Simon Lock speaks: it's motorbikes, charity and a luxury ski lodge . .

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I have just had a conversation from a powdery ski slope in Japan, with Australian fashion week founder Simon Lock, (you know, the tall, bald fashion guy?) who is leaving the Hong Kong based helm of the IMG company at the end of this year.
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Dynamic and cool-looking Byron Bay duo give fashion world a nudge . . .

Am liking the look of new Aussie brand, out of Byron bay, called Spell Designs.

Apparenty they are starting to get quite the celebrity following.

The sisters behing Spell designs are Isabella and Elizabeth Briedis who ‘have combined their mutual love of all things boho to produce Spell, a stunning jewellery & accessories label, which has gained an almost cult-like status among Byron locals,”goes the media speil.
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Aussie fashion week founder Simon Lock departs the IMG group . . .

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This is a media release just in:
“Thursday 11 February 2010, Sydney:
IMG Fashion announced today that Simon Lock, Managing Director of IMG Fashion for the Asia Pacific region, will not renew his contract and will be departing the company in late 2010.

Peter Levy, IMG Fashion’s Senior Vice President and Global Managing Director, based in New York, said, “We have been grateful for Simon’s energy and enthusiasm. He has, together with our team in Australia and around the world, made an imprint on our group and on the successful events we have produced in the region over the past few years”.
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You know those smarty-pants travel buddies who know everything? Well, they've been applauded in my latest Australian Traveller mag column . . .

And you thought you knew about travel? In the latest issue of Australian Traveller mag (Feb-March issue) I’ve revealed the skills of my favourite travel buddies in my regular Travelling In Style column...

I have a couple of great mates, DB and Mikey – a pair of my pals who seem to know absolutely everything there is to know about travelling.

I’m not talking ‘normal’ travel things _ like how many minutes should you arrive at a Jetstar check-in counter before they may unload you (it’s about 30, btw); how many kaftans to pack; or the fairly standard weight of check-on luggage afforded to you on a normal economy flight. (Oh, around 20kg, just in shoes, by the way).
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Just in case a Macquarie banker wants to get caught looking at pics of Kate Moss with some pretty handbags . . . here you go . . .

Kate Moss may just turn out to be one of the most enduring of the model-turned-style-meister, thanks to her chameleon like qualities.

Good, bad, mum, party girl, pretty girl, whoever or whatever, she is always a bit of everything to just about anyone.

So, after an eight-year association with the Longchamp fashion house, Ms Moss has helped create a collection of sacks – Kate Moss for Longchamp – which will be launched worldwide next week.
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