How to cope travelling with slobs, wise words in Australian Traveller mag

Stuck in the middle with you...

Clowns to the left of her, jokers to the right, Melissa Hoyer comes clean about one of her all-time pet hates: flying with slobs.

We’re all pretty good at bashing our airlines. Cancelled flights, the ’tude of out-of-whack flight attendants, lost luggage, questionable food, stuffed audio systems and the at-times, lamentable loos – complaining about these, and more, is all part and parcel of travelling.
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Brownlow gets a fashion makeover . . and the boys are in the judging firing line

Likened to a cult religion, the boys who play AFL are worshipped (by some) like demi-gods.

And, as the AFL hosts its answer to the Logie Awards on Monday night, with a Chinese water-torture event called the Brownlow Medal Count, a few of us will have more than on-field performance on our minds.
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How Cate Blanchett gets away with wearing a crochet rug

Pic courtesy

Good fun and fearless is what I’d say Cate Blanchett’s fashion choice was, worn in Melbourne today.

Sure, the weather was cold and the analogies will be drawn that 1/ she looked like one of granny’s old crochet blankets or 2/ she was more like a tea cosy.

But for god sake, at least she was showing her true Bohemian, indie and avant garde spirit.
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Is this the PERFECT new season dress?

I may write and talk about frocks for part of my working life, but I haven’t indulged in hardly any of them for the entire year.

While the New York fashion show season has kicked off (check out a billion blogs, tweets and websites to see what is happening next spring and summer) Australians are thinking more, ‘but how now, fashion cow’?
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BLING is dead, long live real pearls . . . Miranda Otto shows how it's done.

Miranda Otto (above) with Jan Logan at the Perth opening last night

Dateline: PERTH.
Admitting she is a real pearl girl, Miranda Otto, headed west to officially open the latest retail from the filmic-minded jeweller, Jan Logan.
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