2010: a year of Hoyer Style Tips. An on-going blog from lips, frocks, bods, bad hair, de-cluttering & big shoulders. JANUARY 2010 . . . .

Why not? I thought.

Having observed ‘style’ and ‘fashion’ and ‘pop culture’ and ‘people’ for years, each day in 2010 I thought I’d impart some kind of do-able advice.
Some you may love, some you may just totally loathe.

Either way, I just hope I remember to update it each day. And don’t forget to throw any suggestions this way too.

For Twittering and Facebook folk, I’ll be also updating each the tips there too, so feel free to contribute. (On Twitter the hashtag is #hoyerstylestips – ok, ok FB’ers, you don’t need to take any notice of that.)
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Suri Cruise and her love of 'high heels': my comment piece for Grazia mag. What are your thoughts?

So Suri Cruise (the cutie-pie offspring on Tom Cruise and Katies Holmes) has worn a pair of ‘high’ heels and a little wash of make-up? So what!

We’re not talking a pair of delectable Alexander McQueen stilts, straight from the sensational shelves of shoe nirvana Cosmopolitan Shoes or a full-on drag queen made-up face.

Suri’s shoes look like a relatively fail-safe and rather comfy dancing shoe to me. Yes, a ‘play’ shoe that she obviously loves to bits and not some confrontational killer heel that could be misconstrued as a sexy, follow-me-home heel that she pops on every day.

But of course, what we do have is a group of bah-humbug’s drawing all kinds of conclusions as they use ‘the shoe’ as a metaphor for all of life potential threats.
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Wanna exclusive peek into life living on a ship? Well, The World is the place to do it . .

The World’s ‘star’ kaftan queen, Camilla Franks (below) and me: well, there was a bar in front of us, so we were pretending to mix drinks but renowned photographer Partrick Dermarchelier, we are not.

You learn very quickly not to say the word ‘cabin’ on The world’s first residential ship whose inhabitants live on it, as opposed to check-in onto it.
Wholly owned by its residents (imagine that body corporate meeting?) who have paid anything from $1.5 to over 7 mill for the privilege, you may wonder what I was doing there.
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