results,” said Mrs Daley.

“Meal preparation is key to staying on track with healthy eating, but not everyone has the time which is where ready made fresh nutritious meals come in handy.”
Workout Meals was founded in 2012 by two gym enthusiasts, one who couldn’t cook, and realised there was a market for pre-made healthy food. Most of the ingredients for the Workout Meals are sourced locally from an organic farm on the NSW Central Coast, offering a menu of over 50 meals to choose that can be tailored to your fitness goals. They are delivered to over 3000 locations.

A Winter Wellness Wonderland Is Coming To Sydney

This JUNE, 19 GoodnessMe Box, Australia’s largest health food sampling service will reignite its sellout event, the GoodnessMe Box Wholefood Night Markets. Back by popular demand at the innercity oasis – The Grounds of Alexandria, the wholesome food fair is set to be bigger and better than ever before, with over 50 media and influencer guests and almost 1,000 health conscious consumers.

For one night only, the picturesque foodie hot-spot will be transformed by GoodnessMe Box into a Wholefood Winter Wonderland, enticing guests to explore, engage, sample and shop under the fairy lights. This boutique experience will be opened up to just 30 of the most innovative food companies in the wellness space right now.

The GoodnessMe Box Wholefood Night Markets offer a selection of wholesome brands the opportunity to place their product in front of a highly targeted and engaged health-conscious audience.

The ticketed event includes talks and cooking demos from some of Australia’s leading health and wellbeing gurus, previous guest speakers have seen the likes of; Leah Itsines, Lyndi Cohen, Luke Hines, Melissa Ambrosini, Taline Gabrielle, Lee Holmes, Scott Gooding and Lola Berry. Each guest will also go home with a special edition, take-home GoodnessMe Box, including products from key  brand sponsors.

Creator of the event and founder of GoodnessMe Box, Peta Shulman says the markets have been a phenomenal success year on year, with tickets selling out in just three days on occasions. “The event has been designed to promote some of the most pioneering brands in the health space. The Wholefood Night Markets are a way for new and established brands to showcase their products to a passionate and loyal audience, all in an intimate setting. In past years, we had such positive feedback from stallholders and together, we want to continue inspiring consumers to nourish their bodies with pure wholefoods.”

The GoodnessMe Box Wholefood Night Markets will offer a range of interactive features for visitors to experience on their wellness journey like never before including:
• Product Sampling and Tastings
• Laneway Carts
• Market Stall Courtyard
• Alfresco Garden Seating
• Health Inspired BBQ
• Juice Bar & Soda Bar
• Interact with Media
• Celebrity Cooking and Demonstration Theatre

What: GoodnessMe Box Whole Food Night Markets
Where: The Grounds of Alexandria, 2 Huntley Street, Alexandria
Date: Wednesday, 19 June 2019
Time: 5:30PM – 10:30PM
Tickets: Tickets will be available from May 2019 for $37, or cheaper for early birds if you join the waiting list!

Source: GoodnessMe Box

Undercard Boxing Launches in Sydney

Undercard, the boxing-led high-intensity interval training method and technique devised by Australian boxing authority and personal trainer, Zach Vickers and business partner, Keseva Commerford has announced the launch of its premier boxing studio in Sydney’s inner-city suburb of Darlinghurst on April 12th.

The Undercard training model fuses traditional boxing with full-body conditioning to include TechnoGym skillmill free-runner treadmills and ranged free-weights to personalise the level of resistance — incorporating boxing, running and lifting all in the one superior workout.

“I visited the United States last year, specifically New York where I have a lot of friends in the health and fitness industry. The goal was to simply observe the different methodologies and structures of various studio’s and examine how they offered not only boxing but fitness in general. New York is definitely at the forefront of the fitness industry and the trip offered a lot of insight that has shaped what we’ve built here in Sydney,” says Undercard founder, Zach Vickers.

