Uggg-ly or amazing? You be the judge

There was much gab-festing during the week concerning the costume designed by Sydney designer Natasha Dwyer, which the Miss Universe Australia entrant, Jesinta Campbell will wear in Las Vegas next month.

And just in case you didn’t know, Australia do sheep. And yes, we do them very well. To the point, Ms Dwyer has used shearling on a “shrug” (like a little cape) just to top of the high-heeled “uggs”, swimming cossie and flamenco skirt.
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Maeve O'Meara hits the safari road with girls and Paspaley pearls

Cinderella Safari returns to The Kimberley for Broome Cup day...

Gourmet Safaris and Pinctada Cable Beach have announced a second ‘Gorgeous Girls & Pearls Safari’ to coincide with the biggest day on Broome’s racing calendar, the Broome Cup on August 14.

The second Gorgeous Girls & Pearls Safari will be held from August 12-17 2010 at Pinctada Cable Beach, Broome’s new award-winning five star spa resort.
Maeve O’Meara, Founder and Director of Gourmet Safaris, says The Gorgeous Girls & Pearls Safari, a travel experience created for women by women, reflects a worldwide trend in the growth of exclusive women’s travel experiences.

“Women’s exclusive travel is a phenomenon in other parts of the world, it’s growing in Australia and our first Broome safari ticked all the boxes,” she said. “Last month’s Gorgeous Girls & Pearls Safari was a sell-out and met all expectations. We hosted women of varying ages from a mix of rural and city backgrounds and something very special happens when women come together to share and enjoy experiences.”

The Gorgeous Girls & Pearls Safari includes several customised and ‘money can’t buy’ experiences including the opportunity to be dressed by Paspaley in their finest pearls for the safari’s final night gala dinner at Pinctada’s award-winning SELENE Brasserie. Maeve regards this experience as a highlight of the inaugural Broome safari and also an example of the fun and special moments that exclusive women’s travel offers.
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Persons of Interest, Vanishing Elephant mens threads proving interesting

There is something quite magnetic about the clothes coming out of the still relatively fresh menswear team at Vanishing Elephant.

Menswear has never been a huge blip on the this commentators style radar (keeping up with female trends seems to be tricky enough) but the one thing I often hear goes something along the lines of ‘wish there was some really cool stuff for us to wear’ etc etc etc. Well, the Sydney based menswear label, designed by Felix Chan, Huw Bennett and Arran Russell are ‘committed to creating clothing of quality, purpose and elegance the collective work with a classic aesthetic, marking a return to gentlemanly style.’
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Avatar star Zoe Saldana pops on some Calvin Klein undies

Continuing their penchant for celebrity associations, Calvin Klein Underwear announced today that the actress, Zoe Saldana, will be featured in the women’s Fall 2010 Calvin Klein Underwear global advertising campaign.

The campaign was shot by fashion photographer Mikael Jansson in New York and will be comprised of a mix of print, digital and outdoor advertising timed to coincide with October 2010 magazine issues.
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Moet, InStyle and a whole lot of Aussie thesps clink a gold goblet

Jess McNamee and Victoria Thaine
Something much less glamorous kept me away, but from all reports, a perfectly stylishly night as InStyle mag editor Kerrie McCallum (pictured above) and Moet et Chandon celebrated all that is great in the world of Aussie thesps.

In one of those on-going discussions as to how exactly we pronounce the bubbles (is it Mo-ee, Mo-et or even Mo-wett?) for those who care about such things, it is actually the latter.

Anyway, back to the soiree, and it was a chance for Moët & InStyle to celebrate ‘Stars of Australian Film and pay tribute to talent on the rise and filmic industry leaders at the glam new hotspot, The Diamant Hotel Penthouse in Darlinghurst.
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