A big box of memories

I have been going through boxes of ‘stuff’.

Lots of this ‘stuff’ has been accumulated between various moves, homes and relationships and much of it is now, at home, in one of those stupidly expensive inner-city storage spaces.

And boy, you should see what I been uncovering. It was a rummage through big chunks of my life.

There were exercise books from high school; modern history essays; school reports; musings to former boyfriends (that were never sent); hard copy pictures from when I first started writing in newspaper-land and even dolls, all of whom I had named with pinned-on name tags that are still in tact.

There was my old McDonalds uniform (ditto for my green school uniform); a tonne of small bits of bric-a-brac that I had picked up on my first travels; a heap of photo albums and even an impressive dot painting by indigenous artist Russell Saunders. (It was a thank-you gift when I guest judged the ‘Flair’ fashion awards in Taree in 1997.)
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David Jones: the verdict, the frocks and the buzz

We’re all a bit over the ‘Store Wars’ moniker (gawd, it was coined way back in my old newspaper days) but it always raises its head around this time.
David Jones and then Myer unleash their latest designer collections with mega runway shows for the new season and it all turns into one mega fashion fiesta.

Why one fashion show, with 350 invite-only guests makes SO much news on the TV, in newspapers, on radio and online is about one thing only. Well three things, actually.

1/DJs have a big ad spend so the media love them and 2/outlets love a pic of a pretty frock to counterbalance other shit that happens and 3/retail has to fight, more than ever, for every bit of cash register business it can get...

Last nights show was a return to the glam, old school party days of the retailer, even though most were out the door before 9pm and home in time to watch for Packed to the Rafters.
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Much ado about Ugg

The humble ‘ugg’-style boot, the sheep-skin bootie which is a fave of many of us (especially during the cooler months) always seems to be embroiled in some kind of legal stoush.

This time it’s with two companies, Emu Australia and Decker Outdoor Corporation (owners and producers of ‘Ugg Australia’), both of whom are fighting over the use of the word ‘ugg’.

Decker says it is theirs and more recently, Emu Australia counter-sued Decker, saying the battle isn’t over...
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Kristy Hinze, Sportscraft and a peek at the mega boat Athena, what a sexy mix indeed

Ms Kristy Hinze-Clark wearing all-new Sportscraft

A very elegant afternoon indeed, on ‘Athena’ the mega boat owned by entrepreneur Jim Clark and his wife, the model and tv host, Kristy Hinze-Clark and currently moored at Campbell Cove in Sydney Harbour.

With a presence that rivals the Opera House and Harbour Bridge (both of which are currently looking down on Athena in Circular Quay) Kristy used the mammoth vessel as the backdrop for a chic shoot for the enduring Aussie fashion label, Sportscraft. As a fashion stayer, Sportscraft has a brand loyalty like no other and is testament to the owners, John Marshall and Andrew Michael of The Apparel Group, sticking to a saleable and streamlined aesethetic.
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A purely pleasant picture: Top Model's Kelsey and Amanda in Alex Perry

Runner-up Kelsey and Australia’s Next Top Model winner, Amanda at right from a shoot featuring the Alex Perry 2010-2011 collection. Pic by Jez Smith