Vickers is renowned within the Australian fitness community for shaping some of the countries most recognisable bodies, including New York-based male model Dougie Jospeh; Victoria’s Secret model Georgia Fowler; former Miss Universe Australia turned media personality Jesinta Franklin; global men’s style icon and Business of Fashion 500 lister Justin O’Shea; P.E Nation founder Pip Edwards; and NRL player Thomas Burgess.

In response to the evolution of wellness spaces and the changing nature of indoor fitness environments, the Undercard studio is a contemporary, light-filled space with a generous two-storied ceiling height, fresh white walls and custom-built wood cabinetry and parquetry floors.

“The customer experience is our primary concern. If you’re not providing a product that’s desirable and effective then you’re essentially building an empty kingdom. With that in mind, we wanted to create a space which is both comfortable and simplistic in nature, and accessible to everybody,” says Vickers.

At street level the airy interiors house a formal reception and glove check-in, a barista espresso and protein-driven smoothie bar, numbered lockers and luxury bathroom amenities and change-room facilities. Also located on the ground floor is a break-out, personal one-to-one boxing studio equipped with high-end Assault AirBikes, WaterRower rowing machines and SkiErgs.

Downstairs the blackout room features 18 21” 190 lbs heavy-duty water-filled Aqua Training Bags suspended from the ceiling and numbered on the floor. Similarly, lined around the perimeter of the room are 18 TechnoGym skillmill treadmills coupled with an adjacent workbench and select range of free-weights to choose your personal level of resistance and workout.

Certified boxing instructors lead the 36 person class through the step-by-step routine while wall-to-wall mirrors allow participants to gauge and improve their technique. The blackout room features two 58” LED screen monitors, showcasing the instructors moves at varying angles, a state-of-the-art sound system, and is dimly-lit in the brands signature orange hue.

“The classroom had to be functional and we’ve considered the workout journey from every angle and played with the height and symmetry of the space to ensure a seamless consumer experience,” says Commerford. “The decision to invest in the highest-quality technology was an obvious one.” he adds.

Undercard Sydney will be a welcomed addition to Darlinghurst’s already thriving fitness and wellbeing precinct joining 98 Riley Street, Cycology Club, Fitness First Darlinghurst Platinum and Fluid Form Pilates all in the immediate vicinity.

Undercard will offer six classes per day beginning with a 5:30am session through until 7:00pm and is located at 82 Oxford Street, corner of Oxford and Crown Streets, Darlinghurst. Undercard Sydney will officially open its doors from April 12th.

Source: Undercard Boxing

Former PM Malcolm Turnbull claims he can do 100 push ups at Elite Spinal Physio & Pilates launch

During the Elite Spinal Physiotherapy and Pilates launch event, Former PM Malcolm Turnbull gave a warm welcome to the crowd sharing the story of his own back surgery and how Brigitte Seelin and Elisha Renton, Physiotherapists and Co-Funders of Elite Spinal Physiotherapy and Pilates helped him through his recovery. He even went on to claim that he can do 100 push ups!

“I think the other great thing that you do is not just the exercises that you instruct your patients in, it’s also the way in which you are both so highly trained that you know so much about how the body works and how the back works that you’re able to give me a much better understanding of what is essentially a bit of flesh and blood and bone and machinery – which is our bodies. Getting a better understanding of how that works and keeping it moving, effective, efficient and strong. “

Elite Spinal Physiotherapy and Pilates is Sydney’s premiere spine and headache treatment centre. The clinic has recently been expanded and undergone a full refurbishment. The brand new clinic provides client-focused care, with state of the art hands on spinal treatment and tailored Physiotherapist led clinical Pilates sessions.

The new clinic in Bondi Junction is a tranquil oasis where clients can enjoy relaxing Physiotherapy treatments and clinical Pilates sessions. Boasting a modern interior with soft finishes, clients can truly unwind when they arrive. The founders sought out the award winning Architect Tom Mark Henry to create a beautiful space that functions as a Physiotherapy and Pilates clinic but feels like a exclusive health resort.

