Meet some shoes you'll never see those Sex/City girls wearing

Tis the season... for wellies, contrary to the mega heels we’ve been on the screen and on the streets. Simple, colorful plastic boots that will take the garbage out, jump through puddles, takes the kids to footy and basically never be off your outdoor feet...

The Australian company that first brought the designer ‘welly’ to our shores has just launched its new range of cute and colorful wellies and outdoor shoes for winter.
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Aussie fashion house, Hussy, successfully sues for design and copyright breach

The Hussy fashion label has successfully taken action against Sydney manufacturer REVERSE for both design and copyright infringement on three of its designs. While the issue of designer copycats is not new, most designers refrain from going after the accused due to the long-winded and often expensive legal process. The Hussy group say their win sets a great example for other designers to register their designs.

A win like this (detailed in the media release below) also educates consumers about the impact that these rip-offs have on the industry, in that they are no different to movie or music piracy.
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One thing to buy for winter is the caviar of clothes: a cashmere cardie

The designer: Belynda Macpherson

Banjo & Matilda Australia was launched in May 2008 by Belynda Macpherson. And yes, she is sister-in-law to cashmere aficionado, Elle Macpherson. With its headquarters at Bondi, the relaxed Aussie lifestyle resonates with the label and its philosophy of low maintenance style and comfort, always in luxe cashmere. And who can think of a better investment and luxe knit than cashmere...
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Kristy Hinze, a fashion house and the Wallabies, a damn fine-looking match

Good to see the Australian fashion brand, Sportscraft and its gorgeous fashion ambassador, Kristy Hinze, getting behind one of our most popular sports. With marketing associations (just like the newly announced one between Sportscraft and the Wallabies) such an important part of the ‘branding’ process, the fusion of sport and style has never been a more popular pastime for fashion houses.

Think of most major corporate fashion labels (Armani and Beckham; Nike and Tiger; Chanel and Kidman) and there is often a very successful celebrity or sports-person association.

So, here’s an Australian equivalent...
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Not sure where you'll keep your iPad? Now there are 'i' clothes

And with the official Aussie arrival of the iPad this Friday, May 28, comes, you guessed it, iClothing. Here goes the media spiel...

“With the growing anticipation of the iPad launch in Australia on May 28, 2010, iClothing innovates with fashion and technology by bringing the two together with a flair of style.

Ordering the iDress and iTee is easily done online at
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