Sydney sizes up trackside style and goes giddy-up . .

Models focus in on millinery for the Sydney Autumn Carnival

Sydney plans to step up its trackside style with the 6-week Sydney Autumn Carnival (SAC) unifying the two major racing clubs.

Both the AJC (Royal Randwick) and the STC (Rosehill Gardens) have joined forces to create one identity over the upcoming racing carnival as opposed to working separately in promoting what has become a mighty huge seasonal money spinner.
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The Myer approach to a new season of frocks is sharp and tailored, with a good dose of Jen Hawkins thrown in . .

Cue, above, encapsulated the trends of the season

Jennifer Hawkins, above, in Charlie Brown at Myer
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Thinking about giving fashion the bold shoulder? Tread carefully and don't blame it all on Balmain . . .

The elegant Meryl Streep (above) was the only red carpet regular in ‘a shoulder’

Above: Joan Collins doing her stuff as Alexis Carrington in the 80s series, Dynasty.
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Tech-savvy, style spy fashion workshops are a near sellout . . .

THE tech and extremely fashion savvy Kate Vandermeer will host a ‘Fashion Career Workshop’ at the start of next week’s L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival.

Kate, who knows the nuances of social media (constantly hosting events to explain how SM can benefit fashion names and brands) is one mighty smart cookie.

And this Saturday’s panel is about bringing a panel of industry players together to share their knowledge and experiences to those wanting to get into the fashion industry.
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Into a bit of leather? So is just about every designer around . . .

Sambag’s leather leggings above and below, a style chicks fashion essential.

Remember when designer Olivier Thesykens put Nicole Kidman into a killer black leather dress for a major film premiere? No, I didn’t think so.
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