All practitioners have a particular interest in back pain physiotherapy. Providing a targeted approach to treatment followed by a rehabilitation program aimed at restoring your body and spine back to optimal function. It is a one-stop shop where you can receive second to none hands on treatments and then be set up with a tailored exercise program, which you can access via their app wherever you are. Elite Spinal works closely with many of Sydney’s top Neurosurgeons, Sports Physicians, Pain Specialists and GP’s.  In fact they also have an in house Pain Specialist and Clinical Psychologist.

Elisha Renton, Co-Founder commented: “After struggling with my own neck and pelvis issues following a car accident, I realised there was a real need for a clinic that focuses solely on the spine. The spine is such a fascinating and complicated part of the body. Unfortunately that means that many different things can go wrong with it. People can suffer from an array of different issues. These all need to be treated very differently. Our aim was to create a clinic where our staff were highly experienced in this area so our clients could achieve the best possible outcomes.”

Co-Founder, Brigitte Seelin added: “It has been quite the journey for Elisha and I since establishing Elite Spinal Physiotherapy and Pilates in 2013. It has been a privilege to be able to help so many of our clients who suffer from complex and chronic spinal conditions. We are passionate about not only treating our patients with a hands-on approach but also empowering them to help themselves through tailored exercise, strength and flexibility programs.”

Elite Spinal has become the industry leaders for clinical Pilates in the Eastern Suburbs with over 50 classes now on the timetable. Using a range of Pilates equipment, Elite’s expert physiotherapists are able to work closely with clients to treat an array of conditions from lower back pain to headaches. They run semi-private clinical Pilates sessions with a maximum of four clients per session or private sessions.

In addition, many of the practitioners within the clinic have taken a special interest in physiotherapy for headaches and completed post-graduate training in the treatment of headaches and migraines. Many local GPs, Specialists and Dentists refer to Elite Spinal for the treatment of migraines and headaches so they are very experienced in this area.

Source: Elite Spinal Physio & Pilates

Shleep is excited to partner with Lane Crawford

World Sleep Day is just around the corner, celebrating healthy sleep and drawing attention to the burden of sleep problems. Shleep have partnered with sleep specialist Olivia Arezzolo to share the importance of sleep.

The first of its kind, the ShleepSkinTM Blanket elevates the covers to a ridiculously, guiltily soft and beautiful place. The only question you’ll have about the luxuriously soft and thick, one-of-a-kind blanket is whether to sleep on or under it.

“Like everyone I worked with, or competed against, I was a victim of the ‘no-sleep cool’ falsehood that made me less insightful, creative and decisive. Everything gets worse without sleep — from our appearance to our energy levels, productivity, mental and physical health and even relationships,” says Indi McCullough, founder of Australian sleep brand Shleep. “Then to improve our sleep many of us lean on prescription pills or just choose to ignore our symptoms, which leads to chronic health conditions.”

A transplant from the US, McCullough found herself in Australia, where she rediscovered wool. “I’d always thought of wool in the context of bulky, scratchy crew-neck sweaters that keep out the cold but mess up your hair in winter! Then I discovered how Australians sleep in wool and decided to launch Shleep.”

Importantly, though, this wasn’t just any wool — McCullough’s revelation was pure Australian merino wool, which is ultra-fine and therefore ultra-smooth and soft. Shleep treats the wool to enhance these attributes even further. “Each fibre is crimped, which results in a woven or knit product that has a natural pillowy loft and breathability,” she says, “The fibre is so fine that it soothes you to sleep faster than cotton or synthetics. It also naturally wicks away perspiration, absorbing up to 35% of its own weight in moisture so your body stays dry, which keeps you in deeper sleep throughout the night. For knits, we add a patented technology that gives extra breathability and thermal and moisture regulation.”

Since introducing wool into her bedroom, McCullough sleeps “like a baby”. But more than that, she says, “I understand the importance of sleep to health and wellbeing.”

Source: Shleep Well