Not sure where you'll keep your iPad? Now there are 'i' clothes

And with the official Aussie arrival of the iPad this Friday, May 28, comes, you guessed it, iClothing. Here goes the media spiel...

“With the growing anticipation of the iPad launch in Australia on May 28, 2010, iClothing innovates with fashion and technology by bringing the two together with a flair of style.

Ordering the iDress and iTee is easily done online at
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Now, THIS is a shoe

That’s what you call a shoe, 18cm later.

The Versace runway finale: Spring/summer 10.

International label lovers will be thrilled to know that these death-defyingly normal shoes (normal in today’s shoe landscape anyway) have landed in Australia.

Part of the Versace Spring/ Summer 2010 collection that were shown at the Milan shows last October, the heels have set foot in the Italian fashion house’s store perched in Crown, Melbourne.
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Blanchett, Mirren, Imbruglia and Spencer: refreshing to see some real faces on the Cannes carpet

Cate Blanchett in an Alexander McQueen gown from his final collection

Helen Mirren: a perennial class act
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Australian Fashion week: observing the frock week that was

pic courtesy of ghd for Dion Lee: the dress & model, Samantha Harris, defined Fashion Week

This piece isn’t about the frocks and the trends that came out of Rosemount Australian Fashion Week (RAFW).

There are hundreds of keen bloggers and a slew of fash-eds who’ll be delivering their varying critiques over the next few days.

Refreshing not be constrained by the strain of newspaper deadlines (after 15 years of doing exactly since RAFW started) there’s often too much navel-gazing when it comes to the frock industry. We sometimes forget how to observe fashion from a more realistic, if not, lighter perspective.

Minus the bells and whistles of which it had become renowned – ludicrous PR stunts used to fill the final 30 seconds of each nights evening news at fashion week time – this year’s RAFW showed a maturity.
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Australia's Hamilton Island & Audi Race Week amp up lodging factor

If you’re thinking of an autumn/winter break, the latest Hamilton Island villas could be a thought, so says their media release.

“From May 10, 2010, a collection of luxury Yacht Club Villas will provide a new accommodation option on Hamilton Island. The villas are expected to be popular for those travelling in a family, a group, or for those who prefer the independence of a self-contained stay.

Ideal for groups of up to eight people, the four-bedroomed, four-bathroomed villas look out over Dent Passage, Hamilton Island Marina and the surrounding Whitsunday Islands. All are individually designed by renowned architect, Walter Barda and are set amongst tranquil landscaping, crafted by celebrity green thumb, Jamie Durie.
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